Tuesday 27 July 2021

Only in the Guardian ...

 Only a Graun sub-editor could let fly with this ...

To win support!  The sheer wickedness of it!



andrew said...

in other news far right accused of paying for food to take it home

Bill Quango MP said...

I like the story of the German pensioner found to have a flak gun. A Panther tank and a torpedo in his basement.
A Panther was 40 tons. About 30ft long. 10ft high. That’s quite a basement.

He is being charged for who knows what. Having a concealed weapon? The old fellah could conceivably claim the torpedo was harmless. The standard German electric torpedo was notoriously unreliable. Having a poor range and speed. And faults with both magnetic and contact detonators. He should be able to prove the fish was harmless even with a warhead.

Anonymous said...

It was an intern. The proper Guardian subs will be on holidya in their Tuscan villas. Or maybe Cornwall these days.

Timbo614 said...

Off topic again but like everyone else I'm wondering about the significance of the reducing virus case figures.
Is it:
a) The footy is over?
b) The vaccines are not going to wipe us all out but are actually doing their job?
c) We have (with the hep of the vaccines) reached herd immunity and the virus has no one left to infect?
d) Boris got lucky

Don Cox said...

The case numbers have only just started to go down. Let's wait a couple of weeks before deciding that the current wave is over.

After that the main danger is that a new mutant will evade the protection given by the vaccines and previous infections, as happens with the common cold.

As usual, the future cannot be predicted.

I think the Anti-Vax campaign has been a mixture of those who are genuinely terrified of needles and those who are just out to cause trouble. The latter are likely to be found stirring up the BLM and XR crowds too. Riots and revolutions are exciting.

Don Cox

Nick Drew said...

Bill, that amazing story is straight out of Father Ted

"You don't have anything from the Allied side?"
"No, no. That sort of thing wouldn't interest me at all."


Matt said...

Presumably Antifa will be along shortly to help. Not the victims of the flood but to assist the media with scenes of violence they can blame on the AfD.

Sobers said...

The German chap with the Panther tank is old news. Where have you all been, hiding in a bunker? It was widely reported about 5 years ago when they first removed the items from him. Its just taken this long to come to court. Indeed back in the 70s he used to drive the tank around his neighbourhood, everyone knew about it.


DJK said...

Re cases going down: I would count this as good news, but Prof. Ferguson now says that this proves the pandemic will be behind us in a couple of months. Given how accurate his predictions have been in the past, I think we should prepare for another 100,000 dead and a full lockdown.

The German chap with the Panther and AA gun is news from 2015, but it cropped up again the other day on the BBC website.

dearieme said...

Do the various arms of government still put job ads in the Guardian? If so, stop immediately!

Scrobs. said...

Some scruffy bloke from the guardian ate my hamster, on the moon, driving a London bus...

James Higham said...

Never change their spots, the left.

Elby the Beserk said...

Covid numbers? Smaller by the day it seems. Ever felt you've been suckered?

Speccy article (paywall avoided by using archive.vn)


And remember, PCR testing has not been clinically controlled, so they reckon is that 85 to 90% false positives. Read and weep... also, these were WITH Covid in 28 days, not FROM Covid (fraudulent, in reality - we've never done this before)

An overall Covid death toll of 129,000 – by the government’s count – means little without knowing who has been dying. Statistics relating to the age profiles of the dead and their medical histories have cropped up from time to time – showing that those who have died are, on average, over 80 and that many suffered from serious and often multiple pre-existing conditions. But these statistics have slipped out of the day-to-day conversation.

Today, however, comes leaked data which sheds an interesting light on data for hospitalisations. Statistics from NHS trusts show that only 44 per cent of those counted as Covid patients had tested positive for the virus before they were admitted to hospital. The other 56 per cent only tested positive either in routine screening for Covid upon admission, or later in their hospital stay.

Jan said...

"Off topic again but like everyone else I'm wondering about the significance of the reducing virus case figures"

Or could it be that people have decided not to bother getting tested.

Don Cox said...

Richard Cree is a surgeon working at the main hospital in Middlesbrough. His blog is factual and informative. He doesn't know how things will go over the next few weeks.


Don Cox

Sackerson said...

What's the Third Way between 'far right' and 'far left'? 'Far out', man?

visc said...

@Elby 10.43 - as has been said for well over a year the PCR is useless as a diagnostic tool, given that a majority of uk tests are over 40 cycles they are truly meaningless.

Agree about the thing about hospitalisation numbers. that has been hiding in plain sight for an while. that again the figures are quite frankly completely untrustworthy and not hospitalised because of etc etc.

Add to that the fact that in clinical literature pre 2020, a case required actual symptoms, where as obviously in our brave new world it means what the hell you want it to mean. So the talk of cases in the summer months is at best unbelievable, as is talk of the vaccine does xyz.

The one thing all this has shown is how most people are completely innumerate - absolute to relative risk reduction rates a case in point.

Final point latest paper by the ever excellent and trustworthy John Ioannidis (no Fergusson like charlatan he), on actual seroprevalence data indicates much lower IFR rates worldwide, indicating once again, all is much overdone for many different agendas.

E-K said...

Why are we still listening to Fergusson ?

Spent four hours on a train the other day and a sealed carriage with no aircon in hot weather (travelling to Mum's).

Full and standing.

Everyone wearing masks except me.

There was more chance of people dying of heat exhaustion than CV-19... and does anyone really think they are protected by masks in that close proximity anyway ?

Boris' instructions vice Freedom Day were meant to have led to carnage. What else have the scientists got wrong ?

jim said...

Back on topic.

Potentially 'unpopular/controversial/publicity conscious' organisations regularly turn up as 'helpers' dressed in a suitably emblazoned T shirt etc and a photographer, SOP. Just keep your eyes open. It is a cynical world out there completely ready to exploit fools.

Yes, the Graun is still a bit soppy but carries features the main players tend to avoid. Why the Mail/Tgraph/Sun axis is so poor at coverage I leave you to ponder.

Nick Drew said...

Good man, Jim! Back on topic ... Yes, you are clearly right: and whilst I doubt anyone looks to the Sun for anything intelligent (except straws-in-the-wind as to what Murdoch's latest reverse-ferret is**) the DTel is pretty shocking for its craven advertorial ways

The Economist is a shadow of its former self (was once very brave indeed against blatant 'commercial' interests); the FT ditto (though not ever as brave, always following up behind others when a 'commercial' scandal broke); and the Speccy often just ranting

The Graun is better (and Private Eye better still, tho in its rather selective way) BUT the Graun woke editorial-agenda overlay is just hilarious

they are in agonies over the trans issue: woke vs their solid phalanx of long-time classical feminists - and anyone with half a brain cell

(I like the way they don't allow BTL comments on some topics - it's a real giveaway of where they are well off beam, and they know it)
**these days, Guido is pretty good for that, too - another unfortunate development

Elby the Beserk said...

Every now and again I go and take a peek at the Guardian front page.

Seems to be a litany of frothing, screaming and hysteria. And that's before you get to Little OJ.

DJK said...

Don Cox: Thanks for the link to the Richard Cree blog. What he says is surely right: that nobody know what Covid 19 will do next. We had a few days of falling case numbers (three weeks of falling numbers in Scotland) and idiots like Prof Ferguson declared it's all over. That, I very much doubt, although we're surely past 1000 dead/day, like back in January.

I'm glad it's not just me that finds the D. Tel. very poor these days. The Graun woke salad, and their ranting BTL readers' comments, are really to be pitied, I think. Still, as Jim says, they do cover stuff that the others don't.

Don Cox said...

Before the Internet, I bought a newspaper every day. Telegraph, Times, FT.

It's now many years since I looked at one. I get my news from a range of web sites. It's easy to allow for the various biases of each.

Don Cox

Anonymous said...

Woke. Yes let's hope that NZ weightlifter wins by a country mile.
(Probably won't. They can see that beartrap a mile off.)

lilith said...

I hope he wins too Anon, however he dislocated his elbow in the Commonwealth Games and I suspect this was a result of thousands of Terfs stirring their cauldrons whilst embroidering swear words on cushions....

My cousin didn't place in the rowing. Probably just as well not to be remembered for representing the country that takes pride in entering a cheat to the women's weightlifting class.

DJK said...

Further to the Graun covering the stories that others miss, there's an excellent piece by John Gray in the New Statesman, lamenting the illiberal woke culture that is destroying the West (or at least, the US). New Zealand gets a mention too, as the country (along with Canada) where wokeism has achieved complete hegemony.

Elby the Beserk said...

"DJK said...
Further to the Graun covering the stories that others miss, there's an excellent piece by John Gray in the New Statesman, lamenting the illiberal woke culture that is destroying the West (or at least, the US). New Zealand gets a mention too, as the country (along with Canada) where wokeism has achieved complete hegemony.

9:11 am"

John Gray (we'll pass over the awful "Men are from..." twaddle!) always worth reading. Thanks for the tip off, off to the NS to read the article

E-K said...

I noticed that the Guido clientelle has changed on a rare visit the other day. Very Lefty... and mirthless.

Well, I'm considered Faaaar Right by my union chums and Lefty friends.

I gave to the RNLI totally altruistically as neither me nor my family spends much time on or in the water and tend to go inland.

I don't think of myself as Faaaar Right but it shows that even I can be kind and certainly not in it for any votes.

A 17 year, £20 a month DD was cancelled a couple of weeks ago because the RNLI are aiding and abetting.

I told them it was because my family [and anyone reading this] were now far more likely to be hurt by an illegal, RNLI imported, car driver than they were a rip tide.

The RNLI is now a lethal organisation.

Others have called me heartless and a racist for cancellation. No thanks at all for my 17 years of commitment !

(I've asked them when they bothered setting up a DD to the RNLI.)

The RNLI itself told me "We do not judge people in distress at sea."

To which I responded "Yes you do. Frequently. Several times a year we get media broadcasts from you condemning foolish behaviour by parents leaving save shores with their kids in unseaworthy craft. Imagine a load of England football fans taking to sea from a safe country with the express intent of forcing a rescue. What would be your reaction ?"

The £200k gesture by lefties is not going to go far. It won't even fund one life boat station for a year.

So this is the Left at work.

Everyone with a different opinion to them has an ulterior motive and cannot be trusted.

The moral high ground that they sit upon is, in fact, a dung heap.

My National Trust donations have gone the same way (to animal charities.) and thus the decay of a nation accelerates.

DJK said...

The RNLI has far more money than they know what to do with. In recent years there seems have have been a woke bureaucracy crafted on the top, intent on spending money on international aid. From their website:
"The RNLI is working with global leaders, public health organisations and at-risk communities to help turn the tide. We want to make drowning prevention a priority worldwide and reduce this staggering loss of life.

By raising awareness, conducting research and testing interventions, we can make a difference together."

E-K said...

I can guarantee that 90% of donations to the RNLI will be from what they might call 'gammons'.

I'd love to see their books now.

E-K said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
E-K said...


Now the 'Tories' have given right away to bicycles at round-a-bouts ... can you imagine the Nonces-R-Us claims now ???

This is what an 80 seat majority 'Tory' govt does ??? Red Team vs Blue Team shit.

No wonder my house price has boomed here in 'the boondocks'.

The worst serial killers in the UK have worked for the GCM NHS btw... and killed both my parents !

STAY INDOORS - DIE AND ROT... SAVE THE NHS. (Eat a Substantial Meal in the meantime.)

lilith said...

EK this is just a little something to cheer you up:

E-K said...

Thanks Lilith.

My last post came out a little serious, didn't it. It was meant to be pithy.

(Mum isn't dead yet but her life has been shortened by the heavy doses of morphine she needs to take because of a medical accident 30 years ago.)

Jan said...

There are some people fighting back. I've just discovered this website:


They are starting legal cases about various Covdemic laws/rules/guidance type things

lilith said...

E-k I won't be going near the NHS unless I'm in an accident/taken to hospital against my will. I have a friend who has had pancreatic pain for months and all he's been offered is an inconclusive ultrasound and an appointment in a fortnight. He will then if lucky, be sent for a proper scan, by which time it will be too late to do much for him.

They give lousy advice and even lousier meds. Best to get oneself well. I prefer "delphiniums (blue) and geraniums (red)" H/T A A Milne

E-K said...

Sorry to hear about your friend.

Anonymous said...

Ultrasound is quite poor as a diagnostic tool, get your friends to ask for a CT scan.

Anonymous said...

Jim, DJK - "the Graun is still a bit soppy but carries features the main players tend to avoid"

Yes, like the adventures of Dominic Cummings* or the EU's latest moves against Hungary, or why primary schools need more transgender sex ed.

But you won't hear about the four Afghan 'refugees' who raped and murdered a 13 year old girl in Austria, the six Asian guys (just sentenced) who knifed Bradley Gledhill to death in Dewsbury, no public inquiries or Lords seat for HIS family, the ongoing industrial scale grooming/rape cases all over the UK (reported in local news but never national news).

The Mail, for all its sins, is actually a better news paper.

(* Dom is a tragic case, very bright and driven guy, could have been a real asset to the UK, who gets shafted (like pretty much everyone who works long enough alongside Boris, he's not special), takes it personally and proceeds to make himself unemployable by not just spilling beans but pouring them on the floor and rolling round in them naked. Even I'd think twice about employing him. Real waste of talent. "Great wits are sure to madness near allied, and thin partitions do their bounds divide")