Friday 8 June 2018

The G7 Agenda - Whoops, Apocalypse

Inclusive economic growth

Gender equality and women's empowerment

World peace and security

Jobs of the future

Climate change and oceans

I know I should not be amazed any more at the capture of the world agenda by a bunch of inconsequential and hand-wringing socialist wishes, but really, I am.

The G7 meeting this weekend comes on the back of one of the most fraught periods in international politics for some time. Russia has been actively attacking the West with covert operations for while, the Korean peninsular swings between war and peace at the whims of some fairly nutty leaders and the US has decided a trade war is the way forward to help its already strong economy.

Meanwhile, the world economy actually ticks along quite nicely, even Argentina is getting a deliverable and simply IMF bailout. The US economy is in great shape, as is China, Africa is growing fast and the sclerosis in Europe is still there by dormant for now thanks to monetary easing.

But politically, wow, the world is in a tough place. ISIS is gone but, as with Al-Qaeda's destruction, a new variant will soon pop to life - the Middle East's state of civil war continues. And this is in addition to the above.

So of course, inclusive economic growth - whatever this means and gender equality are the key issues in the world. Hoping for world peace too and jobs of the future  - what a load of twaddle. At least climate change and the oceans has some purpose in needing the big economies to agree what and how to deliver change.

Unsurprisingly, the agenda comes from Jeremy Corbyn's young acolyte, Justin Trudeau. Worryingly, this kind of agenda is designed to look and sound caring but will deliver nothing. Indeed, Trump et al won't even engage with it. Which will leave him crowing from the his moral high ground as nothing of note is achieved.

The end of the Western age beckons quickly if this is the route the leaders choose.


david morris said...

Trudeau. In 18 months you'll be saying "whatever happened to him ?"

Anonymous said...

"Russia has been attacking the West" - really?

Said it before, said it again - I'm much more afraid of my own (and the US) government than of Putin's Red Hordes.

It's not the Russians who are responsible for the flight from UK cities and the tightly-crammed new estates around every English and Welsh town as every native with money gets out.

Electro-Kevin said...

It is the end of the Western World.

This crime in London ? Just the tip of the iceberg. It's what happens in a third world country. Get used to it.

Anonymous said...

@ The end of the Western age beckons quickly - oo-er Missus!

Have a nice weekend yourself, CU!

Bill Quango MP said...

Nothing about LBGTQ’s.
What a fascist that Trudeau is.

Anonymous said...

World peace and security

Seems they have copied the agenda from the Miss World competition.

Who do you reckon is going to win the swimsuit competition?

Sobers said...

Seems Trudeau might be about to have his own #MeToo moment:

Thud said...

As has been said Trudeau will shortly be a minor footnote.

andrew said...

But he will be rembered as a brilliant cartoonist

dustybloke said...

I really shouldn’t have read all that science fiction when I was a child.

The future, when you get there, is such an anticlimax.

Anonymous said...

Trump turns the tables

John in Cheshire said...

I'm disappointed Mr Trudeau didn't wear an ethnic costume to deliver his speech. Mehr he thought fake eyebrows were sufficient this time.