Sunday 25 March 2007

Sunday Business Review - 24/3/07

A linkfest to the 10 most interesting Sunday Business stories in UK papers:

BP to stay in Russian investments - John Browne thinks a chat with Putin is enough. I am not sure Browne's successor will be pleased with such a high risk strategy.

UK business tries to get in on Nuclear Act - A long way to go to match their state-owned EU competition though.

A new world of Open Skies - I was as wrong as always, still amazed that this was signed!

Sub-Prime mortgage fallout out bites UK - still think House prices are going to keep going up?

A good Budget for poor people - from the Guardian Media Group ( now part owned by a PE house!)

Budget a miss - from the Torygraph.

Media Giants start to fight Google - the Times has a positive view of NewsCorp's strategy, as you would expect.

Satellite's still a dog investment - With such high capital requirements, they won't be relocating to the UK anyway after Broon's budget....

The Indy still goes on about green business - An interesting read as it shows why the lack of market forces will stop any major changes to our energy supply. Yet their solution is to regulate, not to marketise?

Another interest rate rise due? - first of several I think , all the models have oil falling in price and so weakening inflationary forces. But if this does not happen, then rises are guaranteed.


Anonymous said...

You are right about high risk in Russia. Western companies - even IOCs who would seem to be worldy enough - are poorly equipped to deal with such *unsentimental* hosts.

They all imagine themselves to be really tough, strategically-minded players. But they are up against the masters, long schooled in remorseless chess-play. Even ExxonMobil, who considered themselves above the fray, took a knock in last year's pounding by Russia. The rest - Shell, BP, Total, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, Marathon, Statoil ... all took a real kicking.

Funny thing is, they still keep coming back for more

CityUnslicker said...

greed and arrogance Mr. Drew. They can't seem to help it.

Newmania said...

while it was not one of Gordon Brown's typical "Robin Hood" packages, the measures overall would help low-income families.

says the Guardian...of course its not the poor so much as the state idlers they want to help . Anyone working is in a dreadful position unitl you get onto pretty high salaries.

One salary and three of you OUCH! As I know.

I cannot believe anyoone will trust Brown on taxes. Blair was far more credible on this front........ so long ago

Anonymous said...

Hey, what a lot of interesting reads here, Putin and oil, a favourite of mine, as well as business and the environment, another favourite.

I really appreciate this round-up.

James Higham said...

Sub prime mortgage fallout is particularly interesting.

CityUnslicker said...

N - thanks for this. I think broon has really ended his economic credibility with this budget. At last!

JH- This is the long term issue that will cause the next recession.

Ellee - Nice to see you back!

Anonymous said...

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