Thursday 4 October 2018

Where in the world is Cityunslicker today?


Charlie said...

St Louis. How are the staff at the Hyatt treating you?

Carl Edman said...

St. Louis, MO?

Anonymous said...

Don't think this one will run as it is a simple job to right-click with Chrome and select "Search Google for this image". Answer is in less than a second but to try to answer more accurately is it one of the following.

Enterprise Bank & Trust
Thomson Reuters
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
J.P. Morgan Private Wealth Management
UMB Bank
Edward Jones
Smith Moore
Bank of Washington
CitiMortgage, Inc.
Cultivation Capital
U.S. Bank
Regions Bank
Commerce Bank
Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
Wells Fargo Advisors
Maritz Holdings, Inc.
Bank of America
Scottrade Bank
Scottrade, Inc.
RiverVest Venture Partners
PNC Financial Services
Krilogy Financial
M & I Bank
Fifth Third Bank
Reinsurance Group of America Inc.
IronRock Capital Partners
The Bank of Edwardsville

Charles said...

I used to fly to South Africa and Botswana ten times a year, add in another long haul business flight and frequent European travel and I am glad that I have not seen the inside of a plane since November 2015. I found the worst, bad tempered security people were always in the U.K., although the USA ran them a close second.

I hope the business you are doing is interesting enough to make up for the travel?

Bill Quango MP said...

Half built McDonalds ?

GridBot said...

Not sure. but CU is an Iphone User, White Shirt, Black lanyard, dark blazer, likely white male, there is a clock in the room and it looks like he's standing next to some one in a stripy shirt.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy St Louis, I was there a couple of weeks back for a night. Nice city I'd like to see more of, although some of the outer suburbs were, shall we say, "interesting." I felt safer shopping in LA's Compton.

If you're staying downtown, the Hilton there is worth a look - a converted bank, and with a lovely breakfast to start the day.

The Arch is worth a trip up too. Not the most comfortable ride up, but some nice views.

Anonymous said...

According to the FBI most crime per head of [population statistics, you are in the number one most criminal city in the USA/
Which puts you in a top fifty most dangerous place to be in the world.

So stay indoors.

Sackerson said...

While you're there...

E-K said...

Croquet Mart

Somewhere USA

Anonymous said...

Get yourself across the river to East St Louis. Now that is America's most dangerous city.

Anonymous said...

East St. Louis Toodle-Oo (1927)- Duke Ellington

Have fun.
Don Cox

Electro-Kevin said...

Anonymous at 9.47

"The Arch is worth a trip up too. Not the most comfortable ride up, but some nice views."

No drink allowed in the lift though. You arrive upside down on the other side.

CityUnslicker said...

you guys are well informed...yeah, nice place but not a place to try and walk anywhere. great weather mind!