Friday 31 July 2020

Happy Eid!

As they say from their locked-up homes in Manchester!

It is a rum situation this Covid -19. This virus is racist and also picks on the stupid and also the obese. It really is Darwinian  (as in, the Darwen awards, correct spelling for the grammar hawks). 

No wonder the Government, assaulted by the crazed BLM middle class girl guides, can’t figure out a way to present the situation factually without getting in a right twist.

Poor Boris I saw got a right going over for suggesting we tackle obesity. It is really quite a logical thing when we are assailed by a virus that targets the obese. Anecdotally I have heard London wards were basically BMI 30+ zones and over 80’s - often both.

I really hope our clever doctors can find a vaccine because there appears no chance of UK society overcoming it with common sense or joint action.  


Anonymous said...

CityUnslicker: " I really hope our clever doctors can find a vaccine "

No vaccine. Why would you go to the expense of developing a vaccine for a condition that arrives once every thirty years, and is gone inside a year. When you know what is likely to cause susceptibility to the condition. And know what type of treatments can alleviate the condition.

hydroxychloroquine inhibits the immune system from attacking its own body, which is the mode of terminal stage COVID-19. There may be other similar drugs, but none so cheap as chips or out of patient and with a long and well known prescribed history.

But there's no money in that, and the medical monopolies were/are still hoping to skin the population alive.

DJK said...

Hallelujah, we're saved. Anonymous (4.49) and his pals Presidents Trump and Bolsonaro have developed a cure that has eluded the entire global medical establishment. Of course, that's because they are in cahoots with Big Pharma, and probably the Bilderburg Group. Those evil globalists are destroying the economy and trying to hide the fact that the virus will disappear of its own accord.


Sobers said...

There won't be a vaccine, its a coronavirus, if we could overcome them we'd not have the common cold. Plus its increasingly apparent that the antibodies only last a few months. Rather like a cold, oddly enough.........

Best bet is to work on finding effective treatments, and make sure as few die as possible. We aren't going to be able to stop people getting it, its here to stay now.

david morris said...



Ask your GP if they are going to take it........

Maskxist said...

80% of people wear a mask now.

The government can make vaccine mandatory and 80% will have it.

Anonymous said...

DJK - the "chloroquine don't work" study was withdrawn by the Lancet after they found it was full of crappy data from a firm with no previous history - who'd claimed data from lots of hospitals - but the hospitals denied sending it.

Lots of money to be made here, can't wreck it with a cheap prophylactic like Chloro/zinc/Az, can we?

E-K said...


Did you watch the Delingpole vs Dolores Cahill interview ?

Her resume'.

She espouses Hydroxychloroquine with a course of vit D, C and zinc.

And if you don't believe that then just use your common sense. The generic anti-malarial drug has saved tens of millions of lives, is prescribed routinely and to patients and often for long term... yet the anti Trumpists have made out it's the most dangerous thing since cyanide.

Here's the interview and it's quite shocking how the medical fraternity seem to have ganged up against Trump via Hydroxychloroquine.

Anonymous said...

The Gramscian march through the institutions has rendered the truth unsayable.

You risk losing your job if you ask "Are BAMEs dying in greater numbers because greater numbers of them are found by police breaching lockdown ?"

No. Instead the BBC reports both items as unconnected evidence of racism.

You risk losing your job if you say "Save the NHS. Lose weight." (a policy which would have worked regardless of CV19.)

And on R2 yesterday there featured a campaign by wheelchair users against hard pressed retailers: "I want the hand sanitiser stand moved [loss of shelf space], I want the disabled bay put back [loss of 3m queuing space], I want the display table in the middle of soap, chocolate, bangle shops removed [loss of items on display]"

Do they not realise that businesses that have not already gone bust are on the brink ?

Even before all this - commuter trains had to have 25% of their seating removed to make way for a huge toilet that I'd never actually seen a wheelchair go in.

Don Cox said...

Malaria is an animal, not a virus. There;s no reason to expect that a chemical that works against malaria will work against any virus.

I haven't seen any convincing evidence that it does.

Vaccines do work against viruses, but, as everyone knows, viruses mutate so that your immune system may no longer recognise the virus in its new guise. The annual flu vaccines deal with this, and I haven't had flu since they were introduced.

Don Cox

Graeme said...

It might well be true that "Malaria is an animal, not a virus. There;s no reason to expect that a chemical that works against malaria will work against any virus."

Chloroquine is also used to treat lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Neither of these is an animal. Perhaps you should re-examine your "logic". In fact, it is a well-established anti-viral drug against some viruses. From wiki
" It increases late endosomal and lysosomal pH, resulting in impaired release of the virus from the endosome or lysosome – release of the virus requires a low pH. The virus is therefore unable to release its genetic material into the cell and replicate.

Graeme said...

From a paper published in 2003:

"Chloroquine exerts direct antiviral effects, inhibiting pH-dependent steps of the replication of several viruses including members of the flaviviruses, retroviruses, and coronaviruses"

Thud said...

Spent this morning with a doc from intensive care unit in Chester, she is a volunteer in vaccine trials and a firm believer along with her colleagues in their potential efficacy so yes Docs are going to be vaccinated when the treatments arrive late autumn. Russia allegedly passing theirs through their version of FDA on 15th of Aug and starting injecting vulnerable and essential service people, make of that what you will.

E-K said...

If infected the chances of survival are not yet known but it is pointing towards 99.XX... probably better.

The infection rate is going up but not the hospital admissions rate and certainly not the death rates which shows that the most common symptom of CV19 is that you will feel absolutely fine.

For this we are going to inject the whole healthy population with something rushed through in a matter of months.

Like face masks (which you can tell are bullshit because they do not specify which type) this is political.

They have to do it otherwise they have to admit that they've fucked up our economies for nothing.

"Pubs or schools. Something has to give."

I'm really surprised that people are taken in by it.

I fully expected to have been through a god awful illness by now. I don't know a single person who has. I fully expected to be helping recover bodies from neighbour's houses... we don't know of a single CV-19 death anywhere in our circles, neither here nor anwywhere else in the country and I expect our experience is typical.

I'm quite disappointed really.

APL said...

NHS England statistics for COVID deaths and co-morbidities.

90% + of those who died with COVID were over 60

7,241 dead had diabetes as a contributory condition. Diabetes is associated with obesity.

5,124 of the dead had a diagnosis of dimentia.

4,107 Chronic pulmonary disease.

I don't see that much evidence that especially targeted non whites either.

77% white mortality. 13% a variety of ethnicities. 9% Ethnicity unknown.

So, all of these people were old, frail and probably would have died if they'd caught a cold.

APL said...

E-K "The infection rate is going up .."

Well, the lockdown in the Midlands seem to be in predominantly Islamic areas. I wonder if the UK government has banned travelling to perform the Hajj this year?

If not, maybe these higher infection rates are simply being imported from Saudi Arabia.

Don Cox said...

Saudi Arabia has severely limited the Hajj this year. However, even small gatherings can be dangerous.

It seems pretty conclusive that hydroxychloroquine is not helpful. This survey explains why.

Don Cox

Graeme said...

On the other hand, here is an analysis of a paper that suggests that hydroxychloroquine can be effective...:)