Wednesday 4 October 2017

More rain in Manchester it seems

Poor Theresa May, now defined as a female personification of Gordon Brown, even down to the policies.

During her speech today the set she was speaking in front of fell to pieces, a nerdy protestor handed her a P45 and she had a cough and cold so she could barely speak.

Truly, this is Brownian motion of the fist order!

To make matters worse, he big non-Brexit ideas were both neither capitalist nor conservative. She wants more council house building - why? Because this has been such a success? Why not just relax planning laws? Why not set an overall target and offer incentives to get there? Why no mention of the plan to reduce immigration and therefore bring future balance to supply and demand in housing?

I can't even begin with the craziness of capping energy prices and will wait for Nick Drew of this parish to respond fully in due course; in short, first the Government rig the markets to reduce supply of energy to increase prices for consumers and now they want to rig the prices companies can charge. This can only lead to dis-investment and corporate collapses in the medium term.

On a human level I am left having some sympathy for Mrs May; a terrible hand of cards is unplayable and you lose the game whatever you do, she had the worst hand of cards given to a Prime Minister in my lifetime so no wonder she is struggling, it is a Kobyashi Maru scenario.

However, there is a greater need for the Country to get on with Brexit and then seek new leadership or else PM Corbyn it will be at the next election.


Anonymous said...

What is even sadder, is that speech was written for her but some policy wonk (GO in short trousers).

But I have no sympathy. She chose to stand so she takes the flack and the blame.

Wonder if those attending can ask for their money back as "misrepresentation".

Steven_L said...

What was not a success about building council houses? Most of them still seem to be standing and in pretty good nick. All the folk I know that have had anything to do with building these oligopoly new builds that sell for £300k a pop reckon they will fall apart within 30 years.

It really baffles me why so many so-called 'capitalists' are so anti the council granting itself planning permission, then building and then renting out houses to earn its crust rather than simply taxing people for nothing in return.

Surely you should want this, but with reforms in place allowing the market to decide the rents and the speedy eviction of defaulters? Instead you want the government to engage in more bureaucratic rationing of planning permission on an even grander scale?

You're nuts! And I closed my Ryanair short ay 1701p, I haven't the patience to short anything in this market bar short ETFs.

Electro-Kevin said...

I don't feel sorry for her.

She was a terrible pro EU Home Secretary and deceived the people on immigration.

I'm afraid Corbyn is going to be PM. Prepare for it. I don't know where people get this idea that Conservative voters are clamouring for Boris.

Her position is horrible because she is a Remain PM leading a Leave country.

She was put there to default to failed Brexit by a simple lack of passion in the matter.

I'll be honest. I think we've had it. The Tories are just awful now - a zombie party.


On the up side. I was spare (standby) today and sat in the messroom and didn't get called out. A rare treat. The lefties there were spouting their usual claptrap and what violence and hatred for Tories in their language.

I said to one "You believe in socialism don't you ?"

He said "Yeah. Largely."

I said "Well go and make the fucking tea then. It's your turn."

I tell them I like John Redwood and Rees-Mogg. They think I'm only joking.

Anonymous said...

"this is Brownian motion of the fist order!"


CityUnslicker said...

Anon - thanks - very rarely I mean my typo's!!

John in Cheshire said...

I think Hitlery Clinton did the coughing sketch much better than Mrs May.

Anonymous said...

That Brodkin (another public school leftie) has form, he probably got in with a BBC pass. BBC news are all over this, enjoying it.

Dick the Prick said...

Boris said yesterday he 'wants to bring world population down to a sustainable level'.

I've given up, frankly.

Thud said...

She is just one of those characters that sadly for us all will stumble from one disaster to another and in her wake she is destroying our chances of keeping corby and his brownshirts out. For all his faults I'm going with Bojo.

Anonymous said...

But only a few years back Boris was all for staying in the EU and inviting Turkey to join!

Anonymous said...

and inviting Turkey to join!

If Turkey were to join, it would bring down the EU. As an EU insider said, why does the EU want 80mn poor Muslims?

He's well chosen for the duplicitous role of Foreign Secretary - as long as he messes up other countries and not ours.

Steven_L said...

Boris said yesterday he 'wants to bring world population down to a sustainable level'.

He used to bang on about this in the Telegraph a decade ago. I reckon it's about the one thing he actually believes in (apart from perhaps Turkey joining the EU, and after all he is a Turk). Despite his Malthusian convictions, he has a brood of 4, which might explain his 'have your cake and eat it' stance.

Dick the Prick said...

@SL. He did go on to say by 'empowering females' etc but it just freaked me out that he even considers that as part of his job or any job, frankly. That's Green Party high on weed and buckfast nonsense. Then there's Gove wanting to ban cars and May doing God alone knows what - it's just so depressing.

Electro-Kevin said...

Mrs May infected the blood and zombified the Tories when she smeared them with the 'nasty' party and sucked up to Blair.

So payback time it is.

Anonymous said...

Just looked at the Guido comments - not good. Mind, were I Corbyn I'd have a paid-up squad of commenters just for occasions like this. That's what Alistair Campbell would have organised.

Not a lucky general though, not at all. And very few principles except staying on the right side of Israel.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what kind of mood the delegates will be in as they read their Manchester Evening news on the way home?

Thud said...

Boris still a better choice than the country killing disaster that is corby, he for all his faults he would beat the commie pricks at their own game. The perfect candidate does not and will not exist.

Timbo614 said...

Boris it will have to be or Corby as stated.

From the man in the (littered) street the only thing of note so far is bottle deposits!

Graeme said...

The collapse of Monarch must have soured the taste of your posh Scotch

andrew said...

Not easy to make G Brown look competent - but May succeeded.

Want to use market mechanisms to solve problems?

How about announcing 4 or more new towns in the birmingham / liverpool / hill triangle and throw govt money into building the roads / railways / internet to support it rather than random useless subsidies.

cheap housing and what might become a genuine alternative to the south east / london.

Anonymous said...

BBC's Isabel Oakeshott - "We have just witnessed a human and political tragedy"

Katie Hopkins response - "You daft bat. You witnessed a woman with a sore throat (& incompetent security) speak bravely to a hall of snakes...The MSM will spin their story. But I see a woman overcoming adversity & incompetence of others, to make it over the line."

I guess KH knows what it's like to be a hate figure and instinctively responds to May's troubles. But what bothered me wasn't so much her useless security and the useless stage boards (though they do bother me - sabotage?), as the content of her speech, which sounded like a hustings speech for a prospective Labour Party leader.

Steven_L said...

The collapse of Monarch must have soured the taste of your posh Scotch

It did indeed, £36 down the hole. I should have just bet it on Ben Stokes getting the sack.

Anonymous said...

"What was not a success about building council houses?"

In the post-war period, council houses were built for British people and their families to live in. Today, they are largely populated by Third World and European immigrants (see Grenfell Tower for details). More house-building, whether council or private, will simply be used to house more immigrants.

The only way to deal with this problem, and the related problems of transport,schools, the NHS and the benefits system, is to end mass immigration.

L fairfax said...

One thing that amazes me about May is that she doesn't even talk about her success -like deporting Abu Qatada - after Labour let him stay here on benefits and spread his poison (funded by us) on the internet.
Why not?

Anonymous said...

lfairfax - I imagine her advisers thought it would make her seem islambobobic or something.