Monday 4 June 2018

Corbyn spots a winner, by accident

Thanks to Mr. Drew for stepping in last week whilst I was otherwise engaged!

I read with some hope his post of the end being signalled for the malign Swansea Tidal Lagoon Project and today the august FT has waded in also to confirm that this project will not get the go ahead.

On account of it being TWICE as expensive as the most expensive power station in the world that would be Hinkley C. And that it would required taxpayer subsidy for the full 40 years of operation.

It is quite some chutzpah. But, being the FT, they have decided to make cheap copy by allowing only interested parties to make comments and not bothering with any insight. The Welsh First Minister is rightly angry that Westminster subsidy has been denied to his own estate. The sponsors of the project are also dismayed that their tax funded party is not to go on for 40 year and so on. One would think from reading the article that a bad decision had been made rather than a good one.

But the best kicker is this tweet from the new Messiah:

"A Swansea tidal lagoon would harness Wales' natural resources, reduce reliance on fossil fuels and create thousands of jobs. Reports that the Tories are planning to reject this project shows their failure to make the right decisions for the economy and the future of our planet."

Given the lagoon will create less than 1000 jobs, be a poor economic decision and make no odds on the future of the planet, nor even reduce reliance on fossil fuels (it only works twice a day so the gap need to be filled, forever), the only true part of the tweet is that Tories are going to reject it.

This does prove though what many suspect. If in power, Corbyn would approve any old rubbish that was put in front of him that made politically-correct claims about the environment and some such. The energy companies will be in clover at this, they have whole departments of PR Spin-Merchants with long experience of Green-Washing projects. Of course they love a subsidy too! Corbyn may have found some new corporate sponsors at long last.


Anonymous said...

Corbyn is that most valuable person, The Man Who Is Always Wrong.

Whatever the problem, you have only to ask Jeremy what to do, or whom to support. Do the opposite of what he advises and success is guaranteed.

Don Cox

Anonymous said...

Do the opposite of what he advises and success is guaranteed.

He always says "Vote Labour"

miker22 said...

It does seem though that Mrs May is also contending for the title of the woman who is always wrong.

andrew said...

What is mrs may for?
To call her wrong is to be able to identify her position on something.

Saw a clip on frankie boyle. She v.v.
carefully avoided saying what she would like to do on a good night out with friends

Not true or false - empty


Anonymous said...

In general she avoids having opinions because then

a) she might have to act on them, or at least the hypocrisy will be noted when she doesn't

b) an opinion is bound to upset somebody and that might lose votes

This unheroic attitude has propelled her to No 10. Machiavelli would applaud.

She does have one iron principle though - stay on the right side of Israel, even if that means publicly criticising Saint Obama. Not even Blair would have done that.

miker22 said...

I'll take your word on that - I've not seen her on Israel but I have seen her spouting the standard bilge about Islam. What I find unforgivable are things like selling out our troops over the Troubles.

Anonymous said...

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