Thursday 2 May 2019


It's all rather difficult, n'est-ce pas?  On the one hand, well, Huawei?  Really?  I know I said back in 2016, darker deeds than the Nissan deal would flow from May's desperation: (Nissan: The Shape of Things To Come) - but Huawei? 

Still, a complete failure to understand its significance is all of a piece with May's utter solipsistic stupidity.

On the other hand:  Williamson.  One could get quite extravagant with the epithets here, so let's just say: a man whose overall maturity makes Osborne look positively statesmanlike.  "No one will be sorry to see him go" - a bit of an understatement.  (Oh, my mistake: May will be sorry to see him go, apparently.  By their acolytes shall ye know them ...)

And finally, Mordaunt!  Who in 2018 regaled us with her opinion that "trans women are women".  Maybe that came with some qualifying nuances: but this is not a string of words I expect to hear from, well, anyone with claims to native English-speaking adulthood and the power of reason.  

Still, being a naval reservist is nice.  We must clutch at such straws as we find.



Anonymous said...

Who in 2018 regaled us with her opinion that "trans women are women"

Just as the idiotic policy of putting men and women together on Her Majesty's Ships has led to a spate of harassment claims, pregnancies and lawsuits, I look forward to the results of shared barracks for women and 'trans women'. No wonder the radfems/lesbians are pissed off - in my limited experience of army women there's a fair contingent of sapphics and there'll now be competition for them from 'chicks with dicks'.

Matt said...

I guess Mordaunt is in favour of trans-women being called for smear tests? After all, it's only more money wasted by the NHS on people feelz. Be discrimination otherwise.

Persecution complex most of this rainbow letter activists.

Anonymous said...

It has all got so lunatic that we now have sanitary towel bins in the gent's cubicles at work.

There are definitely a couple of ultra protected groups and they are able to get away with murder.

This country will not survive and the main reason being that it doesn't deserve to. And it has all got far far worse under the Tories.

Lord Blagger said...

Easy to fix.

Introduce a spending/taxation bill to pay the EU. 250 bn plus 80 bn a year in costs

The taxation to appear on payslips as an EU tax. Say 50%. The rest in spending cuts. Remainers to vote for more tax, less services.

Remember, no government can be bound by May's spending promises. That triggers the end of the deal.

E-K said...
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E-K said...

Five Eyes membership is but the latest ace card that May is about to throw away in thrall to her pro EU handlers.

The scandal is not the leak but the compromise of our relations with powerful ally nations outside of the EU. The prosecution of the leaker is merely a diversion.

I don't, for one minute, believe that Gavin Williamson is the leaker. He's not man enough.

Lord Blagger said...


The costs are far higher than you appreciate.

1. Direct payments
2. EU debts, the UK share
3. Cost of not implementing no recourse to public funds
4. Cost of regulations
5. Cost of tariffs

It all adds up and its way higher than you think