Friday 18 January 2019

Friday Fun - Who would you choose if you could wish it so?

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So amongst many things we have learned this week, it is certain that Theresa May is manifestly unsuited to being Prime Minister. I mean we thought she would be a bit crap, but down there, fending off Corbyn as worst politician in the UK; well it would be worrying if it wasn't so funny.

But here we are, equipped with Magic Wand, to anoint a new Prime Minister bright and early for Monday morning to lead us out of the chaos of Brexit one way or t'other....


Two choices  each - one UK and one choice of anyone on earth.

Defend your choices in the comments and I will pick a winner Sunday!


Simon Rainsbury said...

Current pick: hard choice but probably Gove as he's able to win people over by debate, he's got intellectual flexibility. Plus the other candidates are either untested, divisive or plain dull.

Wild choice: tempted to say Richard Burgon as I live abroad and it'd be hilarious but Dr Who so they can travel back in time and warn people not to make the mistakes that led the UK into this humiliating pickle.

E-K said...

It would have to be Mrs T (the chemist lawyer) on the eve of the Howe speech but given a course of testosterone and the elixir of youth.

So she came to us with both wisdom and vibrancy and a bit of anger.

Unfortunately the satirists (always leftist) rule out anyone quirky like J R-M or Redwood.

david morris said...

The legacy party system is a busted flush. None of the existing political class have shown themselves suitable & qualified.

We would be best served by allocating e v e r y b o d y in the country a random number. Said numbers to be put into an Erniac machine & drawn one by one.

Once sufficient numbers have been drawn to form a cabinet, a redraw from those to select a PM.

Charles said...

Of the appalling current bunch probably Gisela Stewart .

Internationally I think Trump would be fun to deal with EU, longer term the cupboard is bare, politicians appear to be pygmies everywhere maybe one of the better prime ministers of the 19th Century, they were so dull their achievements escape me but at least they were honest and believed in the U.K.

Nick Drew said...

@ Unfortunately the satirists (always leftist) rule out anyone quirky like J R-M or Redwood

Kev - I am a satirist (well, sarcastic anyway) and I rule out JR-M and Redwood

my choices are: William Pitt and Julius Caesar

(does that make a lefty?)

CityUnslicker said...

I am going for Lord Sugar of the current UK choices.... I never said they had to be an MP...I reckon we need someone who can actually do a deal plus be a centrist would be helpful at this point.

More widely, I would go for Tony Abbott - born in London and a tough chippy Aussie who would get a good managed, real brexit.

BlokeInBrum said...

I have no great insights to bring.
However, a few observations;

Does anyone believe that were Maggie leader during these negotiations that things would have turned out rather differently.

If we had someone with the negotiation skills (and brass balls) of Trump we would also be on better footing.

What is clear is that we are sorely lacking in a political class who is willing to lead, with all the risks and responsibilities that entails.

I find the situation with Gove curious too. I like him and was always impressed with him. However his recent backing of May and the withdrawal agreement made me seriously question his judgement.

After seeing his barnstorming evisceration of the opposition front bench I have to reevaluate.
What was the nature of his deal with May? He could have toppled her government if he had gone against her deal.
He must certainly have known that the withdrawal agreement would never pass parliament. He is after all an ex - whip and highly intelligent. So what games are they playing?
Perhaps May has realized her limitations and has outsourced her strategic planning to Gove, who knows?

Lord Blagger said...


Just think, a debate between Mogg and Corbyn.

It would be positively medieval. Like watching a public dissection.

Now I'm going to open up Jeremy's abdomen. As I extract his intestines, ....

Anonymous said...

I'd vote for my mum as

a) everyone loves their mum
b) they can do wonders when the money is tight and
c) they know how to sort out the naughty ones.

Now if it had to be someone else, what about "Mutti" (mother) Merkel who is available soon.

hkwoodyintokyo said...

UK person (people) - the Krays, or the Richardsons
WW - Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan
The only way to get things moving is to have somebody with a bit of steel and menace.

Lord Blagger said...

I'd choose me.

You would choose you.

It's all about consent, the right to say yes, and the right to say no to the state.

hovis said...

from the UK:
- Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston

The World:
- Mayor Stubbs, mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska

Timbo614 said...

From the government, Gove every time. He might be slippery when trying to further his carrer but he is really smart. Also basically a leaver despite support of May's hopeless deal - that is just career manouvering.

WW: another brit: Sir Digby Jones. He has been and still is involved in all sorts of things, giving him loads of real world experience. He is also another smart cookie.

Matt said...

UK - Obvious one - Farage.

RoW - Rodrigo Duterte

E-K said...

Whatever, Nick. Just not May. NOT May.

Anonymous said...

Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords would lead to a better selection of leader than our current crop

Nick Drew said...

Kev - 100%

Tony Harrison said...

I like Lord Blagger's suggestion of a Mogg-Corbyn confrontation: it would make the Rumble in the Jungle seem tame... But that reminds me that years ago, I desperately wished Enoch Powell (of blessed memory) to return, for the sadistic pleasure of watching him dissect intellectual midgets such as Blair and Cameron.
Also admire the suggestions of Attila, and G.Khan - though a more patriotic choice might be HM Queen Boudicca, late of this parish, a fearsome lady.
More realistically, Nigel Farage: he's articulate, cogent, a decent orator (slaughtered the pitiful Clegg), great in front of an audience, and most important, has the right ideas about the EU - as well as far more experience in dealing with Brussels than the awful May.

Bill Quango MP said...

For PM to sort out the mess tomorrow, then David Cameron. know..karma.

For an all world choice, then Obama. As other world leaders adored him and agreed to anything he said.

PeterS said...

UK: Sir Francis Drake (someone find the drum and give it a roll)

RoW: Alberto Fujimori. Ok, he's 80, seriously ill and in prison on some minor trumped-up charges (murder, cocaine trafficking, money laundering) but back in the '90s he turned Peru from a failed state into a functioning country, so today's UK ought to be a doddle.

GridBot said...

Late to the party on this one - UK choice would be either James Dyson or Tim Martin. I get the feeling they have the business/real world experience to understand what other people who live in the real world need Brexit to look like.

Rest of world/History - has to be Adolf H. I think there would be some exceptionally comical irony watching him negotiate out of the EU - which you could argue is like a 4th Reich...

Anonymous said...

UK Choice Gerrard Batten or maybe Patrick Minford
World Alvaro Uribe (former Colombian president, he would stop Islamic terrorism) or Victor Orban