Tuesday 20 February 2007

City Bonus's - let them pay for our failure

A first for me, a link to The SUN.

Basically, an aide to the Mayor is jumping on the Hain bandwagon and suggesting a windfall tax on City Bonus's.

This is of course economic nonsense; but then to add insult to injury he suggest this money could be used to fund the Olympics.

So in short, the uncosted and untested project for the Olympics, never put to the vote, should be paid for by City worked who have probably worked 16 hour days for years to earn their cash.

This idea is somewhat underwhelming to me. As a point of record, I am not a recipient of these payments; yet I do see what people to do get them. It ain't pretty and it ain't nice. Only last week a young lawyer got so stressed by it all he jumped to his death in the Tate Modern.

But then spending other people's money is what socialists preach best of all. Time for us to get rid of Ken and his ilk.


youdontknowme said...

If the government could get away with it they would tax the air we breath.

James Higham said...

If you glance at Tom's blog, where I notice you also commented, CUS, you'd know this rank stupidity has me wanting to kill. Rightly you say the socialists want to spend other people's money.

CityUnslicker said...

i know, this sort of thing realy boils my blood - it is just so stupid.

Anonymous said...

City bonus's what?

Or is it a tax on bonuses?

Newmania said...

I think he has got it wrong CU they are trying to reinvent Harold Wilson style political envy but we have had ten years in which the lie that taxes are paid by the rich has been exposed.
The last raid was on North Sea Oil revenue to "Pay for Oil for an Old Ladies Heating" as Brown put it ever so slightly emotively.
At the time I was amazed that they retrospecitively just grabbed the money and wondered what on earth might happen next.

Its Eastern Block government and this sort of thing only send the signal that Labour are addicted to taxes.Look at the Polls in england . InScotland over HALF of the work force are working for the Government .

Its a very worrying position we are getting into .

Good post CU and great to see you are still up and running

CityUnslicker said...

anon - my grammar is flawed but I don't have the time to check everything through.

N - And don't forget the tax on pensions. That was effectively criminal and a tax on saving and on the future generations. All to pay for baubles today.

I quite agree with you re the state we are in. The northern half of the country has more than 50% state workers and votes labour. The southern half has mainly private workers and votes Conservative. This is not a nice heterogenous position to be in, is it?

Anonymous said...

Joseph Von Schumpeter always believed that democracy would kill free markets and capitalism - for a long while it has seemed as though he was just the old misery guts everyone said he was - but maybe time will proof him right?

Bill Haydon said...

I agree with your argument CU, but despite being non-socialist reactionary bourgeois slime I am prone to a touch of envy (nobody's perfect) - until going part time and living on next to nowt I was working immense hours with loads of responsibility (exams, healthnsafety, trips, that sort of thing) but alas bonuses are unknown in my profession, even in the aftermath of a successful inspection. I don't even get a gilt edged pension. I thought that, say, £50 would have been a nice gesture after the inspection, or after the trips I led - but nowt.

Anonymous said...

Just popped by to admire your view of the spires. I made a Toastmaster speech about Lord Nelson last night, I plan to write up about it for Tom Paine.

CityUnslicker said...

Mutley - socialists don't believe in democracy, they believe in the ruel of the working class. It is not quite the same thing.

Tin - Life is unfair in the job market, but we each choose our professions. If you work hours equivalent to 2 jobs but get paid £80k a year you are not doing that well, are you?

Ellee - Well I look forward to reading that.

Anonymous said...

'Life is unfair in the job market, but we each choose our professions. If you work hours equivalent to 2 jobs but get paid £80k a year you are not doing that well, are you?' (CU)

Speak for yourself, I'd work a 75 hour week for £80k

Bill Haydon said...

80K?? Where do I sign up?

Anonymous said...

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