Wednesday 26 September 2018

Polly Toynbee's Fallen In Love Again

...  and this time it's ... John McDonnell !

A highly entertaining compendium could be published of all her simpering articles in this vein over the decades.  Gordon Brown would feature several times of course; though she lost interest in that one years ago and now merely refers to him wistfully - in the McDonnell piece - as 'hapless'. **

These pieces are generally written after she's been flattered with a private lunch - you can easily tell.  I remember with fondness the fawning piece she wrote about Patricia Hewitt when the latter was Secretary of State at the DTI and had assured Polly-Wolly there'd be no more nukes.  "No new nuclear power plants!" gushed Toynbee.  That was just before the 2005 election of course.  The day after polling, Blair replaced her with Alan Johnson and told him to get right on with a new nuclear programme.

Polly, when will you ever learn?  They are all playing you for a sucker!  


**  But does she know what 'hapless' means?  Most Gruaniad writers do not.

Postscript - blast from the past: here's what happened when Polly first fell out with Gordon ...

There’s a one-eyed yellow Scotsman of a dour and sullen hue
There’s a stench of pious bullshit all around
There’s a broken-heated woman dreams of socialism true
And the yellow Scot forever lets her down
He was known as Red McBroon, and he made the Party swoon
Though his cowardice had long begun to smell
But for all he was a wanker he was feted by the bankers
And Polly Toynbee smiled on him as well ...

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Elby the Beserk said...

Every time I go to the Guardian (online - rarely buy a printed newspaper these days), I recoil in horror and run away.

What Nick describesis an example of why this happens to me. Here's my current top gob smacker though, from the blessed Zoe Williams (Zoe says there is no white working class left. Zoe clearly rarely leaves London - if she visited us, she would find that most of our neighbours are white working class folk. And damn fine as well) ... anyway here we go...

"Opinion Labour conference 2018
Labour backing a second referendum shows democracy is working beautifully
Zoe Williams"

Pest control experts need to be sent into the Guardian offices. They need fumigating.

Anonymous said...

Where does the poem come from? The original, I mean.

DJK said...


Electro-Kevin said...

Anna Raccoon, bless her.

I'm choked at the numbers of bloggers departed.