Thursday 28 January 2021

Mystic Meg Does Bitcoin

Never mind C@W's annual predictions-fest:  call for Mystic Meg, who knows all about Bitcoin and can put us right via, errr, interplanetary motion ...

Note: this dynamic young lady describes herself** as an entrepreneur, and I suspect she's read that bit where the man who got richest during the California goldrush was the one who sold shovels ...

Me, I'd say that ordinarily a graph like Bitcoin's is a screaming short.  But what do I know?  (*returns to seance*)



**She's also a "current philosophy graduate student".  I think I like this woman.  


CityUnslicker said...

Bitcoin will benefit as the lack of supply drops whilst there are 'mines' being built in the artic to get, er, a couple of bitcoins a day.

How this plays into the rest of the market for crypto is harder to say. What I dont see is Bitcoin dropping to say $6,000 again anytime soon. The only outlier for it is the rate of frud and stealing of online assets, if that continues to get worse and worse then the allure will fade.

With shorter supply and more demand, plus huge money printing in fiat currency, there will be ups and downs still, but there is a bedrock of support.

Tomorrow I will write about WSB - the most interesting story in years int he markets.

Thud said...

She should have all my valuables in her hands so to speak, she seems a nice girl.

Anonymous said...

With enthusiasm this time:

FTSE - 4100

TSLA - gone

Tiers - 2026

Prez - Biden

BTC - 6600

Addenda - US-backed Colombia invades Venezuela

E-K said...

When will crypto do what it was meant to do ? That was to become a reliable alternative currency that we can spend in shops, online and get understandable prices in ?

E-K said...

I mean... how many of those do you get to the pound these days ?

Nick Drew said...

You like her, too!