Tuesday 4 June 2019

Boiling the Pot, Stirring the Pot

Busy this week, I'm afraid - and CU + BQ are really busy.

So, by way of a pot-boiler, have a read of this: another item of evidence in our occasional series lamenting the idiocies of university lefties of the identitarian woke-snowflake generation.
 ... scepticism about the rights of marginalised groups and individuals, where issues of life and death are at stake, are [sic] not up for debate. The existence and validity of transgender and non-binary people, and the right of trans and non-binary people to identify their own genders and sexualities, fall within the range of such indisputable topics
What level is Academia sinking to?!  I'm pleased to say that the Aristotelian Society, which is the target of this outrageous attack, is sticking firmly to its guns and continuing to promote the lecture that is enraging these people so.

PS, what a great set of names, those signatories, eh?  Amy Conkerton-Darby; Puck Oseroff-Spicer; Lizzy Ventham; Jingyi Wu ... (Anyone ever read Peter Simple?



PJH said...

> The right to promote hateful ideas is not covered under the right to free speech.

And that's basically where they fall down - their whole victimhood is based upon a false premise, thus their demands are unreasonable....

Elby the Beserk said...

Statement signed by...


Amy Conkerton-Darby

Puck Oseroff-Spicer"

O brave new world
That has such people in't

andrew said...

I thought philosopy was about clarification and disputation, often of things that are thought of as indisputable.
It looks like these people chose fhe wrong subject.

Anonymous said...

Where is Dr Heinz Kiosk in all of this? Or Pixie Dutt-Pauker?

Anonymous said...

Puck Osseroff Spicer

It can't be true! (can it???)

E-K said...

"Underrepresented groups"

FFS ! Way beyond represented in fact. We are dominated by special interest groups and you know who your oppressor is by the fact that you can't take the piss out of them without risking job or even life. Everyone takes the piss out of Trump, so he's obviously not an oppressor then .

But the Tory PM - the one that is going to deliver us Corbyn - has made a "burning injustices" speech in which you'd think modern Britain is 1950s Sth Africa or Alabama.

An evil and calculating woman who has been stirring it up for all of us since her 'nasty party' speech and timed her last one exquisitely.