Wednesday 31 March 2021

Scottish & Welsh election prism

 I very rarely get excited over the town council elections for Scotland and Wales. On any level, we can see devolution, a core part of Blairisms destruction of the UK to be a total failure. Lots more gobby politicians, lots more facilitated ethnic strife with no discernible benefit in terms of resources generated or allocated. 

The only part of interest seems to be at leas tin Wales there is a growing vote for Abolish the Assembly - a realisation of the extra burden of politico's adding no light but much heat to the nation. This alone will temper some of the separatist extremists nonsense as they see their is a large chunk of the electorate for whom their fantasies are a big turn off. 

In Scotland, the SNP capture of the populace looks more complete. Everything this framed in the prism of 'Westminster's fault'. Even the pandemic, where Scotland has done about as well as England overall, maybe a tad worse, is sold to the people by the SNP as a great success as compared to sorry Sassenachs. 

However, can the SNP ever overstep on its rhetoric? Recent calamities such as the Hate Crime bill seriously undermine freedom in Scotland, the response to the pandemic is to push for a referendum sooner. Alex Salmond has come on side with an Alba party designed to gerrymander Parliament for another expensive and timewasting referendum charade.

All political parties have their time in the light, the SNP appears to have become notably odious but as yet remains very popular with its deep nationalist vibe. If they win, more issues for the Scottish economy will bound forth as the uncertainty principle comes back into play for a few years. 


Matt said...

Give the Socialist Party of Jockistan another referendum but have the English vote on kicking them out at the same time.

The reality of being off the Barnett formula will inject some realism into Scottish politics.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Scotland is becoming like Ireland circa 1910. Perhaps a third of the population madly for independence, perhaps a third madly against, and the middle lot who will go along with whatever happens in order to get along.

Hopefully HMG manages Scotland better than they managed Ireland.

John Miller said...

There are no grounds for debate. No dialogue will dissuade the Nats that they are being evilly oppressed. Given the culture of the time, the holiness achieved by being the underdog, the only possible outcome is seperation.

The Endlish MUST let the Scots stand on their own one foot. No more handouts to the Tertan beggars. They must experience the true, raw pleasures of socialism unbridled. Which will end, as it always does, with the leaders living in luxury and the sheeples queueing for mouldy bread.

dearieme said...

Boris should call a referendum in Scotland, the question being "Do you want your constituency [name of constituency] to secede from the United Kingdom?"

That'll show up the faultlines between the Scottish bits of Scotland and the Irish bits. If both bits want to go, goodbye-ee.

Terrible shame, mind.

Anonymous said...

Why no English parliament?

It seems odd that there is preference given to the celtic fringes but nothing for the regions such as Cumbria or Cornwall.

Nick Drew said...

Matt has it. A UK-wide referendum, with a heave-ho, out-you-go option for English voters, would be soberinging.

(Sadly, for Real-World purposes I fear this is in the realms of immature day-dreaming.)

E-K said...

Apparently the AZ vaccine increases fertility in older people. That's the real reason why the EU didn't want it.

Nessimmersion said...

Fair weather unionists must stop fighting on a battlegrpund of the Natzis choosing.
The main reason the Spiteful Nannying Party retains some public regard despite being a minority administration is the continuing, incessant positive spin put on their activities by the BBC.
The news is positively North Korean in its regard for the Dear Leaderene.
A more honest press woukd cut the ground from under them.
The other problem is fair weather unionists of short memory.

CityUnslicker said...

An English parliament - no, no no.

We need less Government and fewer politicians, not more of the scroungers. The regional level town councils have added zilch to the nation, neither has the Mayor of London. Lots of middle management basically producing zero benefit.

I am with Nick, would vote happily to get rid of the whinging Scots. I doubt they would enjoy their independence economically but spiritually perhaps they will be happier - a lot like Brexit perhaps.

E-K said...

April fools !

patently said...

Sigh. Not sure I fully understand this, let me check. So Salmond has left the Peoples' Front of Ju... sorry... the Scottish Nationalist Party and joined the Judean Peo... oops, the Alba Party, to lead that instead?

Jan said...

I got stuck in Wales for 29 years before escaping over the Severn bridge! I watched in dismay when Blair was elected and then the WAG (Welsh Assembly Government) was formed. I can't remember a single thing they achieved whilst I lived there and I don't think they've achieved anything much since. It just seemed to be a talking shop and nothing else.

Well-paid jobs for the Taffia and a requirement to learn Welsh plus an increased hatred for the English are the only results I can see. Those involved are all of the Blairite mentality with no interest in those who actually do the real work.

E-K said...

I don't know why I bother.

Anonymous said...

Keep trying, EK! We love it.

E-K said...

I know,I know.

I hear the applause. I hear it.

(It may be in my head but I hear it... above the tinnitus.)

Unknown said...

Rather ironic that, in the wake of devolution to Holyrood, Scotland's internal government is now even more centralised than England.

Anonymous said...

@CU: "I doubt they would enjoy their independence economically but spiritually perhaps they will be happier - a lot like Brexit perhaps."

We're having to pay higher day rates to contractors at my current shop in the City in order to attract them, as it seems half the workforce has gone back to Europe due to a combination of Brexit and IR35.

I wouldn't be so sure that Brexit is going to be a financial disaster for people who work for a living.

polidorisghost said...

"Matt has it. A UK-wide referendum, with a heave-ho, out-you-go option for English voters, would be soberinging."
I wonder if antagonising the Englsh is a deliberate SNP tactic.

Suff said...

The Darien Scheme springs to mind. Never seems to come up in the SNP history of the down troden.

Nessimmersion said...

I fully support the idea of fair weather unionists that the profitable parts of the UK go off on their own and stop subsidising the rest.
Righto, by that logic anywhere North of Watford and West of Hampshire is told to sling their hook, or is that different because reasons?