Wednesday 10 March 2021

Don't Like Piers Morgan, BUT ...

 ... in fact IN MY HONESTLY HELD OPINION, hahah, he has often behaved reprehensively in the extreme ... but this is superb!



Bill Quango MP said...

I find the fact I am as often in total agreement as furious disagreement with him, disturbing.

dearieme said...

Piers presumably has inside knowledge.

Suff said...

I’m sure the attention seeking little victim will be upset to know. As far as viewing figures are concerned, the Great British public found her less interesting than Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor, playing with their balls on 12 foot table

Anonymous said...

What inside knowledge do you need, to conclude she's talking self-serving bilge? Great British Public will certainly agree, whatever the BBC thinks.

Someone around here said Harry looks ill & apt to top himself? Can only agree. Talk about pussy-whipped.

decnine said...

The relatively modest audience figure hasn't stopped the BBC from trying to inflate a whispy allegation into a constitutional crisis. Carl Beech wrapped up his fantasies in more detail than la Markle could manage.

John in Cheshire said...

Mr and Mrs Sparkles bring to mind Ahab and Jezebel in the Old Testament.

dearieme said...

"What inside knowledge do you need ..."

You missed the joke.

E-K said...

Anon 2.02 - I said it.

When she ditches him (which will be shortly after she's got her birth figure back) there needs to be a rescue mission to get him back here and into a rehabilitation unit.

I haven't seen him laugh for at least 4 years. The woman is toxic.

She couldn't wait another year or two. Her whole mission was to bring down the Queen and scalp her for the 'Irish', BAME and Liberal Americans riled up with Mel Gibson, Netflix and IRA fictions.

There are bigger forces at work.

It is no coincidence that BLM, Greenism and now the abolition of the Monarchy is going on under the cover of CV-19. Not a conspiracy, just the ideal moment to pounce - while we are weak and while we are a captive audience.

The BBC is in anti Royaly overdrive.

Attacking us during lockdown is precisely the object, which is one of the reasons why I said we should not have gone into it in the first place.

Anonymous said...

"The BBC is in anti Royalty overdrive"

Yes, it reminds me of those post-Diana days when Sue McGregor was trawling the funeral crowds trying to find people to slag off the Royal Family on air.

I can't stand Piers either, but a stopped clock and all that. Fair play for fronting up.

A word of advice on the slender chance that anyone under 30 is reading this blog. When considering a life partner, some look at her mother to see what they'll be married to in 30 years. Far more important is to check out her relationship with her father. Does she not only love but respect him? It doesn't hurt to chack out the number of divorces on either side of the family, too - ideal number being zero.

Meghan's dad, to be fair, doesn't sound terribly stable even if quite talented. Her parents split when she was 7. Not good.

"Markle won $750,000 in the California State Lottery in 1990 and spent all the money."

In a January 19, 2020 interview, he said that Meghan is "tossing away every young girl's dream of becoming a princess, for money", and that she and Harry are "destroying and cheapening" the royal institution, and that they are "lost souls".

Now you can see why they're not getting on, and who would make such a statement in public about their daughter, even if that was their opinion? Maybe Meghan has inherited this tendency from her dad.

But you can't say he was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Poor Harry. I just can't see this ending well for him no matter what happens. I just hope she's good in bed.

He was the most eligible bachelor in the world, could have had his pick. What possessed him?

Still, he's not alone in making poor decisions. Look at Jeff Bezos, who divorced the charming mother of his children for an older model who happened to be the wife of an employee - very bad form. "It was worse than a crime, it was a blunder!" as I believe Mussolini said about the murder of Austrian Chancellor Dolfuss.

E-K said...

"I just hope she's good in bed"

That'll just make things worse !!!

She'll probably send him the cuckold video.

Anonymous said...

Piers Morgan is right. It's an absolute disgrace that he is being canned by ITV but no real surprise. ITV has been slowly failing for years due to their own inability to understand their customer base, working class Britain, most of whom are firmly in the palace camp and regard Harry as a tool.
Harry is a complete dolt, he went to one of the best schools in the country and managed to get a B and an E at A-level. Rumour has it that the B was down to his teacher doing his course work for art.
It's no surprise then that he's landed up giving a horrific hatchet job of an interview, at a time when his grandfather is in hospital. As many other commentators have said - he is going to regret what he has done to his family and his country.
As for Megan - going to HR to complain about other members of the family! Nuts! They might call it the firm, but it isn't an actual company! Imagine heading off to HR because Auntie Doris told your missus she was fat at your brothers BBQ! LOL!
The stuff about the Duchess of Cambridge sounds like standard family dynamics. Women arguing about trivial wedding stuff has been going on since weddings were invented. It's not racism, it's just the usual tiffs that normal people manage to sort out without going on Oprah.
The final piece of complete nonsense is an accusation of mild racism by 'someone' in the royal household. Name them or shut up with this unsubstantiated crap.

E-K said...

"What possessed him?"

A bit of edging and eye contact ? I'm sure many a honey trap was set this way.

Anonymous said...

Even odder, Gary Lineker is on Team Piers and John Cleese is celebrating his removal.

I don't think I've ever agreed with Lineker on anything. Perhaps I should split the differeence and say while I'm always happy for Piers to be fired, on this occasion he was right.

Are the End Times upon us?

Anonymous said...

"She'll probably send him the cuckold video"

Shades of Fergie and the toe-sucking snaps. Andrew was another one who followed his **** rather than his brain. Mother left home for a polo player, father liked the massage parlours.

Anonymous said...

Anon: "I just hope she's good in bed."

That's probably part of the problem, she's good in anyone's bed.

Anonymous said...

ITV shares down 4% today.

andrew said...

They are all characters from the plotline of an episode of shameless that got discarded in the writers meeting because it was not good enough.

Morgan in particular is a poisonous waste of blood.

Nick Drew said...

However ... not sure this undermines the Firm very much

Can you imagine a single person on the Gogglebox sofas saying anything other than

"Poor lad, look, he's so miserable"

He radiates misery

Eric from Chilwell said...

I feel dirty. I have just agreed with Piers Morgan. Shower time

Anonymous said...

A view from across the water

The contemporary royals have no real power. They serve entirely to enshrine classism in the British nonconstitution. They live in high luxury and low autonomy, cosplaying as their ancestors, and are the subject of constant psychosocial projection from people mourning the loss of empire. They’re basically a Rorschach test that the tabloids hold up in order to gauge what level of hysterical batshittery their readers are capable of at any moment in time.


lilith said...

Honestly you lot! Meghan is "spreading compassion around the world"! Piers is trying to stop the compassion getting everywhere so he had to go. Simples.

E-K said...

Anon at 5.35

Sure. I'll discuss it.

This is the third thing to be attacked under the cover of CV-19

Whites by BLM, capitalism by Greens and now Royalty by The Witch Finder in Chief.

Already she has stated that her truth is the only truth and one prominent broadcaster has been sacked for denying it and the BBC has been intimidated into dropping old, white, male broadcasters.

The Royals are a trip wire to protect continuity, conservatism, slow change and our democracy. Mock it as you may but the majority here still support via the ballot box and an unelected minority are trying to overthrow it by revolution.

A revolution not by the peasants but by those living in 11 million dollar mansions.

Your oppressors are those whom you can't mock. You've just mocked the Queen and in her dignified way she's served her purpose well - her silence probably her greatest ever act in the defence of our nation against a lethal assault by forces of pure evil.

Dare you mock Meghan Markel in your real name and in public ?

Here is the post I was going to submit - it may or may not be relevant to your request.


As the defender of free speech shouty and bullying Piers Morgan takes the biscuit - alas he seems to be the best we have even if his 'truth' has often been the only truth as well.

It's one thing to have mental health issues, family disputes and complaints about racism but there are proper channels to deal with those things.

Me-again has instead chosen to air the family laundry in the most public way imaginable and to use mental health, family disputes and racism to deny those whom she has smeared a response.

The most influential part of America supports her in this oppression of our Royal family.

A ghastly country soon to be worse than CCP ruled China.

This is all part of the CV-19 putsch.

Witch finders will always find witch craft. They're dementedness will never be sated and only gets stronger the more it is fed. At this rate, in twenty years, the west will be looking at internment camps, gulags, firing squads and gas chambers and Me-again's stipulation to the BBC that old white men should not be reporting her story - we know who will be put against the wall first. We already have jobs cancellation, book burning, historical re-writing and re-education.

Our 80 seat Tory majority does nothing about it.

E-K said...

PS, I don't know any Englishman who wants an empire. Empires are a complete pain in the arse.

Anonymous said...

I read years ago that whilst acting in Suits as a relatively unknown actress that Meghan was into the yachting scene, where she would get paid to party on yachts with true A listers.
As with most things on the internet, no idea how true that is but wouldn't surprise me.

lilith said...

Anon 5.35 As an Colonial, I LOVE the Queen. She has the capacity to unite rich, poor, white, brown, left and right leaning people. How would we unite under President Corbyn/Blair/Izzard/Gove/etc? And crucially, how would they be a cheaper option? Meghan insulting Her Maj. insults me. If Meghan is "black" then so is Catherine Zeta Jones.

BlokeInBrum said...

I don't think the colonials realise that most people in Blighty view an attack on the Royal Family as an attack on them.

The Royals may have been born into a pretty priveleged life, but it comes at a cost.
They are constantly in the public eye and under lifelong media scrutiny. There are the endless public engagements and the charitable and other obligation that they take upon themselves. I have no quarrel with the likes of Harry who has no wish to accept that mantel of responsibility. However, the means by which he has gone about it reflects very poorly on him. Gone is the debonair bad boy with the world at his feet, to be replaced by a sour, vindictive and weak excuse for a man.
Who would very publicly attack their own family in the most damaging of fashion for such trivial reasons as the pursuit of headlines and the grubby pursuit of money?

The Palace PR minions really need to up their game when dealing with someone like MM.
She is wiping the floor with them on the publicity front. Piers at least understands that taking a defensive attitude is merely seen as weakness, the woke mob will only scent blood. Professing that such things are a private matter when they are anything but is a weak response. I have the suspicion that William will be having a sense of humour failure over this, with hopefully a more robust response to come.
If the Royal family can't push back against the woke mob, then what hope is there for the rest of us?

Nick Drew said...

Here's another fine, nay heroic, pushback

Anonymous said...

21st-century Marxism is cultural, not economic. It seeks the same goal (utopian paradise) by different means.

Repeat this to yourself ten times a day.

The reason that the economic revolution failed (so the theory goes) is because of conservative institutions like the Church, the monarchy and the family. Once these things are destroyed and culture is flattened into nothingness and humans are turned into empty ciphers without context and without meaning, the stateless proleterian utopia can be built from the ground up.

That's what all this (including the Meghan crap) is about. That's why there's such an attempt to ruin everything that gives people context and meaning. That's why big business is perfectly happy to get on board. That's why Blair/Cameron/Johnson are every bit as on board with all this as Corbyn.

-- EC

Don Cox said...

There has long been a belief among Marxists that people are completely malleable, so that after the Revolution they can be reborn and re-educated as happy citizens of the new order. This is why Lysenko was able to deny the reality of genetics and get away with it. It is why the Marxists welcome gender fluidity.

It's all about power, and the woke folk are desperate to rule the world, just like Marx, Lenin and Mao -- and numerous Kings of Kings through the ages.

Don Cox

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 5:35 here.

The quote was from a near EU neighbour who will have plenty of external views on how we (UK-NI) see ourselves in relation to Royalty and the value they bring (which is not in question here). However the optics are pretty bad and not wishing to add to the debate, this extract was not highlighted - though it bears thinking about. Are we really viewed this way?

Having a monarchy next door is a little like having a neighbour who’s really into clowns and has daubed their house with clown murals, displays clown dolls in each window and has an insatiable desire to hear about and discuss clown-related news stories. More specifically, for the Irish, it’s like having a neighbour who’s really into clowns and, also, your grandfather was murdered by a clown.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6.41pm:

Ask your EU neighbour how the French and Russians fared when they got rid of their monarchies (1789 and 1917). Or the Germans (1918). Or the Spanish (1931). How did Austria and Eastern Europe do after the fall of the Habsburgs (1918)? Every case I've mentioned was a calamity. Mass murder and total war followed within a couple of decades.

The United States is the exception that proves the rule, and their revolution had a very strong conservative element that wasn't anti-monarchical per se (but was rather trying to enforce the rights that they had under the existing order). Even they had a very bloody civil war within 70 years.

What England did to the Irish was wicked, undoubtedly, but has virtually nothing to do with the monarchy per se, and far more to do with anti-Catholicism.

Why don't you ask your correspondent my questions? I'd be curious to hear his response.


E-K said...

England was under sustained physical and political assault from above, to the left and to the right of them by Roman Catholicism. The wickedness cut both ways.

O/T but CV-19 has just swept through a care home near me and killed 9 inoculated residents.

lilith said...

Keep that jab away from those at risk from dying of Covid 19!

Anonymous said...

"CV-19 has just swept through a care home near me and killed 9 inoculated residents"

Is this in the news? If not, can you tell us where it's happening? No need for the care home name, just the general part of the world.

Any idea of the inmates jab status? If they'd had both that's not good at all.

E-K said...

Lilith has it.

Single jabs.