Thursday 7 June 2007

NHS in Surplus! Now There's A Thing

Home again to read of another little classic of the NuLab modus operandi - the NHS is in surplus and Patsy Hewitt will not have to resign after all. The church bells are ringing. Since the day she offered to fall on her sword if the deficit had continued, the nation had been trembling to learn of her fate: talk in pubs and clubs was of little else. Now we can all breathe easy again.

Actually, of course, the moment she put her neck on the block we knew the fix was in - just as when Blair staked everything on getting asylum-seeker numbers down.

As they say in the army: if the sun rises in the east, the Sergeant Major will be in foul mood.



Anonymous said...

Is being in surplus for the NHS the same as having too many patients?

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised nobody has made a thread on it, and I've checked, and I intend to do one tomorrow, but isn't a surplus as bad if not even worse than a deficit in th NHS?

Surely s surplus means that people who could have been seen and treated have actually and probably died for lack of money and resources, when those resources were actually available?

I know it is a dishonest and fiddled figure anyways, but the principle remains; a surplus is even worse than a deficit, and the only way that is ideal is to have a balanced book near as dammit.

Nick Drew said...

Shot, you are clearly right, this is not a profit-making enterprise and the trick seems to have been worked by manoeuvering several NHS Trusts into significant underspend.

The human consequences are evidently of no moment to Hewitt so long as she gets to cling on for a couple more weeks until McBroon puts her out of her misery and she can head off for some serious wonga.

Nick Drew said...

It must be something like that Mutt, because in a masterly exposition of joined-up government they are forcing us to watch epilepsy-inducing graphics on our telescreens

The Hitch said...

Mr Mutley
as you see a vet privately I dont see how this issue affects you.
Dont get me on the subject of vets.One of my mothers flea bag cats has a couple of teeth out a while ago , 500 fucking quid! I shit you not.
My dentist would have done it cheaper

Anonymous said...

I was hoping you would write on this. The NHS isn't meant to be in surplus, is it? Surely it's there to pay for the care and medication of the sick who have to struggle for the quality of care they deserve.

CityUnslicker said...

I think the surplus' pay past debts too as well, so there is more jiggery pokery to this than meets the eye.

It is like saying you have a surplus at home, but your credit carsd are still maxed out.

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

This is one of the worst signs of blatant spin I've ever read or heard about!

The NHS is a huge disaster for Gnulab, they have ransacked the coffers to get their favoured administrators, wasters, pen pushers, accountants etc into jobs where they can stay for life, and now claim that just because the money is 'said' to be right, (it definitely isn't), that people are getting well again.

Mrs S's Mum has just been taken to hospital, (she's very frail). We had always been told that the local hospital had no free beds and was going to be chopped anyway. So what did we find when we went there to visit?

An empty ward, except for her Mum!

There are persistent lies attached to all the Hewitt crap which is fed to the public, and you are right to start calling for these profligate bastards to be held for account again. They've got away with incompetence and stupidity for far too long.

Anonymous said...

Hold on a min, I think I've sussed the angle...

£500million surplus this year...means they need £500million less next year...which means they can cut the budget next year and can give a semantic justification...

James Higham said...

Do you think it was above board?

Nick Drew said...

James -

(a) the numbers are so large & complex, particularly with capital accounts being blurred with revenue accounts, + 'reserves' in play, & hence with so much latitude for Treasury creativity - I don't know how any meaningful reliance could be placed upon them

(b) as Shot says, interpretation of the numbers (even taken at face value) is kind of theological anyway

(c) NuLab learned several years ago never to commit to any statistic or measure it couldn't be certain in advance of fixing.

Flashback: it is 20 November 2006

Patsy: "Now you're quite sure you can make sure these numbers come out right next year?

Bored civil servant: "yeah yeah, piece of piss, Gordon's down £5 billion this quarter on carousel fraud alone, & we've hidden that one - just leave it to us"

Patsy: "but I've said I'll resign ..."

BCS: "just have another cup of tea, Secretary of State - can't think why you fret so much, you're for the chop when Brown gets in anyway"

Anonymous said...

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