Thursday 28 December 2006

Blair-Blears blithering on...

Truly Christmas cheer has affected our elected government, Mr. Blair now currently residing at yet another celebrity home for his holiday has had another idea. His last idea, of being able to single-handedly unite the Middle East against Iran, has not been a success:
"Blair's official spokesman said the trip, which had the
backing of the
White House, had been a success.
"This was not a trip to
with concrete ticks in boxes," he said, on the government's
condition of anonymity. "This was a trip to listen."(here)

Lots of listening here then? Lecturing the world on the evil of Iran as Iraq descends into civil war.

Anyway, I digress. For this failure has clearly hit our PM hard. He has now decided to outsource government policy, led by that most hated of political ministers, Hazel Blears. See below from The Guardian:

Ms Blears is one of the ministers involved in an initiative announced yesterday to consult members of the public through an extended focus group. "Deliberative forums" will invite 100 people - selected by market research firms - to put themselves in ministers' shoes in considering three broad areas of policy.

This is frankly unbelievable. We are to be ruled by selection via Market Research agency. No doubt Blair thinks this is some kind of aping of ancient Athenian direct democracy; but really it shows the total lack of confidence within his government.

It is out of touch with the people because its policies are so ill-judged and poorly written into law. Asking random punters to 'sort it' is not the answer. If he feels that his government is unable to represent the people who elected it then he should resign and call and election.


Stan Bull said...

Mr Blair- You have to ask yourself ....what's the point anymore???

James Higham said...

Interesting that both leaders have the dithers at the moment but the third - Howard, still seems to be full steam ahead.

Croydonian said...

CU - grossly off topic, but if you see this today (29/12), Dizzy and I are having a jar in town tonight and thought you might want to show a face. E-mail me for details....

Jeff said...

another half arsed NuLab initiative.
It will probably be as effective as all the rest, I will be interested to see what portion of the population is represented and if they are all Labour voters

CityUnslicker said...

I await the re-announcement of this initaitive at least 3 times inthe next 3 months. I can't see Brown goign for it either, so hopefully will be dropped.

Blair really should go IT & Toby.

James- Australia is the outrider here you are right. Don't know why, do you?

Buster- if they do do it, then of course it iwll be a stitch up as per usual I am sure.

Anonymous said...

we’ve been here before:

In 1998, the Cabinet Office Modernising Public Services Group commissioned MORI, the market research company, and Birmingham University's School of Public Policy to set up a People's Panel.

The People's Panel was made up of 5,000 members of the public. It had a profile that was representative of the UK population in terms of age, gender, region and a wide range of other demographic indicators. At the time of recruitment, data on both service usage and attitudes were collected for each Panel member and their household….

The idea for the Panel was largely prompted by government recognition of the need to listen to, and learn from, people's views in order to be better able to provide the services that people want. This work is now being taken forward by the Office of Public Services Reform with government departments.

The Panel came to an end in January 2002

CityUnslicker said...

Thanks Notsaussure. I can think of at least one other occasion too before the last election People's Debate I think it was.

Very NuLab.

Anonymous said...

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