Friday 23 August 2019

You had one job: Friday Fun

So last week we took it upon ourselves to find the ultimate leader for the September Government of National Disunity.

(I know its just phase, but a Government of National Unity that replaces the elected Government is no such thing and  should be called out more frequently, harumpphh).

Now of course we know the only purpose of that Government will be to delay or cancel Brexit and in this phoney war phase of August lots of noise is being made about how this will be done and then an election called. Again, the mechanics of this are not very clear and indeed to me suggest there may not be a vote for an election (the Tory rump can vote against it, leaving PM Clarke or Junker swinging with the backing of communists etc - oh what japes!) that passes easily.

So, here YOU are, head of a Government of a rag tag bunch of anti-democrats, Scottish nationalists, Tory Quislings and an eco-loon.

What would you do, the power is there to coerce on policy through Parliament, what do you choose?


Nick Drew said...

We know what they would do: pass a law that any disagreement with X, Y and Z is Hate Speech, punishable by immediate closure of publication / online medium / FB account / whatever; fines, gaol etc; to be rigorously policed using all hi-tech means at their disposal by GCHQ and MI5

and that's for starters

people sometimes wonder what would be so bad about letting Corbyn have a go for a bit, take some of the flak himself etc etc

people with no imaginatin, that is

Wall Hung Vanity Units said...

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Anonymous said...

Wall Hung Vanity Units

Don't you mean well hung Vanity Units? I suppose it might have appeal to some voters.

hovis said...

...declare a national emergency and dissolve parliament

Bill Quango MP said...

Greenest Government ever.
Co2 minus by 2021.

andrew said...

Free vegetables for all!

and if I lasted into the afternoon of the first day

Free fruit for all!

quite seriously ...think about it.

david morris said...


I did

Moving on

WTF has Parliament got to do with the UK Leaving the EU ?

The Electorate gave a clear instruction in Jun 2016 that they wanted to Leave the EU. They were promised that the Government would act on this instruction.

That inconsequential members of the political class seek to thwart this instruction is irrelevant but worth noting for future action/censure.

James Higham said...

I choose vote Brexit Party.

Jan said...

David has it right. I would advoccate pressing on with all the arrangements/planning etc and ignoring parliament. MPs are supposed to represent us but they clearly don't on the issue of Brexit. Actually this is what Boris appears to be doing.

The only other alternative is to call a general election and trust the electorate to return enough leave MPs. There isn't really time for this before October 31st so press on it is.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Anybody read the good Dr North’s blog this morning? The deranged nutter is stockpiling.

Anonymous said...

The horse trading would be something to see in the Rainbow Coalition.

Corbyn will have a Wish List - or rather a political bucket list - that no one is going to agree to without sweeties.

Take leaving NATO, doubtlessly on his Day #2 post-it, the SNP aren't quite as left as everyone makes out - they were known as the Tartan Tories for good reason - and are only going to let the UK leave NATO if they leave along with it and attach themselves to the EU.

Prime Comrade Corbyn isn't going to have free reign, everything he wants to do is a hostage held by his coalition partners who can bring down the government if they feel like it.

The first thing he'd see in Number 10 would be the executive pen being lovingly wrapped in red tape by Sturgeon and Swinson. "Ye wan' this cunt back, best gae us a vote, and keep your fuckin' hooter oot a it o else Alex'll pop roond yers ferra chat wi' yer wife, take ma meaning'?" a sneering Sturgeon informs him. In a more clipped tone Swinson politely informs him - as she leans back in disgust from Sturgeon - that PR is the price.

A whimper in the corner catches his attention. It's Seamus. In a gimp mask. Crying and shivering. Sturgeon whispers in Corbyn's ear. "He knows who's got the biggest cock in here. Me. And plastic needs no viagra grandad."

Ten minutes later he sits as his desk, takes out his diary, and to the tune of Milne's sobs starts to write "Dear Diary, this wasn't how it was supposed to be. I think I'd rather be at the allotment."

andrew said...

On dr north stockpiling, i would be amazed if there were not shortages of something.
I bet there are right now.
In fact last night on r4 there were reports of shortages of hrt drugs.
This is a complex economy with billions of products.
Right now shortages are not reported.
Just you wait until nov 1.

Anonymous said...

@andrew - there are a handful of drugs hard to get at the moment, although a lot of that appears to be down to stockpiling.

Anyone who thinks there won't be any shortages is a fool.

The question is how quickly can the disruption be brought under control. I suspect fairly quickly, and things to follow the 80/20 rules. 80% of stuff available fine on Day 1, of the next 20%, 80% of that'll be solved in short order.

I've not read *what* North is stockpiling, but the basics will be there, or there won't be a government for long after Halloween. Screwing up No Deal will be as lethal to the Tories as No Brexit. The media will be relentless and remorseless on anything.

Anonymous said...

@ *what* North is stockpiling

North, like many people, seems to place a high premium on bogroll.
This is "highly suggestive", as Sherlock Holmes would say.

lilith said...

The shortages of HRT drugs are down to an entirely new and exponentially increasing cohort being prescribed them.