Sunday 18 February 2007

Sunday Business Paper Review

As promised a few weeks ago.

This is not a review of the news today, but of the general coverage of 'business' news in the Sunday papers over time.

Firstly, I happen to think that the coverage is overall actually very good. considering the natural secrecy of corporates, particularly private equity and venture capitalists, together with their easy access to expensive lawyers, a lot of information comes out to us. in fact, with the standard so high I am not surprised the Sunday Business did not make it.

Some of it even within a decent enough timescale to help with buying or selling shares in the market. Having said that, the real money is made these days by the in-house desks of investment banks; if you think that staying up with events by reading newspapers business pages is going to keep you informed enough to compete then think again.

Anyway, enough pre-amble, here are my musings:

1st Place: The Sunday Times, this is quite surprising for me. The daily edition of the newspaper is terrible in its business journalism. Clearly, they have a different breed of hack for the Sunday's edition. The weekly take on a big story is often insightful and balanced. The long interview with a CEO, although fawning, at least provides some depth of character. The columnists are pretty good; except for Irwin Stelzer, but I find him quite funny, similar to The Hitch.

2nd Place: The Sunday Telegraph, it was close. The ST is a good read for business, full of depth. Dan Roberts, the editor, lacks punch in his columns though and is too generous his targets. Always a hard call for journalists that but he falls the wrong side of the line and leads the coverage this way. However, the ST has the best business website by far, better than the revamped Times.

3rd Place: The Observer, As with the weekday output at The Guardian the depth and quality is of a high order. You will be surprised no doubt to hear that I don't buy it often, so to read it as part of this review I found insightful. I don't think the business hacks can have much in common with the others journo's at the paper. They are balanced, insightful and pay less attention to to the Unions than you might think. So what is wrong? Ina word the coverage is great, the columnists are really bad. I give you George Monbiot, moonbat king and Larry Elliot, economics editor for Pravda.

As for the other broadsheets; The Indy, has good detail but such a tilt to the left (today's is a great example) that balance goes out of the window.

The tabloids are somewhat easier, as they don't really have any serious business focus. The MOS, does not even have any information online. In the paper itself a couple of derisory pages are followed by concerns with mortgage rates as you would expect!

The Express, News of the World and Sunday Mirror are all equally worthless; but then they have more serious material to cover.

What do you read and what are your views?


Newmania said...

Hmmm not really my area CU.I get as far as Alex in the DT generally

( You need to meet cleverer people )

Anonymous said...

If you could give us the links of the best biz stories from the Sunday papers, that would be really helpful.

CityUnslicker said...

E: try do that already rather than me copy them.

N: Your recent posts have been of impressive length. I am at my limit achievin this lowly effort.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Not my area either but your reviews are very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Observer: not entirely with you on Larry Elliott, he is often directly at loggerheads with the Toynbees of this parish, as any right-thinking man should be.

Moonbat is a strange one: completely 'off the heid' sometimes, disconcertingly honest and straightforward on other occasions.

The Observer Biz writer that defeats me is Peter Preston. He is generally let loose on media issues (we must presume that, as ex Gruan Editor, he has tenure and a long leash) and is often floating off on a solo mission into outer space.

Just once in a while the Observer carries something that almost qualifies as investigative...

Newmania said...

CU ..I am living a lie , and the long put off rationalisation must be soon. I simply have to look after the shop.

why not do a lighthearted thing about yourself .You are very funny actually and you`ve put it lots of good work. I should imagine there is plenty going on.

Just a thought

James Higham said...

for me, whenever I read one of your posts on these things, I realize it's straight from the horse's mouth and therefore should be scrutinized. Your take on business matters, particularly the City,is the first I wish to know.

Anonymous said...

CU, you would hopefully have your own slant, rather than copy, perhaps focus on one or two, just a thought for our blogging community.

CityUnslicker said...

ND - I bow to your greater knowldege of the Observer. i bought it for 3 weeks to give this review some credibility. However, I worry for you if indeed you are a regular reader. Dear Boy, think of your sanity first. The rest of the paper is paen to Marx.

N - My life currently is a vicious fight with work and is generating little humour. Beers needed perhaps upon your recovery.

JH - high praise as ever, especially from someone so well connected.

E- that is a good point and probably a worth while endeavour for Sunday nights blogging.

Anonymous said...

Sanity intacta est.

(a) only read it online, the site has a strong search / filter facility (+ of course am a cheapskate)

(b) always belly-laughs available on the Leader page

(c) best Rugby coverage, the incomparable Eddie Butler

(d) Rawnsley is sometimes interesting, & not always for the reason he'd like to think (always transparent as to which of Blair or Brown has given him This Week's Steer, which is revealing in itself)

Anonymous said...

Steady on! You know C reads this. Netiquette must mean something.

CityUnslicker said...

I am a big tease.

Anonymous said...

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