Saturday 22 February 2020

Weekend: Wolf Hall 3, Hurrah!

At last, Hilary Mantel has published!  (as we were advised 3 weeks ago by dearieme).

This first-chapter extract suggests we will instantly forget she was ever away.  These are among the best political readings you will ever encounter.  Roll on 5 March, and let the Book Prizes begin!  (We know how it all ends, don't we? - on both counts ...)



Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, halfway down the Guardian's website, next to a story about Georgio Armani, this unimportant little item.

"EU summit collapses as leaders struggle to fill €75bn Brexit hole - States deeply divided over budget as big contributors reject plan for them to pay more"

Nothing on the BBC News front page, either, its half way down World News below "Friends cast to reunite for one-off special".

Raedwald said...

As much as I've eagerly anticipated this, I fear that Hilary's exactitude may discourage wholly capable but perhaps somewhat less constipated novelists. She is, after all, just a novelist at the end of the day - not a biographer.

I'm not ashamed to admit I've enjoyed both Philippa Gregory's and C.J. Sansom's historical novels which cover a somewhat wider and perhaps shallower span.

And as much as I admire her analysis, I have an underlying nagging doubt that she's got Cromwell right. So I regard her still as *one* apologist and not *the* apologist pro vita eius

iOpener said...

I have avoided reading Mantel because of her quite dangerously lunatic attitude to Margaret Thatcher.

All of her prizes and awards suggest she is just another ultra-leftist.

Am I wrong?

Nick Drew said...

Mr R - well at the very least she took down Bolt's Thomas More well and truly (and it needed doing)

as mentioned here before, I reckon she brilliantly illustrates the 'Fake News' phenomenon; how facts (events) become subtly distorted -sometimes almost as soon as they have occurred - by dint of the perspectives the 'reporters' (of all kinds) immediately bring to bear

plus a portrayal of court politics as good as any (and always relevant in any age); and very decent stabs at Henry, Anne B & of course Cromwell himself

iOpener - yes, that Thatcher short story was spectacularly stupid

but, yes, in Wolf Hall you are missing something absolutely first-rate

iOpener said...

OK, your blog is first rate, based on your recommendation, I'll give it a try.

Bought it in Kindle for $CAD2.99 so even if it's bad or she's a commie nutjob at least I'm not out much nor will she get much.

Raedwald said...

Wholly agree re Bolt Mr D - you know, at the height of the irrational remainers, PTSD Adonis, 'Howler' Grayling, the Gaulks, Grieves and Soubrys, I suddenly gained an insight into the sort of stubborn, self-destructive stupidity that More actually displayed. It only cost them their careers and reputations - it cost More his head.

Don Cox said...

Some years ago I read Ford Maddox Ford's "The Fifth Queen", about Katherine Howard, and found it excellent.

Could be worth exploring when you've finished "Wolf Hall".

Don Cox

GridBot said...

Off topic - anyone brave enough to have a punt at budget predictions?