Monday 17 September 2018

The Diary of Boris Wimp

Boris Johnson, Lord of House Starkers, continues his now back-bench revolt.
Undermining the cowardly, craven, psychologically Stockholm Syndromed and thoroughly emasculated Theonsa GreyJoyless while pretending he is supporting her.

 Meanwhile  'Govey' LittleFinger continues his similar, incessant, granting and withdrawing of support to all sides, in his attempts to seize the Iron Throne for himself.

The Tory 'Red Wedding Conference' is just weeks away and..

What? C@W readers have no idea who or what is Game Of Thrones. Most popular television series in the world? Multi  million selling 10 novel series ?

Please yourselves
Here's some early 80's ELO encouraging Boris to get on with it!


andrew said...

I look forward to boris returning to journalism / punditry.
He is good at that.

As a politician, on a good day he was nearly average.

Bill Quango MP said...

But someone has to get rid of her. And not let her be replaced by another insipid, charisma free, nervous middle manager.

Boris will do for me. In the same way I was extremely happy for Cameron to lead the Tories. Because I believed he was the most likely to end the socialist terror.

As it happened, he didn't. But he did get rid of Brown. And Miliband. And didn't make the dreadful crash worse than it already was.

Which was good enough.

Jan said...

You have surpassed yourself BQ.....I love it...................although I'm not sure I want Boris as PM!

Bill Quango MP said...

Thanks Jan !

Suff said...

I agree with you Bill. He’s the best option we have. We need someone thick skinned enough to ignore the snowflakes at the BBC and take it to the EU. My only concern is that they must have some real Dirt on him otherwise he would have walked the leadership battle after the referendum.

Bill Quango MP said...

I'm sure the dirt is thicker than on a coalminer's boots.

But he lost the referendum leadership all by himself. Poorly prepared and lack of detail. He so badly needs a superb administrator and a fantastic reliable deputy.To make the calls and square the deals.