Friday 24 November 2017

Friday Fun - Assessing Global Leadership in 2017

How the world is led in 2017
Hand-Wringing Leftie Wetwipes Inneffective Iechnocrats Corrupt Dictators Divisive Populists
Trudeau - Canada May - UK Xi - China Trump - US
Macron - France Merkel - German Putin - Russia Netanyahu - Israel
Varadkar - Ireland Gentiloni - Italy King Salman - Saudi  Erdogan - Turkey
Rutte - Netherlands Turnbull - Australia Zuma - South Africa Modi - India
Michel -Belgium Temer - Brazil Kim - N Korea Abe - Japan
Solberg - Norway Jae-in Moon - S  Korea Poroshenko- Ukraine Rajoy - Spain
  Maduro - Venezuela Tsiparas Greece
      Orban - Hungary

So here is my rough guide to the world as it stands. Sadly, I could not think of a category for good governance nor a list of people who could fit in it!

What do you all think, comments in the comments


Matt said...

Does the leaders 'effectiveness' increase from the left to right column?

Nick Drew said...

So, Crocodile Mnangagwa then ...

Wetwipe, I suppose

BTW, Macron will be well pissed off by your assessment system, there is no category for Son of a God

Anonymous said...

The most cursory reading of history will tell you that it was always thus. The world is run by the kind of people who think they can and should run the world. 99% of them are wrong.

Don Cox

Hedgehog said...

Effective technocrats : Lee Hsien Loon (Singapore)
It's such a joy living here - politics free. The only place in the world where they worry about the brain drain TO the state...

DJK said...

Can we please place a moratorium on the word "populist"? I had to stop reading a piece by, I think, Fraser Nelson the other day because of his lazy assumption that populist = crypto-nazi and is axiomatically someone that all right-thinking people should abhor. But where does that place the late Hugo Chavez, who was wildly popular in his day?

Anonymous said...

Where would you stick jezza?

no, don't answer that.

I think you've nailed it CU, I'd put Rajoy in poppinjay wannabe totalitarian nutter - special category and similarly the Tehran comedians, Thai generalissimos and most of South America fits.

It looks like Viktor Orban is the only good guy, still waiting to see what the boy Austrian Kurz is all about.

mrs may, on her I just shake my head, not bad for a CoE rudderless flunky who just wanted to be noticed and listened to and ordered about.

hovis said...

Split "Corrupt Dictators" into effective and ineffective??
Zuma: waste of space

Is Erdogan in the right column??

Anonymous said...

Trump, Netanyahu (and Putin who is not shown) should have their own category as Kleptocrats or at least allowing a Kleptocracy to exist.

But you have to hand it to these guys for being smart enough to get paid for stealing a whole country.

James Higham said...

Trump and Orban hardly go with the others, being positive.

dearieme said...

Has any of those "technocrats" mastered a techno in his life?

andrew said...

Think you needed another column
"Billy liar"
For trump / orban/ possibly szydlo and su chi

Electro-Kevin said...

No Jean-Claude Juncker, Donald Tusk, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Mario Draghi, Martin Schulz ?

They are our democratically elected Presidents you know.

andrew said...

Actually, if this is 'people who have influence over many lives elected or Not'
How about Mark Zuckerberg and Sergei be In?

Anonymous said...

"Split "Corrupt Dictators" into effective and ineffective??"

Agreed. Xi and Vlad aere light years away from Zuma, Maduro and Poroshenko. Xi is overseeing huge increases in Chinese power.

Ghaddafi would have been in there too, did a fair bit for Libyans, but the West stabbed him in the back(side). Kim may not be doing much for Koreans, but he learned from Ghadaffi's fate.