Friday 18 September 2020

Friday Fun - Covid Conspiracy plans

If there is one thing that has kept me going over the past few months it is the endless litany of more and more outrageous conspiracy stories about Covid-19.

In many ways Covid is THE perfect conspiracy platform. After all, China really did do a massive job covering up how it started (and then started in its national newspapers claiming it was from a USA lab - classic maskirovka). And the virus is scary, out of control and affecting the whole world.

But, the anti-mask fanatics, the lunatics who claim it is all a hoax, the anti-vaxxers, the people who call it a plandemic and also those who claim Bill Gates wants to kill us all. 

It is amazing, a rich and deep seem on human "intelligence" and nonsense. And really entertaining, I mean check this one out for example:

"Recently, Chandra Wickramasinghe, known for his work in astronomy and astrobiology, spread the idea that the virus was living on a comet and a piece of that space rock may have fallen to Earth during a brief fireball event over China in October 2019. He further implied that comets carrying viruses may have caused outbreaks in the past as well."

Anyway, they are funny is even they help to further the idea that much of humanity is made up of nut-jobs. So what is your favourite one for the comments? Or indeed, which to you actually believe?


dearieme said...

I believe it is not absurd to wonder whether the virus escaped from a lab in Wuhan.

On the other hand I believe you'd have to be bonkers to believe that it is a bioweapon - who the hell would design a bioweapon that picks on old, ill men?

(Though in answer to my own question - an American ultra-feminist conspiracy? You read it here first.)

dotdavid said...

" who the hell would design a bioweapon that picks on old, ill men?"

My company's resident conspiracy theorist believes the virus was released (or at least, not dealt with effectively) as a way for Western governments to avoid having so many state pension-eligible old people knocking around.

Anonymous said...

Engineered or not, there seem to be an awful lot opportunist factions taking advantage to further their own agendas.

Nick Drew said...

Here's another - quite inventive ...

Matt said...

The weirdest conspiracy theory I heard was that the government was actually competent and had the backbone and statesmanship to lead us through what was already obviously just a sever flu without trashing the economy and civil liberties.

However, they were replaced by lizard people from the Open Society Foundation.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you picked the wrong target. Chandra Wickramsinghe and the late Sir Fred Hoyle are notable for this theory. It's a serious hypothesis that's being tested.

Fred Hoyle (1915–2001) and Chandra Wickramasinghe (born 1939) were influential proponents of panspermia.[27][28] In 1974 they proposed the hypothesis that some dust in interstellar space was largely organic (containing carbon), which Wickramasinghe later proved to be correct.[29][30][31] Hoyle and Wickramasinghe further contended that life forms continue to enter the Earth's atmosphere, and may be responsible for epidemic outbreaks, new diseases, and the genetic novelty necessary for macroevolution. In an Origins Symposium presentation on April 7, 2009, physicist Stephen Hawking stated his opinion about what humans may find when venturing into space, such as the possibility of alien life through the theory of panspermia: "Life could spread from planet to planet or from stellar system to stellar system, carried on meteors." Three series of astrobiology experiments have been conducted outside the International Space Station between 2008 and 2015 (EXPOSE) where a wide variety of biomolecules, microorganisms, and their spores were exposed to the solar flux and vacuum of space for about 1.5 years. Some organisms survived in an inactive state for considerable lengths of time,[34][35] and those samples sheltered by simulated meteorite material provide experimental evidence for the likelihood of the hypothetical scenario of lithopanspermia.

Now I think Chinese animal "husbandry" (if you can call it that) has a lot to do with their interesting viruses. But no one yet knows how life arose on earth.

dearieme said...

"as a way for Western governments to avoid having so many state pension-eligible old people knocking around"

Yeah, yeah, a Conservative government decided to bump off the very people who tend to vote Conservative. Very like a whale.

E-K said...

It doesn't just pick on old men. It picks on BAME men in particular.

Which country has designs on Africa and surfeit of males ?

Anyway. I don't believe that conspiracy either but seeing as the Left are continually banging on about racism in the West that doesn't exist (concocting ever more versions of it to ensure we are guilty of it - 'institutional' and now 'unconscious' racism) I'd say there is far more meat on the Wuhan bones for our Marxists to be targeting the CCP rather than us about racism but they don't.

So, while I don't believe in 'plandemic' I fervently believe that things have aligned well enough for Marxists (BLM, net zero carbonist fanatics and all manner of West hating revolutionaries) to make their final push.

I have asked why they couldn't have waited until the pandemic was over but we're on our knees and they've decided that now is the time to hit us.

Scrobs said...

Isn't this a regular occurrence?

First, all sorts of Asian, bird, lizard, axolotl, flu, then Aids, then Ebola, then another sort of flu, (never a Norwegian one), now this stuff...

I reckon it's a plot dreamed up by Amazon and Ocado!


Just an occasional visit to stock up on beer and wine, and a normal day with Senora O'Blene with a tincture or three!

Don Cox said...

It's bound to be a regular occurrence. A huge population of big mammals, all running around and mixing with each other, is a heaven sent feast for any virus or bacterium that can get to them.

We are in the same position as the buffaloes and passenger pigeons in North America.

Don Cox

Penseivat said...

If this was an attempt by the Communist Chinese government to destabilise the western world, economically and militarily, while increasing their own influence in the south China sea, then it's certainly working. There is no doubt that the CUP has constantly lied, prefabricated, and tried to blackmail any country which criticised it's, alleged, involvement in this global infection, apparently aided and abetted by the WHO. While the rest of the world is trying to resolve this politically, China is increasing it's military bases in the Spratley Islands and is said to he building a naval base in Pakistan which will allow it a greater freedom. How that will turn out, with Pakistan being a Muslim country, and China's treatment of it's own Muslim population is anyone's guess. However, China has always played the long game and perhaps the CCP feels the game is close to ending.

andrew said...

Who would design a virus that kills old men

... large insurance companies that sell annuities

On f and g hoyle, they were leading figures in their time but did have some odd ideas.

Panspermia is one that might be right but that is not the same as covid from space.

dearieme said...

Still all balls. Even if it were a dastardly plot to save spending on the old you'd design your virus to kill old women - they live longer.

And if it were released to kill the old no government would bother with lockdown, knowing that only the old were at serious risk.

Nick Drew said...

@ naval base in Pakistan

I think you might mean Iran? (similar issues though) - see post here of a couple of days ago

E-K said...

In which our freedoms are taken by circumventing statute and common law.

Again. I don't suspect conspiracy but I do suspect opportunism. The Left/EU operate by tenacity, ratchet and inexhaustible energy.

... and you're bothered about kids in Momentum, Nick ???

This is another league.

hovis said...

The most bonkers conspiracy is that a virus that has been classified by the UK Govt as not being a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) since March requires a lockdown; that Boris and Hancock are competent and do not have conflicts of interest. Then there is the corker that government action has been all done to take care of you. Destroying the economy and the soft shoe shuffle to the a papers please culture and surveillance state is of course for your own good.

My second favourite is that Bill Gates is a philanthropist despite his foundation causing widely documented death and harm for thousands upon thousands.

Indeed conspiracy theorists are really really dumb.