Monday 5 March 2007

Digital Telly; a nice denoument for the BBC

The end of the analogue signal is approaching. In the autumn of this year, the first switch off will occur.

This heralds a major change in the way we all get and view our television in future. The Government pursued this idea because it would free up the radio spectrum to be sold again and would leave Britain with an advanced DTT system. So all round a good idea, even if there are hitches in the shape of refusniks' and a lot of analogue TV's to be disposed of.

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Longer term however, there is a huge shift in the business model coming, to the detriment of the current advertising based model. With a multi-channel TV audience for all channels, the share of the larger channels will fall. So ITV, BBC and Channel 4 will all suffer. This means their advertising revenue will fall off. To help bolster this they will need more popular programmes; but this does not square with their current public service broadcasting obligations.

The Government is of a already retreating on this issue vis-a-vis C4 and ITV by reducing their costs. But for the BBC it is a different game; how can it justify its position as its market share falls?

I don't think it can, but I like the latest idea from John Whittingdale that in future all companies could bid for government funded public service broadcasting; thus removing the need for a BBC monopoly and licence fee.

A market for TV PSB is a much better idea than the current system; we still get the content and have to pay, but not to support the whole administrative monolith that is the BBC.


Newmania said...

That is actually a brilliant idea and makes a thousand times more sense than the current dogs breakfast.

Funnily enough the BBC treats its staff appallingly badly and only certain echelons get to milk the tax payer. I think such a n idea would have huge support. It is clear we cannot stay where we are

Great post CU ...

Anonymous said...

And it's racist.

At least, if you believe Jonathan Ross.

CityUnslicker said...

Wossy is a right plonker for saying that. What about that bloke they had on doing a spot on mobile phones for News 24...

Anonymous said...

I heard last night that the BBC are using YouTubes too, that TV as we know it is on the way out, it will all be downloaded on our mobile phones soon.

James Higham said...

PBS doesn't have a great reputation in other parts of the world.

CityUnslicker said...

E - I think mobile tv won't take off; much as 3g has not. It is a technology looking for a solution.

JH - Yes, I don't agree with withdrawing all funding as the Uk does show the improvement you get if you do have some public funding. We just don't need the BBC monstrosity to achieve these aims.

The Hitch said...
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The Hitch said...

Dear Mr Slicker
I will say this once,
I have sole copyright on the phrase "Hitch" or any derivatives such as "Hitches"
Should I find that you have been using my good name again I will have no other option other than to cycle around to your house and piss through the letterbox!
That or I will send my publicist Max clifford around to do so.
You have been warned!

Anonymous said...

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