Thursday 20 January 2022

Boris: Never Going To End Well

If it isn't this time, something Even Worse will come out next month.  The Tories should do the deed swiftly: can anyone, save possible Starmer, make an argument for delay?  A finger in the dyke now will cause the pressure to build up even more.

Après lui, le déluge?   Boris, we are told, warmly espouses the Great Man theory of history, and no surprises there.  FWIW, in very broad terms so do I, in the sense that individuals can (sometimes) dictate the direction of history at critical forks in the road.  But the clue is in the coinage.  Not Great Charlatan, Great Entitled One, Great Pussy-Whipped Oaf, Great Serial Truth-Dodger.

It's Great Man.  And we don't have one.  So History had just better get on with it.



BlokeInBrum said...

Boris has the luck of the devil. He is blessed with an opposition that is, at best, barely competent.
His rivals within the party such as Gove, are flawed. No one it seems wants to grasp the poisoned chalice.

andrew said...

It is fairly clear that no-one has stood up and said
'I can do PM better than Johnson'

It is also becoming clear that Johnson is about as competent as the opposition and at the moment, about as much fun.
But less honest.

Even worse will come out - but not until 23
The downside of brexit will come a bit harder to not notice.
I am guessing in the area of movement <> the EU
Possible points are
- having to pay to get into the EU on hols
That is good for headlines but no real impact on the uk economy.

- some market that will transfer to the EU because there is no point in paying duties / paperwork to send something from the EU, sell it (for a commission) and then send it back to the EU.
Think Christies / Sothebys / Bonhams etc basically turning their london addresses into post boxes and doing the sales in amsterdam/ frankfurt
Or the Olympia Antiques fair becoming the Paris antiques fair.

I imagine something like that will be happening in the pure (financial / legal) services sector, but slower.

This could be seen as a Johnson triumph - in that london is levelled down to be equal to the north.

andrew said...


The Scapegoat by holman hunt has the same look in its eyes as Johnson.

I do think that part of the rising tide of hatred around Johnson is an unconscious need to punish _someone_ for the last 2 years and he is a obvious target

dearieme said...

"an unconscious need to punish _someone_ for the last 2 years": in my case it's all too conscious and I'd start with the Astrologer Royal at Imperial College.

In a way these creeps and crooks ought to hope for arrest and trial lest vigilantes have a go at them.

If, for example, the bastard class had killed my wife I'd have a go, or at least be sorely tempted.

Jan said...

There is no-one else at the moment and if they go for a vote of no confidence and he survives it, then no-one can have another go at getting rid for a year.

Better the devil you know otherwise we'll likely get a lockdown fanatic in charge.

Anonymous said...

Currently on the fringe of getting rid of not one board member but two. In both cases, replacements have been found, vetted, offered the job and have a start date. All unlawful as those going don't know yet.

Can't understand why the party of "business" can't do the business-like thing and have the replacement lined up.

All so amateur which is why I suppose all politicians are unemployable after they been to Westminster.

Thankfully businesses just get on with it.

BlokeInBrum said...

From my perspective, it's a good result if he stays.
As a lockdown sceptic, it suits me that he he's weakened and can't morally force any more coercive restrictions on us.
We may all end up a lot freer as a result. I certainly don't want to end up in the situation that the Australians are in with, essentially, internment camps for the unclean.
Now if only we could get him to drop all the Green rubbish - perhaps we could get lucky again and Princess Nut Nuts get hit by a (eco)bus.

DJK said...

Boris's instinct is certainly not to have any covid restrictions, so I don't know why he gets quite so much grief on this. He essentially declared the pandemic over back in 2020, then had to row back once it was clear that bodies would soon be piling up. You may argue that the Christmas 2020 lockdown had no effect on the body count, but whether it did or not, the pandemic was then still raging, whatever Steve Baker and Graham Brady might have wished. Different now, of course, it looks as if the worst is over.

It's quite clear that large sections of the Conservative party are more interested in starting a Tory civil war than in actually governing the country. So yes, they may as well get on with it rather than wait.

Compare and contrast with the SNP, or even the Labour party. A couple of weeks ago, Nicola Sturgeon announce new restrictions in Scotland. There wasn't a single dissenting voice from her party or the Scottish press, and barely any argument against from the opposition parties. The difference is that the SNP will still dominate the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Westminster seats after the next election, the Tories will be in opposition and the Labour party will lead the next government. A change of leader will not change that fact.

Anonymous said...

So far a weakened Boris is a better Boris, at least as far as Covid restrictions are concerned. There is however the chance of more lethal variants evolving which would do for him. AFAIK they are still going to sack Brit nurses who won't get jabbed, just as they've sacked care workers.

Now if only he could actually do something about the Channel crossings I'd be delighted. A processing camp on the Falklands sounds good to me, or perhaps we could do a deal with Angola or Namibia.

People are right that there's a need to punish someone - for not being able to see relatives, for not going to funerals etc etc.

Such measures as were imposed were, for the most part, followed in good faith: the nurses turning sobbing relatives away from wards where their loved ones lay dying did so out of concern for the patients in their care, not a sadistic wish to sever the bonds of family. But lurking in the background of all the rage now pouring out at Johnson lies the opposite possibility: that perhaps all that alienation and misery didn’t make enough difference in the end to have been worth it. Is this true? We’ll never know. We made the choices we made. And now, thanks to Johnson’s metamorphosis from our leader to our sin-eater, we don’t even need to wonder. All of it was his fault, all along.

Anonymous said...

I'd say that nobody wants Johnson's job at the moment. Within a few months the sh*t will really hit the fan when people's power bills double, which will make partygate look like a walk in the park. Those who want the PM job will wait until Boris takes the heat. The UK population care about partygate, but hit them hard in the wallet - granny freezing to death stories in the Sun - and they will care a lot, especially when they realise that Johnson's stupid net zero is partly to blame.

Yet another Chris

DJK said...

Yes, big increases in bills this year, on top of those that have already happened. Plus Ukraine has not settled down. So there are much bigger events around us than a few people having after work drinks in the Downing Street garden. Being PM during all that, and with a Tory party tearing itself apart really is a poisoned chalice.

Charlie said...

I'd rather keep Boris, with feet held to the fire by Tory backbenchers, than swap him out for whoever is working with Cummings to get rid of him. The fact that the effort has been so concerted, at a time when the country (well, England) looks like finally exiting Covid measures, gives me a bad feeling in my gut.

Don Cox said...

Cummings won't be satisfied until Britain is a republic and he's the President.

Don Cox

Timbo614 said...

Boris got to be PM because at the time there was no alternative. There's still no obvious alternative that I can see. I was originally sold on the line that the "bumbling boy Boris" was a persona adopted because it chimed with the electorate when compared to May the ice maiden and Corbyn the communist.

I have to say that I have been disappointed that the power politician Boris (the great man) didn't make an appearance. On the other hand he has been done in by "events dear boy, events" not parties or philandering or even Peppa Pig speeches. The pandemic of course was/is a major one, energy prices are the next.

Cummings was big mistake even if I sympathised with the out of the box thinking but Cummings has become a traitorous snake it must be particularly galling given the support Boris gave him over Barnard Castle - barefaced lying is seems to be OK when it supports Cummings' agenda.

I'm with Charlie above - keep Boris but on a short leash, think up a better strategy to get around party-gate then find him a good advisor that he will listen to. This theory of course relies on the Conservatives getting their act together and rallying round for the sake of the party. Will that happen - not according to current popular news sites or in fact me - the knives are out and the party and the press love a good bit of political slaughter :(

Don Cox said...

"find him a good advisor that he will listen to"

The general view seems to be that he listens to his current wife. If so I think the good adviser would soon be driven out, unless he is an extraordinarily subtle operator.

Don Cox

Anonymous said...

Don Cox - agreed. It was a thousand pities that Carrie got rid of Dom, but it was ten thousand pities that Dom turned round and told the world what we already knew about Boris.

If Dom had kept his big gob shut he'd have been back at No 10 by now. There are many huge challenges ahead, and the front benches of both parties contain no one with a clue about meeting them.

But no one will want the job when the energy price tsunami is about to hit. And nothing that can happen in Ukraine, bar the Ukrainians giving a measure of self-government to the Donbass (which the US won't let them do) is likely to make energy prices cheaper.

E-K said...

Meatloaf was right about the bats.

E-K said...

The next general election is going to have to be fought against a backdrop of hardship that has not been seen by people younger than 55... after 15 years of Tory rule.

E-K said...

PS, Proven liar and rules cheat Cummings only has to say "Boris did this and I'll say it on oath." and that's good enough for BBC/Labour/Commies/MSM...

Boris is doomed.

These people don't want Covid to end. This is what it's all about.

Boris should ignore Cummings, turn right, ditch green and ditch bloody masks.

They are a left wing fetish item.

Elby the Beserk said...

DJK said...
Boris's instinct is certainly not to have any covid restrictions, so I don't know why he gets quite so much grief on this. He essentially declared the pandemic over back in 2020, then had to row back once it was clear that bodies would soon be piling up. You may argue that the Christmas 2020 lockdown had no effect on the body count, but whether it did or not, the pandemic was then still raging, whatever Steve Baker and Graham Brady might have wished. Different now, of course, it looks as if the worst is over.

No. He's realised his random rules are losing him votes hand over fist. Anyone who can do what he has done to us this two past years is NOT a "libertarian".

All the more so as ONS have released the figures for those who DIED from (not the entirely and intentionally "having had a probably false positive PCR test after dying from lung cancer" type Covid death) and the figure is..

drum roll

da da da da

10 a day. Feb 2020 to Dec 2021.

That's TEN a day. The vast majority over 60,

Man needs lynching.

Elby the Beserk said...

DJK said...
Boris's instinct is certainly not to have any covid restrictions, so I don't know why he gets quite so much grief on this. He essentially declared the pandemic over back in 2020, then had to row back once it was clear that bodies would soon be piling up. You may argue that the Christmas 2020 lockdown had no effect on the body count

Cases and deaths had been falling for 2 weeks before lockdown #1.The curve was, as always happens with respiratory viruses, already flattening

So Boris decided to flatten the country instead, listening to multiply deranged modellers with a 100% record of failed models.

And the rest is history.

I don't care that there's no replacement or that Labour and the Lib Dims are pathetic, Johnson HAS TO GO before he does even more damage.

BlokeInBrum said...

Yes, the lockdowns have been a catastrophe for the country and our freedoms. Maybe Boris has woken up and sees which way the wind is blowing. More likely he has been caught with his pants down and is in full panic mode.

The powers that be keep banging on about 'follow the science', but when you take a look at what they have done - it has been rather pathetic. Typical political and bureaucratic cover your arse stuff.

After 2 years of global pandemic and vast expenditure on the health service, where are the randomized controlled trials of ivermectin or any other therapeutic? Where is the scientific or empirical evidence that masks are effective? Why weren't more accurate stats collected from the beginning delineating those dying directly FROM covid with those who had co-morbidities or contracted covid after entering hospital? I'm sure the NHS staff had plenty of time to do that beween making their TikTok videos.

How come all the Covid modelling that has been done has been so woefully inaccurate to the point of fantasy, yet we are still blindly following rules predicated on their accuracy?

I still remember the Imperial College covid model by Neil Ferguson, and the attempts to prevent any peer review of it. It was only after some serious massaging by Microsoft that the source code was released on Github for examination. Where it was promptly ripped to shreds.
The guy himself had a terrible track record from the foot and mouth outbreak. So why was he listened to from the outset unless he was saying something the politicians wanted to hear?

DJK said...

Ancient history now, Elby. My recollection is that Boris declared the pandemic over in Summer 2020, after the first lockdown. Then we had the Delta wave six months later, with 1200 people dying / day from covid, as recorded by a physician on their death certificates --- including BQ's relatives. That's when we had the second (Christmas) lockdown.

It may be that case that even without lockdown there would still have been 1200 people dying per day. But then there was the awful example of Manaus in Brazil where President Bolsolaro showed just how high the death rate could go if you really did nothing. Do you think any UK government would have survived doing nothing through that, when we had examples from our Europoean neighbours of managing the pandemic through masks, wfh, etc.

Just because we can open up society again now, doesn't mean we could easily have done so during peak death rates, before vaccines.

Timbo614 said...

Peeps, please, BORIS <> VIRUS conspiracy theories*

I know we can't ignore the virus when it comes to Boris' premiership but what was done was done (with advice). No one could have done any different, the whole western world (except Sweden) did lock downs and jabs. What was any politician to do under the circumstances?

Basically Boris became PM, got brexit "done", announced an agenda then the entire world as he and we knew it fell apart. There was simply no way of him pursuing his mandate. We all got shat on, get over it. The rest of it is all business as usual - politician lie, people feather their nests, cronyism lives and there is one rule for us and one for them, all these are centuries old.

* <> "not equal"

hovis said...

Keep Johnson, a weakened idiot on a short leash is better than a new stronger Cretin variant as PM.

We knew he was completely untrustworthy, a globalist metropolitan, he has merely proved what we already knew but hoped was not the case. Only the fact that he is under the cosh do we see any change.

Never harder to convince someone of a fact when their livelihood depends on the opposite. So the the plague superstitions were put in place as TINA, and Doris was always in favour. UK performance has been poor but that's not due to lack of lockdown.

hovis said...

Aside: Timbo are politicians always forced to accept advice, even poor advice from activist advisors? Does that not beg the question why bother?

DJK said...

Politicians aren't forced to accept advice but the consequences of rejecting advice may be worse for them. As it is, about 150,000 people have died thanks to covid. Supposing Boris had rejected the advice of the country's top infectious disease scientists and kept the country open, as it was prior to 2020. All covid deaths would then become Boris's fault and his alone. If only he had not been so pig headed to reject the scientists' advice, we would all say, those people would be alive today.

Incidentally: UK covid deaths 2247/million; Australia 115/million; New Zealand 10/million. I can't find comparable statistics, but it looks as if the economic hit to Australia was much less than to the UK. Of course, to do a zero-covid policy like Australia you have to be an island with control of your borders (Conservative party, please note) and it probably helps to have a hot, dry climate.

The UK has done about average for a European country. And as Timbo says, it is hard to envisage any politician doing things differently, except possibly in the direction of harsher restrictions.

Bill Quango MP said...

Timbo is correct
Only 1 western country went on a different path. Sweden.
Very, very, many of the others did what we did but with even more restrictions and greater costs.
Could ENGLAND alone, really take the road of Brazil? If Scotland and Wales and N.I did not? Anarchy and illness.

Boris could quite easily be riding a Starmer sucks wave, right now. If he had some really strong advisers. If he had spent decades in the wilderness in their own civil war, like the first Blair era Labour MPs had done. Learning that at the very least,the illusion of competence was essential to retaining that power.

Timbo614 said...

Q: are politicians always forced to accept advice, even poor advice from activist advisors?
DJK has the nub of it - it's Hobson's choice, damned if you do damned if you don't so by following it you have someone to point the finger at.

For the hell of it (and I think it would have been hell) let's imagine for a moment that Boris hadn't followed the advice and done as Sweden did. How would we have fared as the very connected and very populous virus hub of Europe?
Firstly we would have been on every country's "red list"

There were many shortage scares both for food, materials and other consumables some of these shortages are still ongoing (and it matters not whether you blame brexit for them). There was Suez/Evergreen for starters and China shutdown, what if 60,70 or 80% of lorry drivers had been out of action? France made it awkward enough when we were at least trying to suppress the virus how would they have reacted to a let 'er rip philosophy?

What if 50% of the NHS staff had been off sick/dead? What if vaccines hadn't been developed so quickly? I mean if England had been letting it rip, would we have even bothered with trying to develop one?

I could make a list of awful what-ifs that goes on forever but the truth is we have survived pretty nicely, some better than others it has to be said, the economy is picking up quite well. I admit it has cost a lot of money but money is something the UK has an unlimited supply of provided we keep our own currency and stay within reasonable limits.

As BQ said we would also now be part of a very much disunited kingdom.

Finally (at risk of moderation). Both myself and my wife had all three jabs (double jab Pfizer plus booster) and over Christmas/new year we both caught it (probably Omicron) we had runny noses and felt a bit rough for 2 days and THAT is what the jabs were supposed to achieve, so they worked.

DJK said...

Just one point to add. BQ notes Sweden as the European exception. But the Swedish politicians were following their own scientists' advice, just like Boris. It's simply that the Swedish scientists were the European exception.

Sweden, although it had fewer deaths per capita than the UK, fared much worse than the other nordics.

Nick Drew said...

That's enough covid


Anonymous said...

Once someone starts reading from the First Letter To The Covidians, all hell breaks loose ;-)

hovis said...

Interesting I ask a question about policy and out come all the Realpolitik excuses for TINA, (the specific subject is not of concern.) More worrying it suggests that the denizens of the comments will "do what they have to", after all nothing else could be done, groupthink in full flow and independence of action are beyond the pale.

Now, back to more incompetence and idiocy from our cabinet of window lickers. I see Truss is unfathomably being touted as a contender for Tory Leader. Does not her cookie cut out pronouncements on Ukraine show she is either towards the educationally sub normal, or once again following piss poor advice, (there is no alternative [see above]).

It is very tiresome that it seems to be beyond the wit of the Foreign Office or many in the UK to either break free of old Cold War tropes, or look at anything beyond a narrative of 'appeasement', to dictators who of course must only want to expand their empires! This shows a distinct lack of imagination. I am not sure Putin is really looking for Lebensraun.

Lets just imagine an alternate reality where Crimea was again about fears of encroachment, a historic claim as well as the need to stop Sebastapol falling out of Russian hands. There is no desire to annexe Ukraine, but there is a lot of crap being talked about Russians massing "10,000 troops" on the border. The a similar number is bandied around each time and usually includes troops in barracks ... in ummm Russia. So again, poor advice, poor politicians and poor thinking.

SO back to the beauty parade Boris is an idiot, so is Truss. Gove, Javid and Sunak all highly likely wear slip shoes or velcro ones for obvious reasons.

E-K said...

What if Boris died next week ? (Which a man in his atrocious condition easily could)

Why is so much vested in him ?

I have never seen such a left wing government.

PS. The only people clinging to masks are the Left wing - the unions, the teachers, the NHS...

They are a fetish implement of oppression and obedience.

Timbo614 said...

@hovis - it isn't 10,000 its 100,000 plus support weaponry.

lilith said...

Well. Boris does indeed look more alarmed than I have ever seen him. Perhaps he's worried that Carrie will leave him if he's tossed out? (Although I expect he has someone else lined up just in case....)

Our politicians may be thick but I think they are made to look even more stupid by their advisors (and the civil service who would rather have the BBC in charge of the country and "work from home" forever).

Prior to current situation I thought doctors were more intelligent than most, but apparently not. My GP will not see me as my asymptomatic breath is a threat to his staff and my stage 4 bone cancer not of any interest or concern to him in comparison. Doesn't even want to test my blood.

Frankly I don't much mind dying if this global political/health security model is the "way forward." Perhaps it's time for me to go and punch Boris hard (on behalf of the denizens of this esteemed blog.)

Don Cox said...

"I have never seen such a left wing government."

The Attlee government was much further left -- a true socialist government. They even nationalised road transport.

Don Cox

BlokeInBrum said...

The question has been asked about what happens if Boris goes - is the country totally reliant on one man, and would his defenestration have serious (negative) consequences for the country?

You could also ask the same question about Russia though. Are the Russians overly reliant on Putin to hold things together over there? Are there likely successors waiting in the wings or is there a protégé being groomed to step in when he leaves?
More likely there would be a free for all as the Oligarchs and various factions battle it out to become top dog. Does anyone know?

The CIA had all sorts of demented plans to assasinate Castro, I wonder if they have considered doing the same thing to Putin? Or would that be too much like pulling a pin on a hand grenade.

lilith said...

Although this article is from November 2020 I feel Daniel Miller had his finger on the pulse:

Anonymous said...

I don't think the UK is anywhere reliant on Johnson the way Russia is on Putin.

IMHO from a Russian perspective the guy is a hero, a restorer of national pride after the oligarch looting of the early 90s. If Russia survives as a nation he'll be in all the history books.

And that's why the US State Department* hate his guts.

* full of people with ancestral folk-tales of Cossacks with knouts.

Putin's YUGE issue is his succession - after all, he only got the job at the oligarchs pleasure - they thought he was a bought man and were amazed when he turned on them.

hovis said...

Agree, Russia has a succession problem with Putin - possibly a scenario similar to Basil II scenario for the Byzantines?

To EK et al we are not *that* reliant on Boris, but our institutions are so dysfunctional, what is the least worst outcome? If there ever was much democratic accountability it is now gone. Hence plump for the devil (or turd) you know.

Timbo - I see hadn't been keeping up with latest "intelligence sources" articles. It matter little - the 10,000 vs 100,000 figures - these are from the same sources that miscounted the prior estimates. It still doesn't answer the question why NATO insists on pushing.

Russia has clearly stated it cannot accept Ukraine as NATO, for what look like rational national security reasons. Yet NATO keeps on going. As in last comment, most rationales are apparent, if w ego back to the aggressive expansionism (Hitler appeasement prism), it was stated what was wanted (Mein Kampf). The modern Russian State has also stated what it wants and that no further NATO expansion - i.e. whom is this defensive alliance (that has attacked countries that were no immediate threat to it) defending against ? I'll not press this point after this, it just the histrionics we see in some quarters never answer these questions and revert to pantomime caricatures. NATO is pushing for conflict.

Elby the Beserk said...

DJK said...
Ancient history now, Elby.

Just because we can open up society again now, doesn't mean we could easily have done so during peak death rates, before vaccines.

Uh: Figures from Feb 2020 to Dec 2021 are "ancient history"? Even if they are, official figures which show clearly Covid only killed the very sick and elderly.

Ten a day? Peak death rates?

Sorry. I must be on a different planet to you. Why not read what this nurse experienced during 2020 (to precis - EMPTY wards). No Covid and worse, none of the usual suspects who were all dying at home from strokes, cardiac shit etc because the NHS abandoned them.

When did we get so pathetic and feeble-minded? The Bojo Gang have buttfucked us big time.

"Q. How empty was the hospital during those months?
Answer: Extremely empty. Bays that were normally full were completely empty. On several occasions I have had no patients at all for an entire 12-hour shift.

The hospital had speciality wards for medical emergencies such as strokes, which were always full (before Covid). An emergency episode like a stroke can be easily diagnosed and treated with thrombolytic therapy, a hugely vital service preventing death and worsening brain injuries. The stroke ward was virtually empty.

I know there is some belief that hospitals were empty because our usual patients were too afraid to come to hospital because of the pandemic. However, the majority of patients never brought themselves into hospital anyway, being so ill that somebody would need to call an ambulance for them as they had suffered a stroke or an epileptic fit or a fall.

In the main it would be a carer, district nurse or kindly neighbour that phoned for an ambulance on their behalf, but it seems that these calls just weren’t being made. It makes me shudder to think that these people, mainly the elderly again, collapsed and likely died at home as coming into hospital for treatment no longer seemed an option for them."

And now the vaxxed are being hospitalised more than us clean bloods. Way to go.

You've been suckered.

Elby the Beserk said...

DJK - yes, thank God for the vaccines, which have been such a success...

Timbo614 said...

I'm outta this thread!

E-K said...



Well I wasn't born then (1951). So I am right to say I've never seen a government as left wing as the Boris administration.

Shockingly left wing. Totalitarianism of the sort I thought I'd never see.

Fuck the Tories.


The ultimate in oppression. Fundamentalist Muslisms do it. Handmaid's Tail do it.

Make it difficult to breath. Make it difficult to express. Take away your identity.

And then ditch them for political expedience at the first sign of leadership challenge.

I have to censor myself forthwith.

What has got into people to wear these bloody useless things ?

I tore down a plaster ceiling the other day and the only thing available was a surgical mask.

It should have been able to cope with a plaster ceiling if it can stop viruses.

It did NOTHING !

E-K said...


I'm sure handmaids have a pretty decent tail too.

Sorry. But the virus is why Vlad has got a hard on for us. It is EVERYTHING.

Elby the Beserk said...

The pathetic excuse for a GPO who has been dealing locally with Lils came up with such jewels

"I've read a paper that says masks work."

So I sent him a meta-analysis, linking to 150 papers that say they don't.

He says his staff are more important than patients, so masks must be worn.

He then says "a third of my staff are off sick".

So I noted that that suggests the masks don't work, eh?

6 weeks after her scan, he told her there was an abnormality in her stomach. Nothing about the bone cancer. That had to wait for the Oncologist

I told him about one of my aunts, during the war. She was a senior ward nurse at Barts and one night they were bombed. Rather than doing what he would have done - i.e. ushered his staff to safety and go hang the patients, she and other staff spent the night, bombs still raining down, lowering patients down from floor to floor to try to get them to safety.

And we pay the salaries of wasters and leeches such as Dr. Cahill of Frome Medical Centre. And they treat us like shit.

Then the pricks at the health centre sent Pen a letter inviting her to come in for a health check.

Charles said...

Boris is good at elections because he represents modern England with his self indulgent profligacy. Numerous children, a body that could double as Moby Dick and a propensity for selfish enjoyment. He could be anyone in England’s idiot belt. The problem is that if the Tories get rid of him now the new leader will lose the next election and no one want to do that, they all want to be the one who challenges Starmer after he has really wrecked the place. They are all cowards at best and none of them are worthy of our votes. After all they volunteered to serve in the cabinet of one of the most morally deranged and self indulgent people on the planet.

Have a nice day, it’s only about 10 days until I can have a drink, first weekend in February is the target date, only had one nip of vodka this month so far….