Friday 31 January 2020

Brexit, delivered.

So, I never thought I would really write this post. The UK is leaving the EU tonight!

After all the drama since 2016 I had long predicted the Remainers and the Establishment would get their way and that the UK would not leave. At best maybe a very soft Brexit.

Actually this is too off the table. The somewhat clueless Torres are not going to end up with a soft Brexit by 2021, they will go for a shallow Canada style agreement and if they have to negotiate hard it will still be a pretty decent exit.

I think too that the now rejoiners are going to fail to understand there is no way back. There are no votes in joining the Euro, the EU army etc. This idea we will go running back is for the birds.

Others have written better about the populism, idiotic remainer idealism and the dark period of British politics. Yet now there is a new peace, victory soothes many ills and 2020 is shaping up to be a good year for the UK.


Scrobs. said...

"I think too that the now rejoiners are going to fail to understand there is no way back."

Please don't put ideas into their thick heads, there's enough vacuous claptrap there already, and it will overload their fragile imagination!

Other than that, I'm with you all the way!

Matt said...
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Matt said...

The climate emergency will no doubt require us to rejoin the EU to save flipper from boiling in plastic. Saint Greta for Supreme Leader of the EU Climate Collective.

And then the end of civilisation!

Marcus Slim said...

Good Post

Anonymous said...


dearieme said...

'victory soothes many ills': I bear no resentment to those who voted Remain (why in God's name wasn't it "Stay", by the way?) as long as they accepted the result. C'est democracy, innit?

The ones, however, who used every low political and propagandist device to try to reverse the result of the Peoples' Plebiscite are quislings. Starting with the Beeb, Littleberkow, and the Supreme Courtiers I hope they eventually get a comeuppance.

dearieme said...

I draw your attention to the fate of the gangsters who turned the Debatable Land into a home for mayhem in the 16th century.

James VI became also James I. His Majesty's English government expelled the Grahams to Ireland. His Majesty's Scottish government hanged the Armstrongs.

Them wuz the days.

E-K said...

Let's hope so.

In real life I've kept my mouth firmly shut despite provocations. All of the vitriol (before and after the referendum) have come from a loud but small minority of Remainers in my experience. My response a non committal "Oh really ?"

Now these people have calmed down I'm glad that I never ended up on bad terms with them.

One knows the Leavers, the majority, and all have kept quiet and discreet. Disclosure has had to be done very quietly and very carefully in order to avoid outright aggression.

Thud said...


Woman on a Raft said...

This time last year I showed nothing like E-K's good sense and ended up in a bitter exchange at a conference. I simply couldn't believe the depth of spite, contempt, and anti-democratic nonsense which a woman was prepared to speak, apparently oblivious to the possibility of a civil war. She really felt that it was OK to bin a referendum if you don't like the outcome.

A measure of how bad it was: an Irish woman who had experience of sectarian violence got between us, trying to smooth things over. I'm afraid I rather lost my cool and refused to back down.

For their part, I think they were genuinely shocked that someone might hold a different view, and that the proles might not suck it up and do as they were told.

With hindsight, it has been like that since about 1993. Silky pats on the head when it was believed that this was a 'minority interest', fury when it turns out that no, it's a majority.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the bitter Remoaners are going to stop moaning. The Guardian comments on France - England are peppered with "the Leavers lost!" stuff.

"Glad that Ireland won as well 2-1 to Europe."

"May tried hard but the Europeans were too good. Now when has that happened before"

"France 24 - 17 England, Ahh yes, so this is what Brexit feels like."

It's enough to make this Wales fan cheer on England (and May didn't try hard, damn her).