Tuesday 17 October 2017

Still no news on Brexit or interest rate rises...

It is both surprising and unsurprising that there is no movement on Brexit.

It is not in the EU interest to concede having set the field of battle on their terms, the longer they play hardball the harder the battle for the British to win.

Having said that, it is amazing that the Government is still struggling with strategy and tactics having taken to the field over 6 months ago. Everything that has happened was utterly predictable, indeed, the EU have simply stuck to their announced position.

The only two ways out are a capitulation by the UK on money and ECJ (read immigration) that leads to a Brexit in Name Only deal - really a lot of effort for no reward or a real move towards a 'no deal' type scenario where we just focus on stuff like how customs borders are going to work and how we keep the planes flying etc.

I don't see the civil service or the MP's/Lords allowing the latter so BINO it is at the moment. Which will amount to the most colossal waste of time ever!

Meanwhile, the Bank of England observes inflation at 3%. Thank the Lord it must be saying, after all no one in Government is planning to start living within our means anytime soon to inflating away the value of all those non-indexed UK Gilts is all part of the plan. The fact that wages are still shrinking is just a side benefit. Oh, and the oldies will do better again with higher interest rates than the young-uns with mortgages - what a blinder of a play. best leave them on hold for now, no point rocking the boat then...


Sebastian Weetabix said...

We must walk out of the talks, otherwise we are lost. Every day of continuing non-negotiation by the EU is a victory for them.

andrew said...

The daily mash said it better than me

... but we voted for this and without leaving, or leaving without leaving
leaves 52% of the population clearly understanding that this is not their country and their vote - democracy - is something that people who know better can quietly ignore

As someone who is a remainer, and remains of the view that leaving is a bad idea as it does not solve any of the UK's problems,

BINO is worse than staying as it betrays more of what the UK is.

So, to coin a phrase, there is no alternative.
I am with SW, stop wasting time hoping something will come up.

John in Cheshire said...

Where still, if we don't completely free ourselves of the EU, in April 2019, those bastards in Brussels will push on with a vengeance to bleed us dry and bind such that it will take a war to break free from them. We have to leave, there is no alternative if we don't want to be the vassels they are determined to ensure we would become.

Anonymous said...

As if....

It wasn't plain that the "vote" was simply pandering to the factions within the conservative party.

As if ...

If they wanted a legally binding vote, they could have organised it. But instead chose this "advisory" ruse

As if ...

They thought they could persuade the EU that we had something to offer at the table.

The UK is f**ked but it has been that way since the US started sending food shipments in WW". It's just taken a long, long time to notice just where we are in the world. If we stop dickwaving and start exporting, perhaps we can save some dignity ... but not with the current crop of to**ers that claim to be the political elite.

Time for the bulldog spirit some will say - just like it was 70 years ago. And we'll have a return to that. Food shipments from the US. Growing our own food in our gardens. Rationing as shrinking wages means "make do and mend".

And how we laughed at the South American banana republics. We're heading that way with the attempts to bypass parliamentary scrutiny. It's just we don't have bananas.

andrew said...

anon, actually, we do have bananas, admittedly mostly in the south.

Charlie said...

Anonymous, when we have sunk to the status of banana republic, we can simply apply to join the EU and be net recipients of funds from the rich nations, just like eastern Europe did.

Except, of course, you're talking complete bollocks.

Anonymous said...

The EU's interest in the UK centres on getting: our money, unlimited access to our markets while restricting access to their own, and a place to dump their unemployed. Brexit in Name Only, in short.

I doubt if a settlement of that type would get through the House of Commons, let alone be accepted by the country.

As for the alternative "No Deal", Article 50 has been passed, so we are leaving on 29th March 2019, irrespective of the HOC/Lords or the Civil Service.

Another month or two of obstruction by the EU negotiators, and HMG can simply say: "We tried. But now we have eighteen months to set up the Customs arrangements, and then it's WTO rules and goodbye."

Anonymous said...

irrespective of the HOC/Lords or the Civil Service

So a small cadre of the political class can ignore both Houses. The last person to do that was executed as far as I recall. Perhaps a reminder to the cadre would be in order.

It is ironic that those EU haters, who claim they want sovereignty are in fact arguing for a dictatorship.