Friday 4 May 2007

Local Elections comments

Come on, stay awake. This is real political wonk territory and is best served by and too those who are very interested in this kind of thing. So apologies to those who feel this is overkill

Having said that I have seen the news on and off all day. It has has made me choke to hear the Beeb say what a relative failure for the Tories today has been.


840+ seats to Labour -460?

It is crazy and proves what craven believers of Labour spin the BBC are and has inspired me to think about another post on why they should be privatised...

It also made me think about how odd 24 hour news reporting has become. Yesterday I clearly heard that 500+ seats would be a good victory for the Tories, by none other than Nick Robinson.

So why the change today? They wanted a story this morning that is why. They had nothing to say when Scotland was too close to call, so 'the line' became Tory failure.

Not Labour disaster or Lib Dem meltdown. Once this line had been taken it has been defended all day, even in the face of the facts of the election. Tp be fair, Sky have done more or less the same as well as the Beeb, this is a media production/manufacturing problem.

It has come to a pretty pass when the media is defending its own commentary over reporting what is actually happening.


Anonymous said...

Amazing that the BBC exists !! - it also told us here in the South that the most important story was the Scottish Parliamentary elections - which mean absolutely nothing to me at all - frankly I couldn't give a fuck and it will 0 effect on me if they elect the NAZI Party - the fact that the Liberals were booted out all over the place down here is potentially actually important to us - but not ranked by the Beeb.

Anonymous said...

I've been saying all this since 1.30am last night.

BBC = Labour.
Sky = Murdoch = Labour

jungle jane said...

There was an election? Crap. I mis-read - I thought it was an erection.

*puts down her sex toys and goes out to buy the Sun*

CityUnslicker said...

Mutley - same here, all about the nationalists in Scotland and a damp squib in Wales; lie I care!

Shot - succinct and true I think.

Jane - don't worry abou the election, you sound like you were having much more fun!

Newmania said...

When I was in the Any Questions audience there was a warm up and she wanted people to ask questions.
I wagged a fin and i was going to asl about the editorial bias of the BBC and the suppressed report sshowing antisemitic Middle east coverage , pro IRA reporting and fixed audiences.

Didn`t get in damn .It was entirely clear that Labour were talking their prospects down all last week and what happened was predictable . A great night for the Conservatives with Labour stuck

Harriet Harman said they people were saying to Labour. " You must change". How can they , the party will not have it .
They need to lose and if they are thinking like in was in 97 you`d rather get it over with.

Been house hunting CU. Back now

CityUnslicker said...

I fear Broon will hang on to the last possible minute though N.

Hope househunting was fruitful

James Higham said...

Strange you should mention the Nazi Party, Mutley, as Newmania did too.

Newmania said...

Mutley-it will 0 effect on me if they elect the NAZI Party

That isn`t actually true but the other part of what you say is certianly important and has indeed been given little time

Anonymous said...

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