Friday 22 December 2023

Piers Morgan vs Sweary Goalkeeper - no contest!

It's Morgan again - & this time he chooses to pick a fight with the nation's choice of its beloved Sweary Goalkeeper as Sports Personality of the Year.

The man has completely taken leave of his senses!  Just as Boaty McBoatface was justly the nation's resolute choice in one popular contest, so is Mary Earps this time around.  We're British.  We're like that.

"Shouldn’t it have been given to someone who actually won something in 2023?", he bleats.  No, dickhead, it's a Personality contest, clue in the name etc etc.  Aren't red-top journalists supposed to have their finger on the popular pulse?  Who exactly pays his salary - and why?

Festive greetings to all!



Sobers said...

Well I have to say that for once I agree with Piers Morgan. The only reason Mary Earps is being feted is because she is female. If she were male she might get a game with a local amateur club side. Her level of talent and ability is so far down the footballing talent pyramid its laughable. But because she's at the top of the dunghill that is womens football, she's a star. The whole women's game would not exist without the subsidies from the mens game. Its thrust down out throats by the likes of the BBC as somehow equal to the mens game, when its so far behind in ability they couldn't be seen with a telescope. You might as well pick an average male amateur club football side and make out they are equal to Barcelona because they happen to have won the Nottinghamshire Football League Division 2 this year.

Anonymous said...

"It's a personality contest"

You mean like Andy Murray?

djm said...

Piers Morgan is the reptile that gives clickbait a bad name

Nick Drew said...

Anon @ 10:16 - 'Personality'? ... It's vox populi, vox dei all the way on a subtle matter like that!

(what was the opposition in AM's year, I wonder?)

AndrewZ said...

Piers Morgan's job is to attract readers/viewers/clicks to whatever platforms he is currently working for. Picking a fight with whoever is in the news this week is an easy and reliable way of doing that. Think of him as a carnival barker whose main job is to say whatever it takes to round up an audience, and then recognise that he is very good at it.

Anonymous said...

To be fair the #300 men's tennis player would beat the world #1, yet we still admired Ann Jones and Virginia Wade (showing my age), not to mention that 'British' girl from somewhere exotic that I've already forgotten.

But footy's not a feminine game any more than rugby is - I think the percentage of sensible shoes is around 40%. I don't think all the boys are nudging each other and drooling when the England Women's team walk into a bar.

*Agree with Andrew, Piers is a carnival barker

dustybloke said...

I won’t comment on the share dealing con-man as it might spoil my Christmas G&T (a family tradition, I hasten to add) but I do wish Nick, Bill and CU a very merry Christmas and, if possible, a Happy New Year.🥳

Jeremy Poynton said...

Stuart Broad

No contest.

electro-kevin said...

Best wishes to you all.

She has a big tongue. She's a personality alright.

andrew said...
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andrew said...

i think dustybloke has not had a chance to read the judgement in the recent phone hacking case.

which is not complimentary.