Monday 23 October 2023

Diversity to the nth degree

One of the leading professional bodies in the energy sector is, errr, the Energy Institute.  (Formerly known as the Institute of Petroleum, but they clearly saw the writing on the wall a long time ago ...)

I think we can guess what the average profile of the membership looks like.  So here's the Membership page from the www:

Pretty funny, huh?  Is there any point in asking: "now aren't we told that when someone looks at a body of people in authority etc, and is forced to say 'I don't see Anyone Who Looks Like Me', then that's a jolly bad thing - ?"   

No, there's no point whatsoever.  What we can say is that if you need energy in any shape or form (as some of us do), on average it will be provided to you by a supply chain of hairy-arsed people who aren't remotely represented above.



Anonymous said...

Having spent my formative years on gold, uranium and diamond mines in RSA and Namibia I can only say that I agree. I might add that my mother was much posher than most, as was my dear Father. I was a bit of a black sheep.

All the best


Ps That Farrell chap is a complete see you next Tuesday.

Old Git Carlisle said...

It was the Institute of Fuel when I was elected in the 50's.

Wildgoose said...

One of my friends is an engineer who regularly works with the National Grid.

He is pretty scathing about shutting down all our self-starting coal-fired power stations with big turbines that naturally stabilise grid frequency in favour of intermittent power sources and power sources that require grid power before they can actually generate any of their own.

We are supposed to have a plan to restart the grid should it be necessary, but then, we were supposed to have a plan for how to handle a pandemic as well...

Elby the Beserk said...

Diversity eh?

We down here in the still proudly monocultural (culture is by definition, mono, no? Given it pertains a a specific group of people*) are astonished when seeing adverts on a screen - the rest of the country is now coloured.

I wonder how the ASA would view a complaint about this? 😉😉

Multi-culti of course actually means NO culture.

dearieme said...

I used to work at an oil refinery. Jolly good fun too if you like big kit and grand smells. A mechanical engineer I knew there was in charge of the trains. She loved it; called it "my first train set".

I don't know if I'm hairy-arsed - I've never looked - though I admit that as I age, and take more pills, my chest is less hairy than it was.

My arms are still hairy enough to glow reddish-gold in the sunshine. No grey there.

Anonymous said...


What happened to the informed and insightful comment on the energy sector.

Jeremy Poynton said...

"Anonymous said...

What happened to the informed and insightful comment on the energy sector.

2:36 pm"

Missed the title of this post, did you?

electro-kevin said...

One look at that membership page screams out that they need to recruit more white boys into the energy sector and fast !

The same with my own industry (ex) the railway.

Every driver female and ethnic according to photos - including on the box of a recent Hornby trainset.

Hornby had forgotten to print on the picture "Will not work at night or weekends."

Mass recruitment and STILL driver shortages !!!

Matt said...

They may be refugees from Gaza. They are experts in engineering having cut their teeth on re-purposing water pipes as rockets to fire at the evil Jooz.