Monday 20 April 2020

Labour Party Bans "Passion of St Tibulus"

"Down with this sort of thing! ... It's very immoral, Jim, you wouldn't like it ..."

The volcanic eruption that is the mighty leaked Labour report rumbles on, you couldn't devise a more compelling political distraction if you were Old (Domi)Nic himself.

Switching idioms, this is a regular pile-up of a car crash. The ambulance-chasing lawyer cited in the Observer is obviously angling for some very juicy instructions, and good luck to him. 
[He] told the Observer: “There are lots and lots of claims. There are claims under the Data Protection Act, there are claims for breach of confidence or invasion of privacy and there are claims for libel. It is a very lengthy report that mentions a lot of people. I’ve been contacted by 15 people. Each one of them could well have several claims. What is going on is phenomenal ... There are actions against the party, actions against individuals, actions against commentators. People need to be careful about statements that have been made. If this bankrupts the Labour party or individuals, so be it ...”
That's the spirit, boy.  Lots and Lots of Claims!  Haha.  The angle I particularly like is the idea that party members can be forbidden from sharing the document -  a bit like the old ruling from Rome that lay Catholics mayn't read the Bible.  Or, for that matter, view the blasphemous Passion of St Tibulus: another deeply counterproductive instruction, as Father Ted discovered. 



david morris said...

Didn't I read somewhere than over half the claims of institutionalised anti semitism within the Labour Party came from 1 person ?

Nick Drew said...

I dunno; but seriously, DM - did anyone ever, anywhere hear the term "zio" used except within the Labour Party, as a term of abuse?

I personally have only ever hear it in (lots of) video clips of Labour meetings - I wouldn't even have known it existed as phrase otherwise, and I've been in a few barrack blocks in my time

anti-zionism is manifestly institutionalised in at least an important segment of (activist) Labour; and it's a very short step ...

(like when you hear German businessmen talking slightingly about "New York bankers")

Anonymous said...

OT, but following your "negative prices" post, ND:

I see that the US oil price has gone negative!!

An even richer irony?

Timbo614 said...

We should ban negative oil prices and that sort of thing too!
Who among us would have forecast a low of $-36!!
(I know its the futures thing - just remarkable,)

Charlie said...

Paper market dislocation from physical. Lots of people with the futures who can't take delivery.

Same thing happening in silver. Paper price is under twelve quid, but the premium for physical, if you can even get hold of some, is 50% rather than the more usual 3%.

Disclosure: I bought a lot of RDSB when it was under a tenner.

Nick Drew said...

Timbo - modesty (almost) forbids, but ... some long-time colleagues of mine reminded me that 20+ years ago (when oil had fallen from $40 to $10 and was being predicted by some to be bound for $6), I had stated that if they heard anyone saying it couldn't ever go negative, they were to view that person's opinions with suspicion every after

Timbo614 said...

@Charlie. I didn't get any that low but sub 12 yes.

[I hear a trumpet in the distance]

Nick Drew said...

Remember that John Browne called the bottom correctly in the '90s, and BP bought Amoco AND Arco AND Burmah-Castrol @ $10

astounding judgement-plus-execution