Friday 2 October 2020

Trump Friday!

Trump Covid test: Who is Hope Hicks? - BBC News

The man can alwasy steal the scene. This time, he did not even mean it. 

But given he had the debate with Biden on Wednesday I am looking out for Joe Biden to tweet he is negative. 

Imagine if Hope Hicks, pictured, who likely gave the virus to Trump somehow manages to incapacitate both the President and the soon-to-be President elect. 

Whilst personally tragic, from a political point of view it would be pure popcorn. The US consitution can't really handle making changes on the fly given the rigours of the tripartite approach to Government. 

We would end up with Crazy Mike Pence as President, then likely into either Nancy Pelosi or Kamala Harris as, um, unelected female Presidents. Wow.

It won't happen, but then again this is 2020 and stranger things have never happened than this year. 


dearieme said...

Is Pence crazy? I mean compared to Pelosi?

Is anyone taking bets on whether Trump or Biden will die first? (A three-way bet including Justice Whatsherface might have been good fun.)

How did the US become such a gerontocracy?

E-K said...

We are about to find the cure for Covid-19.

Donald Trump's bile.

Nick Drew said...

I remember when Boris was stricken, even many quite virulent lefties went soberly silent for a bit, and it changed the climate for a short while.

How did the US become such a gerontocracy?

Mightn't it kinda suggest, in a massive, dynamic civil society like the USA it's because these jobs aren't really so important after all?

Anonymous said...

"the soon-to-be President elect"

I live in the US. Everybody I meet at random seems to be pro-Trump, as far as I can make out. Turnout in the primaries was higher for the Rs than for the Ds, even though Trump had no serious opposition. I see more Trump signs than Biden signs as well, even in my fairly well-to-do area.

Who picks up the phone to unknown numbers now? And many would not admit being Republican to a stranger, in the current climate. It's hard to see how the polls could be accurate.

It ain't a foregone conclusion.


Scrobs. said...

It's the 'Mid-Autumn murders' now...

Ol' Joe Biden gives Donald Trump the virus. He gets ill as well. Kamilla Norris gets to the presidency, has Michaela Bamalam as VP. Resigns and yet another dynasty takes the stage!

So the demise of a once great country is determined, and Jon Sopel is there to squeal and yelp at every turn.

Welcome to the post-Covid era of fantasy and innuendo...

James Higham said...

All about to happen.

Don Cox said...

" in a massive, dynamic civil society like the USA it's because these jobs aren't really so important after all?"

The US constitution has strong checks and balances. The President's power is intentionally quite limited -- he presides, he doesn't rule. Really his only area of real power is foreign policy. And he has strict term limits.

Contrast that to the much cruder setup in China and Russia, where power hungry men have been able to set themselves up for indefinite rule.

Don Cox

E-K said...

Power or not - both the lives of the US President and the UK Prime Minister have been put at risk by the actions of the CCP.

Anonymous said...

Two contrasting views here

@Nick appears to think that Presidents and PMs are so limited in what they can do, that politics is no more than a reality show. Which explains why we have comedic showmen in charge.

Which then begs the question of @E-K. Are the lives of Presidents and PMs of any more value than anyone else? Who should be plucked back from [Covid] death's door? Are any politicians worth saving?

To quote another political comedy turn - I agree with Nick

E-K said...

... thus missing my point entirely.

If the CCP can assault our elected leaders so grieviously and with such impunity then we have witnessed the moment that Communists have usurped Capitalists.

It is taboo to even mention *China* in this crisis. (Wasn't there a band called China Crisis btw ?)

E-K said...

A former head of MI6 admitted this week "We got it wrong on the CCP - we thought they would become more like us as they got richer through globalism. We were wrong."

And I told this blog so many years ago but was told I was being beastly to hard working Chinese people.

I have nothing against Chinese people but I don't trust anyone who hurts dogs.

In fact I usually find (afterwards) that people I find a bit tricky and I really don't get along with don't like dogs.

Anonymous said...

E-K - got a link for that MI6 quote?

People like Eamonn Fingleton have been saying this about China for a decade.

Manufacturing is the easiest sector in which to boost productivity, service industries like hairdressing and nursing/caring/health* the hardest.

(Even if patients can be remotely monitored/dosed, human interaction/intuition is a vital part of nursing. I'm in awe of a good nurse or doctor's bedside manner with patients - how do they pick up so well on which patients need a sympathetic ear and which need to be "bucked up"?)

PS. I bet the Guardian mods are busy deleting all the 'hope he dies' comments, or won't they bother?

In the States...

Anonymous said...

Top comment on the Guardian, 222 likes

"I don’t want Trump to die now. I want him to lose the election first."

Anonymous said...

The CCP created/encouraged/didn't hinder (depending on how generous you want to be / how smart you think they really are) the conditions for this virus to arise, but ABdPJ and DJT caused themselves to get it.

Conspiracy theory - the CCP created the virus in order to encourage western countries to copy their response of locking down, and in doing so destroy their economies.

E-K said...


They lied about it.

If our people can be fined for having 7 to Christmas dinner then the CCP are as culpable as hell.

And if I get CV is that really my fault ?

Anonymous said...

Couple of points:

1. I don't think I've read or heard a single comment from a right-winger celebrating the death of Ginsburg. I'm sure some nutter somewhere has done so, but it's rare, and nothing like what's being said about Trump.

Practically all the hatred and bile comes from the left. 'twas ever thus, throughout history. Leftism is built on envy, arrogance, greed, laziness, rage and unbridled lust.

2. Positing some kind of essential connection between 'rich country' and 'democratic/liberal society' is lazy, lazy thinking. The latter may, perhaps, lead to the former, but I don't think there's a single instance in history of the reverse being true. And yet this was the 'moderate', 'mainstream', Economist-reading view that we were all supposed to believe a few short years ago, from the same sages that brought us 'invade the world, invite the world', and who are telling us now that forbidding people from meeting their own families is somehow a proportionate response to a virus that has killed about 300 people under 60 in the UK.


Anonymous said...

Anon 7.09

Freud and Marx were a couple of plausible snake oil sellers, but Freud was right about projection. Everything the left accuse the right of is something they're either doing, about to do or would like to do in future. Vote fraud. Political violence. "Lawfare".

"They're so full of hate" say the people openly hoping for Trump's death, the same mindset that sold shirts celebrating Thatcher's death at the Labour conference.

E-K said...

I think my use of the word 'assault' has confused some people.

Per UK law it means an intentional or reckless act.

I am no conspiracy theorist but I do believe that the Left play a long game and are always ready to pounce.

E-K said...

"MI6 boss admints west got it wrong on China"

Well I fucking didn't.

Anonymous said...

E-K 11.12pm:

The entire establishment was horrifically wrong, while it was blatantly obvious to many of us that giving all your factories to a communist country might not be a very good idea.


Anonymous said...

Younger's FT interview

Younger tells me that while a pandemic was considered a potential threat, no one had calculated its implications in the security sphere. It has already intensified geopolitical rivalry and put unwelcome emphasis on economic sovereignty. “It seems to me, regrettably, in the response to the pandemic, we’ve seen essentially a nation-based response characterised by opportunism and protectionism. As an intelligence officer, I’ve got to deal with the consequences of that.”

It was opportunistic and protectionist BECAUSE most of the production (masks, gloves, precursor chemicals, o2 meters) was in China, and so everyone including the Chinese were buying up the kit. A less globalised world would not have had that problem.

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