Sunday 9 August 2020

Deafening Silence as Left's Worst Nightmare Becomes Reality on the Streets of London

I've been away for a few days but, having seen the shocking photos of the "FF Force" paramilitary march, I assumed the www would be awash with commentary.  Well yes, there's the predictable Daily Mail / Guido type of comment: the law prohibits paramilitary displays, so what's Commissioner Dick gonna do about it?  That kind of thing.  (And quite right, too**.)

But on the Left?  Nothing.   This is a genuine question: can anyone point me to even a story about this incident / phenomenon in the Graun?  Or a comment on it, from any "mainstream" leftie type on social meeja or elsewhere?  Because I can't find one.

Why?  Obvious.  This is the "academic" Left's worst nightmare.  Much as they tend to swoon at the feet of a Gerry Adams++, or a militant Islamic preacher, or indeed anyone who's actually willing to use violence for political ends (which they kinda wish they were, too), in today's "culture-war" context, they know this one is the finishing of them.

For just as Kier Starmer knows that if Labour becomes clearly identified as the party of Trans Rights he is doomed to lose even more RedWall-type votes, so equally if it becomes identified as the political wing of FF, it's all over for 2024.   The basic consensus on the left is that the Labour Party's bedrock has ceased to be the traditional "working class" of Everytown across the whole UK, and has become the multi-culti "new worker" yoof-oriented populations of the Big English Cities (- which, they think, isn't even a vote Labour can take for granted, any more than the RedWall voters were locked in).  

What's more, it's nowhere near a parliamentary majority for them - they need an alliance with other "progressive" demographics - county town greens and libs, or even not-so progressive C1C2D's - the sort they felt they already had.  The prospect of such an alliance evaporates the moment they are even loosely, (even unfairly) associated with FF.  Incidentally, what genius came up with that??  Nothing could more clearly signal it's an outright fascist venture - probably even a deliberate provocation as such.  Support us!  Even though we do this!

Nope: as a self-proclaimed anti-fascist movement, Labour must now categorically distance itself from FF.  There's no wiggle-room for a Sinn Fein style nod-and-wink; and we see that Starmer slams down heavily on nods-and-winks on the antisemitism side of the house, so I think we can guess his policy on this new one. 

And the Graun.  And Sadiq Khan.  And yes, Owen Jones, you too will need to make some clear pro forma statement on the matter (unless it all evaporates on Monday morning, as you'll be passionately hoping).  But ... what then for the multi-culti-"new-worker"-yoof-oriented-populations-of-the-Big-Cities vote?

This is Cummings' Culture War writ large and lurid.  (Did I say "unfairly" ..?)  It can't go well for any of us: but it bids fair to be the end of Labour.  Starmer knows it all too clearly - so he'll have some sort of a plan - though it may not be one the multi-culti Left will be too happy about.  Watch and wait.  Meantime, it'll be interesting to see this gradually break cover in leftie www circles.


** Knowing the way the security establishment works, BTW, I'd say they have a plan to handle this.  But sending PC Plod to invite a street demo to disperse peacefully, oh, and please hand over your uniforms on the way out, isn't any part of it.

++As Marina Hyde put it: You only have to look at the little faces of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell in the photos with Gerry Adams to conclude that they’d have been almost erotically impressed by the whiff of cordite.


E-K said...

The real nightmare for Starmer is that Boris has stolen all of Labour's clothes.

Genius, that Boris.

E-K said...

Why haven't these paramilitaries been arrested ?

Can we start up our own ?

Don Cox said...

A complementary view on Spiked:

It seems to be yet another racist group.

Don Cox

david morris said...

No mention in the Graun

Doncha know the hard working journos have their holiday entitlement to fill ?

Tis August, after all

Thud said...

FF meets EDL, can't wait. Labour do own this regardless of how they try to distance themselves.

Sobers said...

" You only have to look at the little faces of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell in the photos with Gerry Adams to conclude that they’d have been almost erotically impressed by the whiff of cordite."

I've always said that JM particularly was significantly aroused by the idea of violence, you could see it in speeches filmed before he got to the top of Labour. I suspect if he actually saw the outcome he'd faint on the spot, but of course as the political wing he'd be well away from the blood and guts.

Corbyn on the other hand always struck me as being unphased by the physical reality, to him the violence would be a necessary thing to achieve his aim, something with no negative moral implications at all, just a tool, like a hammer or a saw. I could see Corbyn as the executioner, killing with no compunction as he was doing 'good work'.

dearieme said...

The big worry would be a guerrilla/terrorist outfit with bomb-making skills.

A bunch of knuckleheads who conveniently parade about en masse wearing uniforms is an almost ideal enemy. Assuming you have the balls to deal with them of course.

Anonymous said...

Cummings Own Light Infantry, in fact.

APL said...

E-K: "The real nightmare for Starmer is that Boris has stolen all of Labour's clothes."

Starmer doesn't need to win any elections. The Tory government is being led by the nose by ..... the British Communist party. I kid you not.

Susan Michie is advising Boris Johnson by virtue of her membership of the SAGE group. Who is Susan Michie, you might ask?


“Susan Michie has served as a national executive committee member and president of the London Region of the trade union MSF. She is a member of the Communist Party of Britain (CPB), but has donated to the Labour Party under the Corbyn leadership. In March 2018, Michie, described as a leading member of the CPB, said that the party would no longer stand against Labour in general elections and CPB members should be “working full tilt” for the election of Corbyn as prime minister.”

E-K said...


The give away was when Boris first announced "I have a duty to Labour voters who have lent me their votes."

I did comment on here that I didn't like the sound of it one bit.

Anonymous said...

I'm with @E-K on this one. Successfully stole UKIP's clothes in relation to Brexit and then Labour's.

Boris is a full-on Marxist [Groucho] - "These are my principles. If you don't like them, I can change them."

They also say Boris has no convictions - apart from the driving one some time ago. He is the consummate politician willing to, chameleon like, change his appearance so that each group adopts him as their own.

The only concern for adults, is who is actually in control?

Anonymous said...

"I am their leader. I must follow them"

Elby the Beserk said...

"++As Marina Hyde put it: You only have to look at the little faces of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell in the photos with Gerry Adams to conclude that they’d have been almost erotically impressed by the whiff of cordite."

Quite so. Have said for some years that hanging with the terrorists is the eonly way Grandpa Semtex can get a stiffie. He really is a revolting specimen, and frankly, that 3 in 10 were happy to vote for him terrifies me. And now we have a plank masquerading as Labour leader.

Anoneumouse said...

Black Skins in Black Shirts

Un-happy days are here again

Anonymous said...

I'll be intrigued at how long this FF Force lasts, we've had US imports before - the Guardian Angels could be found on streets of Manchester at nights during the 90s, but have petered away and been replaced with any number of Blighty variants.

I'm not particularly perturbed, this is just marxists attaching onto another cause, they tend to get sidelined pretty quickly when they're recognised for the cuckoos they are, but keep the Daily Heil writers in a job.

Don Cox said...

As for Susan Michie, I think she's a very respectable Communist. It runs in the family -- her father Donald Michie was a distinguished computer scientist and also a communist.

I don't think I would worry about her any more than I would worry if somebody on SAGE were a Jesuit.

Don Cox

dearieme said...

Not a comforting comparison, Don.

Anyway: "Donald Michie was a distinguished computer scientist" and an irascible prima donna.