Thursday 10 June 2021

Family Life At The Top

So, starting with the Sussex brood: how felicitous a name is Lilibet Diana?  Imagine the Team Sussex PR people salivating over that.  Oh, the subliminals, the baggage it carries: so much to be unpacked!  On one reading - a very charitable reading - we might even speculate that the poor child's third and fourth names were Olive Branch.

Except no: it turns out there's no persuasive charitable reading, it's the usual MM tricky, sniping politics all the way.

Ho hum: but here's a thought.  Since we now know this was all plotted before Lily was born, it means the Sussex's were assigning gender based solely on sex.  Outrageous!  Before they'd even asked the child what it identifies as!   A few lost woke-votes there, I'd say.  Oh Harry, how could you?

Which brings us to the other Happy News of the month, the new Mrs Johnson.  The MSM are full of stories of how she's going to be a prominent hostess at the G7.  What I haven't seen in the MSM - but I can assure you it's the case - is the reason they were married this month was exactly that: Carrie would have had no standing at the G7 without The Ring - mere "girlfriend" doesn't get to queen it around Cornwall in charge of The Other Wives.  Couldn't have that, could we?

Pip pip!



CityUnslicker said...

excellent insight there ND, like it.

Timbo614 said...

Not forgetting threatening to sue the BBC for saying they didn't ask the Queen.All part of keeping a low profile.The Queen could hardly say no. Poor Queenie is not having a good year, I actually feel sorry for her at the moment.

Scrobs. said...

I've got a cassette tape in the roof, where a comedian from the eighties wanted to call Fergie's daughter 'Parasite', but didn't expect any plaudits for that particular monica, and certainly not a medal!

Apparently, the DofE was once chatting to a lady with ten children, and explained that her husband should have a knighthood, to which she replied, 'Well he's got one, but he never wears it'...

I had a Renault Meghan once, but had to sell it when it wouldn't start. Know the feeling.

Nick Drew said...

Can I be Gossip Columnist, CU? Or Royal Correspondent?

E-K said...

Boris agrees that a Catholic marriage is superior to an Anglican one.

Harry is the first Royal suicide in the making. Meghan will get fed up with him soon and start looking for a real man. The Royal connection is made, displayed, an heir and a spare... Harry is on borrowed time now.

Of course, the British tabloids will be blamed and that will be the death of them too.

Old Git Carlisle said...

Thought Boris was classical scholar and catholic - even I as hairy engineer and protestant know what 'coitus interruptus' means.!!!!

Timbo614 said...

@ND - You are the self appointed military historian!

dearieme said...

"Thought Boris was classical scholar and catholic": nah, he signed up for the CofE at Eton.

My own guess is that he probably doesn't give a hoot and underwent an RC marriage to please the vain termagant. They will divorce in the civil courts (unless he's still PM in which case the Pope will grant an annulment on the grounds that Boris is a powerful chap).

As for poor, silly Harry: oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Nick Drew said...

@ the British tabloids will be blamed and that will be the death of them too

not sure, actually - though we know the efforts that would be made towards that outcome

is there any GoggleBox sofa in the land where people aren't saying ... I reckon he'll top himself - ?

Anonymous said...

One thing Biden, Boris and Harry have in common is the perception that they are being controlled by their partners. (More so than your typical married man at least!)

Say what you about Trump, at least you knew he was the one making the important decisions!

E-K said...

I'm afraid I see nowhere else for the lad to go, Nick.

I wish the UK tabloids had said "We honour the Markell's wish not to be reported about and will pay no attention to them."

Meghan will blame the marriage break up on the pressures brought on the relationship by our press.

BlokeInBrum said...

Harry's blown the considerable amount of goodwill he'd earned through the Invictus Games.
It makes you think - was he really like this all along and was the army & the charitable stuff just an extended larp?
If he has any sense (and stones), he needs to create an identity for himself separate to Meghan. Get a real job, stop kissing Hollywood butt.
Unlikely though.
It's not often you see someone go from hero to zero so rapidly.

E-K said...

Or he was just a cunt well advised... until he left the sinecure of the Royal Family.