Friday 31 May 2019

The Hammond Wakes

Way back in November we commented it was odd that none of the pundits' lists of Tory leadership hopefuls included Hammond.  He seemed (to us) to be on manoeuvres even then.

Well: here we go. "As long as I feel the views I hold are properly represented, I won't feel the need to take part"  (yesterday)

We've all watched Yes Minister; and I think we know what that statement means.  You read it here first.



Lord Blagger said...

He'll be sacked.

John in Cheshire said...

The next PM should by no means be Mr Hammond and if the Conservative party what to help themselves remain relevant in UK politics, the next PM should replace Mr Hammond with someone who puts UK interests first and also doesn't appoint foreigners to key positions such as the governor of the Bank of England.

Raedwald said...

For the next PM, sacking Hammond will be the easy part. Getting rid of Sedwill is another matter. Retaining him as Head of the Civil Service but appointing a new Cabinet Secretary and a separate new National Security Advisor would prolly give him the right message. And moving him to a smaller office on the other side of Whitehall.

david morris said...

Welcome his entrance to the ring.

Nothing is more nailed on to ensure a complete wipeout of the Cons should this no mark be confirmed as PM

E-K said...

What do the WA Tories (Hammond) not get about the drubbing they got last week ?

Oh - silly me. Remain won, of course.

In other news LibDems are leaders in a poll to win the next general election (Brexit Party came second even though they weren't listed on the questionnaire.)

This is bad news for the Tories. It will mean that the threat of Corbyn for Tory voters - who might otherwise be scared to vote BP - is no longer there.

The Tories strongest candidate ? Jeremy Corbyn.

This is rather like the death of the CofE - when vicars went all Guardian on us and relegated the Devil in their sermons their organisation lost its USP. Their top act never was Jesus, it was Satan - who they sold us insurance against.

E-K said...

I am not shitting you. I have only once played cricket in my life. I was out fielding because I didn't really want to play - in Jamaica on an all inclusive holiday... a proper cricketer knocked a six and I caught it Ben Stokes style.

I don't know how... I was just there when it really counted.

I lived on it for two whole weeks.

I suppose all the drinks were 'free' anyway but I didn't have to go to the bar to collect them.

E-K said...

And then I did a Sister Sledge act with two of the waiters in a talent contest. Feather boaters and all that. Went down well. I really camped it up.

I have the photos.

Anonymous said...

Photos, then!

andrew said...

He is the sort of person who has a laptop open in meetings and types into that without looking up amd making eye contact with anyone there.
As such no one will notice if another grey suited person who hides behind a laptop replaces him.
I really do not see him as some deep sea monster who will change the global climate and so the future of mankind.
More like a used tea bag.

Graeme said...

So the twat who stopped the UK from preparing for "no deal", unlike the EU report thinks he is a voice to be reckoned with?

I would like to ram a 30 foot concrete pile up his fundament

Charlie said...

Trump's here. What does Treeza want to discuss with him? A post-Brexit free trade deal? Helping the people of Venezuela?

No - she wants to talk about climate change. The buffoon can't go soon enough.