Thursday 23 May 2019

Thought for the Day

"The loyalties which centre upon number one are enormous.  If he trips, he must be sustained.  If he make mistakes, they must be covered.  If he sleeps, he must not be wantonly disturbed. If he is no good, he must be pole-axed." 

Works with women, too.  Gallantry notwithstanding.



Anonymous said...

Now May realises that her deal is dead and it's no-deal or revoke-remain (most likely no-deal assuming Boris gets in ).
Will TM launch a full blown referendum revoke bill as her last act?

Bill Quango MP said...

That was the rumour. She was going to bring the WA again, with second ref attached as a guarantee, whilst her own MPs were on holiday.
The one the thing that finally sent the Praetorian searching the palace to murder the mad Caligula.

“Little Heels” to be cut down in her refuge.
And a Dribbling, half-witted Puppet, like Claudius, made Emperor in her place.

All hail, Chris Grayling!

Hail Grayling!

andrew said...

Was claudius half witted?
Fond memories of jacobi on tv in the 80s?

Anonymous said...

@BQ - a bit unfair on Claudius. Improved lives of slaves, cut taxes, built things, expanded the Empire, and worked towards solving winter food shortages IIRC.

As flaws go, being a bit deaf and micromanaging legal cases hardly places him in the terrible bracket as Roman Emperors go.

Grayling on the other hand...

A man who probably takes kitchen tongs to the toilet, just in case everybody else is correct about the things he touches turning to shit.

Bill Quango MP said...

I should clarify.

When the factions were seeking someone to replace the Mad Caligula, the Pretorian Guards, the men in grey suits of their day, chose Claudius, as they thought him a dribbling, epilectic, fool who could be easily manipulated to deliver that factions wishes. I suspect that is happening now. How else can we account for Rudd or Hunt being on the list of the candidates?

In fact, as the ever knowlegeable C@W readers have observed, Claudius was a very successful emperor. Someone whose disabilities had led his peers to mistakenly judge him a simpleton. Where in fact he was actually a very sharp politician, who almost managed to survive even assassination. One of the good ones.

Whereas Greyling is just a common or garden moron.

Charles said...

Oh frabjous day. It will be amusing to see which useless dishcloth the Tories present as their new leader. Gove looked awful on the TV tonight. If you want to lead, lead.What a shower of mediocrity. There is no one of integrity in the Conservative party, no one. Anybody who thinks there is has to ask the question, why are they still there? The youngsters like Mercer are quite simply awful.

MyHardTruthName said...

I have written here before on many issues - you may remember such 'hits' as predicting a hung parliament, last election; I still contend May called that election to lose and extract the Tories from the inevitable shitfest that Brexit has turned out to be - (imagine if she had succeeded and passed the fetid bag of turds with the lit fuse on to Corbyn.....)

I also pointed out a very clever strategy that EU/May had come up with which was to advance Brexit at the cost breaking up the UK. This would - or should (or will?) - break up the right wing and weaken it.

Macron, Merkel and Pelosi have all recently been on photo calls in Ireland.
This is political speech for 'This far and no further'.
Their visits - within a few weeks of each other - was meant as clear political signalling to the UK Right that there would be a price to pay - the EU says 'No border in Ireland' so NI moves into a de facto United Ireland and Pelosi said the US senate would block any trade deal in the event in the event of Border.

It follows then that NI will be forced out of the UK and cruciallywill be forced out by the English in pursuit of a trade deal.
More than that, there is no way Scotland would stay in the UK if NI is hived off into the Euro as they would lose out massively in terms of inward investment.

So whatever new PM we get in the next few weeks - Brexiteer or not - will have to deal with the same choice - Brexit and Breakup - (Brexup?) or Remain and unite?

These are the real world, balls-out choices - Anyone spinning any other line is lying or deluded; for those who cannot read politics, the US Senate and the EU commission have both made this abundantly clear.

I suspect an arch Brexiteer will be given the job as the public will only accept a Remain or 2nd referendum from them.... but their career will be over.

Good luck Little Englanders, couldnt happen to a nicer bunch.

andrew said...

Channeling my inner Dominic Cummings:

Nothing has changed out here in the real world. Anyone thinking R2 would produce a different result is at least one of delusional and stupid.

It makes no real sense that England owns a bit of another geographically separate country. We did not just ~400 years ago. Things change. If Scotland / N. Ireland want to go their own way, let them.

We need to solve the problems the UK faces now and the entire political class has and is failing us.

Jan said...

We need someone with vision. There is a whole world out there beyond the EU (who are not Europe). Enough of the second rate managerial technocrats who bend in whichever way the wind blows. Sadly I don't see anyone who fits the bill.

dearieme said...

Strewth, they'll have to settle on bashful Boris.

His weaknesses are pretty public, but helpfully Mr Corvid's weaknesses include treason, of which nobody has ever accused Boris.

As for June 7th - will it turn out to be another broken promise?

Anonymous said...

I've little issue with NI and Scotland leaving. NI has become something of an embarrassment, let the EU deal with the backward fuckwits like the DUP and the New IRA nutters.

Scotland would probably end up back as part of the Union at some point. The Nats would turn the place into McVenezuela, talking about climate change out of one face, relying on oil revenues with the other.

Last time, we cleverly bankrupted them by frustrating their colonial ambitions that they'd sunk all their money into. This time we'd just wait for the Nats to do it instead.

E-K said...

That was a full blown Labour speech delivered this morning... by a Tory PM.

A lot of shit stirred for the next incumbent.

Anonymous said...

As for Boris... Let me cast my eyes to the future...

Thursday, 24th of October 2019. Seven days til we leave. A lectern sits outside No 10. Sky news have been there since the early hours, Laura K is having her make up touched up by the BBC team and hurriedly bats away the assistant as the door opens.

Boris exits, saunters to the lectern, hair looking like an explosion of spaghetti frozen in time.

He coughs, harrumphs and starts to explain: "I sent our finest against the EU, but the blighters had the cunning of the kraut, the finesse of the frog and the slyness of the spic. This was to be, sadly, no Agincourt. There was not enough havoc to be cried, and the dogs of war had had their feed tampered with and would not leave the confines of the kennel. A calamatous array of fiends has undermined old BoJo's plans, a cabal of malevolence that not even seeing would have you believing the unbelievable scope of the odds we almost defeated

"But friends, colleagues, brexiteers and remainers, be not dismayed! This is not the end of Brexit, this not even the end of the beginning of Brexit! The battle is lost, but the war is there to be won, trust in old BoJo and we'll be having trade deals coming out of ears before too long and we shall reverse this travesty and Albion will prevail! Thank you all."

The news crews all look at each other, confused, as Boris heads back, and slowly it dawns upon them. Article 50 has just been revoked.

Next day the papers lead with Boris' face photoshopped onto Churchill's body, giving the V for victory and the tagline of Brexits Dunkirk.

Brexit is dead, but Boris has somehow made everybody feel fine about that. The Remainers are certain we'll never be leaving, the Leavers are certain that Boris is merely biding his time and, like Del Boy and Liverpool FC supporters, will be telling everyone "next year!" for the next few years.

Anonymous said...

Also it seems May could remain as caretaker for some months.

If so, that'll be the worst caretaking decision since someone liked the look of Ian Huntley's CV.

andrew said...

Like liverpool fc

Perhaps we need some foreign management

... ruth davidson

E-K said...

Anon @ 3.24


MyHarderTruthName said...

Okay, after my earlier post there have been a few replies but none addressing the central issues - who will be the next Tory leader; the one that makes the 'great sacrifice' of breaking the Union?

I think the severity of this prospect might cause the Tories to try to avoid the scenario altogether.... 'but how?' I hear you ask....

Well, the most obvious route would be for May to scuttle the ship by calling an election before she resigns; ushering in a Corbyn govt to take the blame.

The second would be to elect a 'wet' to the helm to manage the de-unification of the UK - this would - in my fevered imagination - be Rory Stewart. He is the only one with the vision and pedigree to realise that an de-United Kingdom would be of little consequence in practical matters, but have severe consequences in the notional, irrelevant, largely symbolic spheres; flags, anthems, history and such. The antithesis, then, of someone like Mark Francois.

Have to cut it short here....more later on another thread perhaps...

Anonymous said...

Rory Stewart is a **** who's busy betraying the people who voted him into his seat.

shara said...

Perhaps we need some foreign management