Monday 23 July 2018

Putin's Balls

And they're checking the football for bugs.   As well they might - do we all know this story?

In 1945, "Soviet schoolchildren" presented to the U.S. ambassador, Averell Harriman, a wooden carving of the Great Seal of the United States.  He hung the trophy in his office.  In 1952 (under one of his successors), a routine security check revealed that the seal contained a substantial resonating cavity and of course a microphone.  The Russians were able to activate the device remotely: it transmitted a signal to a nearby monitoring station.  You can see a replica of the object in the NSA museum in Fort Meade, Maryland.

What their successors will make of anything they pick up from the Trump household is anyone's guess.  Since in the privacy of his living room he probably declares war on them a couple of times a week, the traffic on the Big Red Telephone could shortly be increasing a little.



Anonymous said...

If Russia wanted to destabilise a country they would get a their man into a position of power. Once in position, that person would attempt to tarnish the reputation of the legal system, unbalance their trading systems, break existing alliances and try to form new ones with counties within the Russian sphere of influence.

The person would have to be above reproach or in a position where they would be difficult to dislodge.

Of course, the person would need some sort of recompense such as loans from Russian banks to their property company after they had previously been made bankrupt. The "hot money" would also be washed as well.

Graeme said...

And the start point of your conspiracy theory is to select a candidate that every poll deemed unelectable ... Is the tinfoil hat comfortable

Anonymous said...

This is a site where there are a number of sophisticated financial types. They can make their own minds up based on known facts.

Start here:

How it is put together is your choice but don't discount what has actually happened and the players involved. Some of you may even have had first hand dealings with Russian "investors"

hovis said...

I stoppped reading the list as soon as it came to "BuzzFeed News Releases Dossier" and "Russian Hackers Gain Access to John Podesta’s Email Account".

The quality of of information and analysis was little more than excitable nonsense, lots of assertions and lies already predicated on "its the Russians".

Really whoever paid for that site to be put together was conned.

...unless of course it is double bluff and really its a Russian site there to discredit the anti-Russians - they're everywhere I tell you...

K said...

The flip flop on Russia has been so quick.

When Russia was complaining about the missile shield the left blamed Bush.

When Georgia retaliated and Russia counter attacked the left blamed Bush/NATO. The response to this attack was so weird because Russia had been trolling Georgia for years and many people successfully predicted the incident.

When Obama came to power there was the "reset" gaffe. Not a major event itself but an indication of how much the left had blamed Bush for Russia's actions.

There was the mockery of Romney calling Russia the US's biggest threat.

Even when Russia was invading Ukraine a lot of people denied it for weeks and blamed EU/NATO.

But then Trump won and overnight Russia was at fault for everything.

One of the stranger things is how after Trump won the left started blaming Russia for Brexit too. I don't think many people believe this in the UK but the US left seems pretty convinced that Russia funded the leave campaign.

Nick Drew said...

@ many people successfully predicted the incident

Many? well, *ahem* ...

"After the Olympics Russia will make a provocative intervention in another country, just to prove it can" (31.12.07)

Electro-Kevin said...

Why use bugs when there is Twitter ?

Electro-Kevin said...

K - doesn't it seem odd ?

Students now hate Russia but love the establishment. Pensioners are now the rebels.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled on this, thought it was interesting.