Monday 25 May 2020

Boris Needs His Wits About Him

That's it, really.  Ambiguity intended.



Anonymous said...

The Guardian report when Stephen Kinnock MP drove from South Wales to London to wish Dad a happy birthday during lockdown.

Stephen Kinnock targeted by police for visiting father, Neil

South Wales force criticised for tweeting disapproval of MP defying coronavirus rules

"The MP then defended the move, saying he had been delivering “necessary supplies” and only stayed “long enough to sing ‘happy birthday’ to Dad”. Critics said the police were overzealous in publicly criticising the MP, as others warned they could could lose the respect of the public. "

Bit of a contrast with the 153 "Cummings Must Go" articles currently making the Guardian even less readable.

AndrewZ said...

The hysterical media pile-on is totally disproportionate to anything that Cummings is actually accused of doing. This demonstrates that it is really about getting rid of someone that many people in the media despise, either for ideological reasons or because he refuses to show them the respect that they think they're entitled to. It's really a power play, and the government has to choose between submitting to their power or challenging it.

But fighting the media means openly calling them out on their bias and dishonesty, and that requires a leader like Trump who thrives on confrontation rather than one like Johnson who craves approval. So, the media will probably win this one, and if they don't it will show that the power of the media is beginning to decline in the UK just as it has already done in the US.

Raedwald said...

Just watching Dom's presser and I reckon the skunks and reptiles of the media have taken a heavy blow - first for exposing his family to fear and danger by exposing his home location, then by encouraging mob hatred and violence against them, then by showing themselves to be vicious and vituperative bullies live on broadcast TV.

I'll be astonished if the public view of the media doesn't sink even lower after this.

Masterful performance by Dom.

andrew said...

Rather good post from henry tapper illustrating that cummings is bismark to johnsons kaiser.
Not sure of the historical details but it was better than the dastardly and mutley analogies

Don Cox said...

I recently read a good, readable biography of Bismarck by A J P Taylor. Worth looking for if you want to know more about that strange man.

Don Cox

old git carlisle said...

My wife and I are incensed by reaction of C of E Bishops - they appear to be wading in without careful consideration of facts.

Was quite impressed by Dom's performance - hope bishops will have good grace to apologise for their unchristian comments.

Anonymous said...

@anon 2:50

Bit of a difference between an opposition borderline non-entity, and the PMs primary aide.

The media have totally overblown things, and the questions afterwards descended into a rote of painful Ricky Gervais characters.

At 16:30, of the three people in the household, two were of the opinion Cummings should resign, and I was wavering a little, by 17:30 the two so determined he should resign were now completely on his side and regarded the media as trollishly hostile.

They were even repeating themselves - when there were some good questions *not* asked, such as pressing why his kid was in the car when checking if he could go 5 miles without ending up in a scene from the Duke of Hazzard, and that driving with poor eyesight actually is an offence, but the press no longer regard themselves as speaking to truth to power, rather more placing power's feet into the flames for their own glorification.

And then, on the BBC News, was a delightful interview with a lass, late of the LSE, now at Durham Uni, who neatly put the presenter in his place by basically stating no one outside of the Westminster Bubble gave much of a shit. Sure, people had opinions, but it was just the case of some wealthy sod ignoring the rules - same shit, different day for most of the population. They had more prosaic worries, like redundancies.

The catch in the presenters voice at being told that was something else, it was pretty plain he was expecting the medias line to be toed, and was poleaxed by the dissent.

Rotten little peasants! Not having the same concerns as White Middle Class Media Wanker!

Might have to track that interview down and record the noise made by the catch, I think I'd like it as a new message alert on the mobile.

Anonymous said...

"Bit of a difference between an opposition borderline non-entity, and the PMs primary aide."

Yes, one is an elected MP and one is an adviser with zero executive power. You misjudge Kinnock too - he and his wife are plugged into globalist power structures, he's no nonentity. As head of Save The Children she damn near got us into a war in Syria not long ago, perhaps you've forgotten.

The reason Remainers hate Dom is the same reason many Tories (not George Osborne) hated Peter Mandelson - because he's effective.

Boris and Dom are the reason many Tory MPs are in the House at all, with a hefty majority. They should have more sense of gratitude. Mind, Dom doesn't help himself - when you call people on your own side "thick as mince" you're building a Tory coalition against you.

But if Boris can't weather this storm, six months in and with a hefty majority, then I fear for the rest of his administration.

Old Git Carlisle said...

Me again -- thought Davey made himself look pathetic - thought he was into health!

Waiting for Kier to open his mouth - even more so Lady Nugee!!!!

E-K said...

I dunno. What I saw of it he looked like a shifty and unlikeable kid before the headmaster. The people in the room with me thought him a complete tosser.

This chap is responsible for the lockdown (which I disagree with) and he seems to disagree with it too, on a personal level at least - along with the guy who provided the science for the lockdown, by his trouser actions it seems that he disagrees with it as well, again on a personal level, natch.

We've all got problems. We have minimum wage care home workers in isolation with their charges unable to visit families - I've no chance of seeing my Mum. People are losing businesses and jobs and we all face severe hardships.

Cummings may have got himself off a murder charge with such a performance but whether he won over the public is doubtful. It's all academic now, really.

This government faces a miserable four years of fire fighting major structural problems with no policy direction and none of the gains that looked so assured until Wuh Flu appeared and then a Labour government will be elected just as we are on the cusp of anything like normality.

Thud said...

Kev, not too much of the glass half full from you lately....we should have a full glass of something sometime, better days will come.

E-K said...

You're right, mate. You're right.

Labour is worse than Wuh Flu - did you get that bit ?

Anonymous said...

If Boris lost Dom, he'd be wit-less.

Who's behind the media attack from the Daily Mail then? Cui Bono?

Raedwald said...

Don't forget the Wail was behind May and Robbin's demented pro-global corporate pro-CBI soft deal that would have sold-out the 92% of UK businesses that don't export to the EU and the 85% of UK businesses that aren't in an EU-exporting supply chain (Source:

And as Jeremy Warner wrote in the Telegraph, when Boris and Dom were both ill, Sedwill was ready to agree a 2 year transition extension, which they only just managed to reverse and get back on track.

So the Wail, I guess, is still fighting Brexit - along with the rest of the establishment who have captured the State.

Anonymous said...

Since Paul Dacre retired the Mail has been run by a pro-Remain nonentity called Geordie Greig. It's not so much the Paper Of Record these days, although it'll still print stuff the Guardian won't touch.

Anonymous said...

12 Cummings stories in the Mail today, plus a cartoon. It's Guardian Mark 2.

Elby the Beserk said...

old git carlisle said...
My wife and I are incensed by reaction of C of E Bishops

I might be a church member were it not for the church...

@anon 2:50pm

Tom Harwood article in the Telegraph also notes the Labour MP who attended a funeral with around another hundred people there - no social la-di-da, and the Labour Health Sec in Wales put a picnicking.

Oddly, the media don't seem to have driven themselves into a frenzy about these real breaches.

Our media is a sewer. We have to all intents and purposes abandoned it to its own fate.

Anonymous said...

The Leftist/Remainer media -- led inevitably by the Guardian and the BBC -- have tried to whip up a hate-filled frenzy to get rid of the PM's closest aide, and have fortunately failed thus far. They keep trying ("Questions Still Remain" -- Laura Kuensberg, BBC), scrabbling around ever more desperately.

The reason why this whole issue has been fabricated now, some six weeks after the Cummings visit to Durham, is obvious. We are approaching June, at the end of which month there will be a final decision on whether or not to apply for an extension to the transition period. This is the Remainers' last chance and they know it, so we can expect them to get even nastier and more mendacious.

As for the media being "abandoned to its own fate", that may well apply to much of the print press. The latest circulation figures show huge declines in sales, and by extension, advertising revenue. But the Guardian is immune to that, since it has sufficient income from its off-shore fund to keep going indefinitely. And despite its low circulation, it remains the paper of the public sector, and its malign influence in that sphere is paramount.

As for the BBC, it can afford to carry on with impunity, given its state-enforced revenue from the TV Licence fee. The reason why they are even more hostile to the current government is because there has been a move to de-criminalise non-payment. The BBC know that would mark the beginning the end for the TV tax itself. No leech will ever give up the source of its blood-sucking.

david morris said...

when Boris and Dom were both ill, Sedwill was ready to agree a 2 year transition extension.............

Are the political class that divorced from reality to think there would be no national blowback, should an unelected apparatchik enable this ?

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