Monday 7 January 2019

The downside of making politicians work harder - they are too clever by half

Image result for nicky morgan and yvette cooperWelcome 2019 and the first week of business. Good to see plenty of economic indicators have held up over the year end (such as Manufacturing and Services PMI and employment) and we are off to an OK start for the new year. Even the sickly FTSE has perked up a little bit again trend (traditionally, after the Santa Rally to help fund mangers, they engage in a January sell-off to depress markets as they are set their targets for the new financial year - so that they can make their benchmarks and bonus' gain for the year...).

However, having posted last week on how May and Corbyn are being made to work for a living, a downside has quickly emerged. Plenty of other MP's are in revolutionary mood, the main threat seems to be currently from Nicky Morgan and Yvette Cooper. Both have corralled a Lib Dem and Labour group of MP's, with a couple of Tory outriders, into back a new plan. This plan is to make amendments to the Finance bill that would stop funding for the Treasury for a no deal Brexit, Uncle Vince of the Lib Dems, who it would seem has survived Christmas, is also planning an amendment that would stop the Government raising taxes if it pursues Brexit, so invoking a US style Government shutdown. The precedent of these bills for any future minority Government as we have now is also a major consideration, perhaps Mr Corbyn should think about what it would mean were he to end up in charge of a minority Government - abjectly cut asunder by New Labour and the Tories for his pet policies.

These wrecking amendments surely border on treason and a less partisan Speaker of the House than John Bercow would throw them out, what Government can allow it very function to be undermined by its own finance bill? What parliament could actively vote to undermine the functioning of Government? At the moment the rebels are thinking only about Brexit, they will be a lot more displeased when they find that stopping Welfare payments and spending hits them full in the face should they succeed. The Parliamentary maths is against them succeeding at the moment, but it is finely balance, they would need around 10 Tory votes and 100% compliance from all opposition parties.

However, more disappointing is the continuing crazed efforts at promoting Remain at all costs, these current ideas show exactly what at all costs means, causing more dysfunction in the Government than Brexit would itself. Any Government, faced with the current potential no-dal scenario in just a few weeks time, should be prudently spending and planning for the worst case. These same MP's are planning to vote down the one plan that exists currently agreed with the EU to prevent such an occurrence. Their position is an abomination, both torpedoing the Government attempts to find and deal and trying to stop planning for the no-deal they would create- I think the old phrase was too clever by half.


Anonymous said...

The whole farrago has really brought into sharp relief at what a useless bunch of B-Arkers we've got sat in Parliament.

Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. And those that shouldn't? They become MPs.

Your expectation that the current crop *could* prudently spend and plan borders on the satirical, and they've hardly required the Remainers to take an axe to the ability to do a deal - by now the UK's feet are more bullet holes than flesh.

If I have any regrets about voting Leave, it's that the last vestiges of the fantasy we have a functional Parliamentary system has been blow-torched away.

Brexit was the rock being lifted, and sunlight being shone on our politicians. My, what small, wriggly and fearful bugs they are.

Bill Quango MP said...

Having people in charge who can't decide if a person with a penis is a man or a woman probably isn't the best idea.

We can omly hope that Mrs Can-kicker doesn't boot the thing into October. Which she will probably try and do.

The PM needs to get Brexit done.
Her crappy deal, or no deal. Then, the remoaners are forced to go where they know they won't win. Onto campaigning to rejoin the EU.

The new EU-Liberal democrats-Chukka faction-Soubreys party might even come about.

I expect it to have a shelf life of around the same as the SDP. As people move onto other things.

Anonymous said...

@BQ - to be fair, determining someone's gender from their bits isn't that easy.

Take a look at the Guevedoces, I mean, are they female until they're around 12? That's when they get a penis?

It's a whole load of genetics (not just X and Y chromosomes either) and environmental effects of gene expression levels. It's more of a Bell curve than a binary option, and most of us are fortunate enough to be in the majority that is well defined from birth and through our lives.

So if we had people in charge capable enough to make that distinction, we may not have a Brexit setup that looks like someone let in the clowns.

I'm still expecting it all to pan out with us remaining, mainly as the EU won't make any other offer, May's offer won't get through and, with the option of a no-deal Brexit looming, we'll be betrayed and Article 50 rescinded by a bunch of MPs acting like they're disappointed when they really want to be high-fiving one another. They'll trot out some guff about the national interest.

hovis said...

Anon 4.52, the fact that an anomaly exists does not mean that a policy should be built for that anomaly. As it happens the Guevedoces being in the Dominican Republic means their example is of little use or relevance to any policy in the UK. It is exactly such arse about face logic (often deliberate) that undermines workable decision making.

Elby the Beserk said...

Gender? Pomo bollocks. It's a grammatical term hijacked by cultural Marxism. No scientific basis for it whatsoever, not that that seems to matter any more. Feelings now trump facts it seems. Not sure that will work out long term, especially if we start legislating the unreal onto the statute books. Quite where that ends is also another matter.


Raedwald said...

Dog whelks. Whose problem any sailor who remembers the days of TBT antifouling will know. These delightful little creatures are hermaphrodite, equipped with both penis and vagina. Unfortunately, TBT made their penises grow unnaturally large, blocking the entrances to their vaginas and consequently Dog Whelk populations around Britain went into decline.

When we changed over to copper-based AF, within a few years their penises remained at the size nature intended and these fertile little, er, trans things once again bred happily and graced our waters with healthy numbers.

There's a moral here somewhere.

Matt said...

Never thought I'd see the word 'clever' in the same sentence as 'Morgan' or 'Cooper'.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Thicky Morgan gives every impression of being a victim of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. It is a wonder to me that the entire media doesn’t burst out laughing every time she opens her wretched gob.

But then most of the media are out of their heads on coke, alcohol, anti-depressants and god knows what else.

Anonymous said...

@hovis - I was intending to divert the debate, just show that what has traditionally seemed 'obvious' isn't necessarily so.

However, intersex is something that hits between 0.5% - 2% of the population, and genetic disorders are hardly unknown in the UK - the Royals and a prior history of haemophilia being a prime example. And this is before you get to environmental changes of brain chemistry where you can actually see the white matter has altered from what would be expected of their physically observed sex.

I'm not really one for kicking people for what the genetic lottery and the consequences of technological advancements have handed out, and I'd rather policy be based on objective fact than subjective feelings, and the fact gender and sex isn't binary is objectively true. Add a bit of common human decency, and surely it's not beyond our wits to have reasonable policies where able?

We've managed it for other groups.

And at least we're not the US - having watched Godbotherers there worry that Trans people will fiddle with their kids, whilst sending junior toddling over to an institution with a rich history of physically and sexually abusing kids, and actively protecting paedos, made my head spin!

And now back to Brexit!

Nick Drew said...

Anon @ 9:07 - science understands peripheral anomalies, albino giraffes etc.

No basis for changing the law in dramatically lunatic ways

E-K said...

"I'm not really one for kicking people for what the genetic lottery and the consequences of technological advancements have handed out, "

The reality is that it's a minority within a minority which is being used to give everyone else a good kicking.

This has nothing to do with fairness but is cultural Marxism on the march.

We see false allegations of racism being used to disqualify the Brexit result - or at least to tarnish its respectability.

E-K said...

BQ "Having people in charge who can't decide if a person with a penis is a man or a woman probably isn't the best idea."

Oh but they can discern between these things.

They have decided to use such confusion to crush the will of the majority and disorientate them further.

Frankly the west isn't going to survive and that's because it doesn't deserve to.

E-K said...

WA then second referendum. Rigged question.

andrew said...

Be happy that the parliament reflects the people.

Unable to agree

Our representatives seem to be starting to think about their answer to the question "what did you do when the chips are down".

The trouble is that there is no leadership
Without leadership, no consensus will form.