Sunday 4 March 2007

Sunday Business Round Up 4/3/07

A much better week this week than last, including the sight of Slicker eating his hat...

Firstly, an entertaining story in the Sunday Telegraph about the future of soft drinks. With all the flavours done, it seems gimmicks will be the new 'new.' Still sounds like fun. Better than the most dull story covered by most but with the Observer link here, about the SKY/Virgin TV boresville.

The main story of the week, the huge market fall (over 10% globally) is surprisingly covered only briefly, although best stories are in here and here. The Mail has a take on how to profit as a small investor in these times; no they don't mention buying a house!

The Sunday Telegraph also covers the credit card story, which continues to bubble away (yes, I know I 'owe' a post on this). This time is is Barclays looking to get out of its credit mess and further bad news for HSBC which is really in the mire in the US with bad mortgage loans (look out for the Woolwich in the UK to suffer the same fate as the year progresses?). The Times reports this story as HSBC writing off $11 billion in loans- that is more than the cost of the business they bought! The Observer has a slightly different take here, as you would expect.

Finally there are a few stories following up on last week's Private Equity binge - here in the Telegraph, a PE bid in The Times,

I always like to include at least one story on our increasing tax burden and its threat to our economic well being - here is one in The Times. Although the Observer has the opposite on how our film industries subsidies are under threat (if only!). The Indy has a nice angle on blaming the tax accountants for the world's woes; I have a tinge of sympathy with the argument here, but not a lot

Finally, the open skies talks I dissed last week have apparently made progress...or maybe not if BA has its way. I remain knife and fork at the ready.


Anonymous said...

CU, tell you what jumped out at me in the Observer - the two stories on Centrica trawling the world for gas, and being warned off Iran by the FO.

Also the doubts over what Russia/Gazprom will do next.

There is a major story bubbling under here.

Newmania said...

This is really handy CU for keeping and using as and when. What a lot of work you put in. I suppose its more FT than the Daily Mail ...( Sun?) things I seem to have ended up doing.

I was rather interested in the rowe between Virgin and Sky ..but then thats the ort of shallow person I am
World going to hell ? ..Thats ok just leave the TV stations .

CityUnslicker said...

ND - I missed that but had a good chat this morning to some Observer journo's at a function that was quite interesting.

You maybe write re Iran; that is a 'pre-cursor' I agree.

N - Well lukcy you, I have a post on telly up later today.

Anonymous said...

I agree it's really handy, I get some of the broadsheets but not all, I know I can catch up with the financial news here.

Anonymous said...

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