Wednesday 7 March 2007

IT Poor Results; The shape of things to come

I posted below about the revolution that is hitting our television industry. Today ITV have announced another poor set of results. ITV are still the largest advertising channel in the UK, but not for long. Google will overtake them in a year or so and as the multi-channel world of Digital television kicks in they will fall even further back.

The future will be subscription and new forms of payment, like ITVPlay and the other gameshows where you pay through calling in with little hope of winning a prize. It will be a very different world and I can't see how the likes of the BBC and ITV can remain in their current format's over the next 5 years.


Newmania said...

This is a good chain you have CU which I am enjoying . I wonder what effect it will have on the output .It is my suspicion that , that will also improve when income and not just numbers are the objective.

That is what dumbs down Saturday sheer numbers of free service users measns veruy little . Popular entertainment has got a lot worse over the years although there,are still gems

Jeremy Jacobs said...

I went along to listen to Michael Grade last week. Of course, he gave nothing away but he knows he's facing a challenge. My bet is that ITV will be a huge Internet player very shortly.

Anonymous said...

The answer is that they won't be in the same format in two years, let alone five. Interesting times ahead.

CityUnslicker said...

Tv as we know it will change radically. People will say the qaulity will drain away, but I am not fussed about the death of dancing on ice and its ilk.

Short Videos will be made for mobile and internet links, like YouTube and longer programmes for niche audiences.

There will be more subscription too and less advertising.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to the day when the BBC has to pay its way and their idealistic, bigoted, self serving and lefty liberal employees have to work for a living in the real world.

I think Grade will turn ITV around and the only thing that is missing with them is innovation.

Since when have we had real except for the very few hours a year that specialists present? There is no drama really worth watching that isn't basically junk entertainment...nothing wrong with that if ou are a TV watcher. But where is the I CLaudius? The Borgias? etc. etc. from the BBC that we used to get and pay for?

I don't really care about high quality TV as I don't watch that much, but what I pay for I want to get VFM, and we aren't getting it right now. Ellee is right here; two years at tops and we will see big changes.

Anonymous said...

I remember listening to a programme over ten years ago which said that soon your telephone, computer an TV would all be combined in the same instrument.

It hasn't happened yet.

Sometimes change comes more slowly than we expect.

That said, one thing is certain. In two years' time, there will still be plenty of morons about to call premium rate TV voting lines.

CityUnslicker said...

Shot - I won't miss the socialist mafia.

Steve - Well , this is driven by economics not some tomorrow's world predictions; i think the change will be quite radical in short order.

H - nice to see you return Mr Hitch. i trust BT are treating you well.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

How sad. But I, too, am probably thinking back to the days when the BBC produced so many quality programmes. All I want in the world is Radio 4 over here [npt via the internet]!

Anonymous said...

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