Thursday 15 November 2018

Bizarre Development from the ECJ

Here's a piece of news that draws several classic C@W strands together.

As if intentionally trying to illustrate the sovereignty issue, today the ECJ has ruled that the UK's electricity market Capacity Mechanism is illegal State Aid!

That's, the UK's much praised - and emulated - Capacity Mechanism for keeping our lights on in winter.

No, I don't think the electric cooker will go cold under the Xmas turkey, but - what a bunch of plonkers!  If anyone in the Brexit camp actually understands this admittedly recondite issue, and can spare the time from polishing their stilettos, there would be a modest amount of political capital to be made from this.



James Higham said...

Remoaners like being in the dark.

Timbo614 said...

The timing is immaculate. Time to go and really go then as a country we can just get on with our own life.

So... What exactly are they gonna do if we continue and make some payments anyway? We just spin out any legals for years then tell them to stuff it :)

Anonymous said...

Hope Corbyn is paying attention. See, you won't be able to do all your fancy state aid plans, whatever they tell you on your day-trips to Brussels.

personalmusing said...

If you were sane you make a tiny tweak to the policy, keep going, launch an appeal - oh then in 4 months we are out anyway.

If you are stupid, you cancel the capacity auctions (hello civil service).

Not sure how this is state aid but the gazillions pumped into renewables across europe thus massively distorting power markets is ok. Must be me.