Sunday 6 May 2007

Bank Holiday Business Round-up

Today's interesting business headlines, a good day today with some quality journalism which has had a bout of looking at some long-term issues:

Labour to re-nationalise the railways? - no surprise here, not they are set to lose the next election, they can play economic silly buggers.

Tide turns to RBS in banking war - is this of much interest outside of the City though?

Croydon Council move to a develop property - At last, some better ideas for developing the badly needed housing stock.

Manufacturing in UK now based in the South - An interesting point here from the Guardian, figures seem a bit suspect if you include R&D as manufacturing...

BP post Lord Browne - An analysis of what the future holds for all you shareholders.

Easyjet to the US
- can low-cost carriers break the international market?

A nice short summary of the macroeconomic fix we are in - and how it will pan out...

..and a look at the consumer credit crisis too - not pretty, I hope it is not you!

Biofuels; The great green con - Top article, makes 2 valid points and then misses the winner that biofuels created more carbon emissions than fossil fuels!

Article of the week - What will Brown do when he is crowned? - A nice summary of the various policy options we will soon hear more about.


jungle jane said...

i *think* someone forgot about the headline Wigan 0 Middlesborough 1 in their weekend roundup...

James Higham said...

Tell me, CUS, have you ever had:

"an acrimonious dinner"


And why La Salle? And is it of interest outside the City? No, unless it's a strange person like me, who keeps an eye on the doings of the RBS.

CityUnslicker said...

JJ - with the demise of leeds my football reporting will bceom less frequent and more cynical.

CityUnslicker said...

JH - An acrimonious dinner.

I think one that included some prospective in laws once upoon a time might qualify. They were staunch socialists and rude to boot.

RBS is of interest to me, my brother works there.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that biofuels link, I shall check it out closely.

Benedict White said...

City unslicker, I am not convinced on the bio fuels story because it does depend on where and how you grow them.

Currently food production in Europe is directed to produce mountains of unusable rubbish which is then dumped on others to destroy their agriculture.

Saying that putting up the price of agricultural produce will hit the poorest hardest seems to ignore how these people try to make a living which is by growing surplus food.

Bio fuels of all sorts can be useful if they are grown in the right way, without petro chemical based fertilizer and on land which does not affect bio diversity or carbon absorption. Personally I favour irrigating deserts, but the only ones that are in a stable political situation are in Australia.

CityUnslicker said...

Ellee/BW - I firmly believe that we need the right solutions. Biofules are just not one that is viable for the world the way it is currently proposed.

Worse is to waste R&D money on pointless avenues like this; Nuclear fusion is far more deserving of the money.

James Higham said...

They were staunch socialists and rude to boot.

Australia has a lot of problems with irrigation, especially with salinity.

James Higham said...

Er, CUS, I forgot the actual comment - "Don't the two go hand in hand?"

CityUnslicker said...

JH - err...normally they do James, how about Hillary Benn though as the exception to prove the rule.

Anonymous said...

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