Sunday 10 June 2007

Sunday Papers round-up - Business

The usual round-up of the 10 most interesting business stories in the UK broadsheets this weekend. Quite a momentous week in the end, interesting to see the stock market fall despite rates being held. The next few weeks will show what is to come for the beginning of Brown's reign:

BAE Scandal - This just won't go away as the lefties are firmly on to it. Whether there is any wrongdoing or not, we shall see; it would be a non-story without the ridiculousness of the once ' ethical' foreign policy.

Sports direct saga - This continues, with Mike Ashley effectively sticking two fingers up at the city. The clever city bankers and investment managers are certain to get their hands burned here; Ashley will be set to buy the company back from them for half the price he sold it to them for next year. The city say he is mis-behaving; yet they stand to lose, so it is the investors who should change tactics if they want to avoid a haircut.

Workaholism test
- Do you work to hard? I try not too, but must be borderline. If you add in blogging then where does that leave you?

Bond Market shenanigans - this article is important, because it acknowledges the spread of some serious underlying risks to the markets as a whole. On the other hand it is very badly written and it loses me; it needs more English and less Jargon.

Postal strike madness - Adam Crozier is a serial company menace. Look at the mess he left behind at the FA. Now he is wrecking the post office too; cutting pay without negotiation is always going to cause a strike.

Joke story of the week - Osborne hires Thornton - this will change the world, George Osborne has hired a small league accounting firm to look at ways to reduce red tape...go get 'em Tiger!

Hips fiasco - The disastrous government policy lays in even more tatters. Surely this utter mess requires a resignation?

EU ministers back hope over reality - or in this case Galileo, a typical EU vanity project that unsurprisingly has few backers or a credible business plan.

Watch out Chelsea - Wigan owner sells JJB and could not make Wigan a serious player in the premiership.

KEEP VOTING HERE - Most under-rated blogger, don't you think?


The Hitch said...

my vote is for sale

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell Slicker...I hope you don't look after my wads... that's only nine again and not ten :-)

Anonymous said...

Adam Crozier is a serial company menace. Look at the mess he left behind at the FA. Now he is wrecking the post office too; cutting pay without negotiation is always going to cause a strike.

That's the plan Slicker, and it's the Governments eventual goal; to give the market to their mates... apart from them being ideologically unable to privatise the Post Office and deregulate the system. These bastards would rather destroy it and the people who work there than be accused of following Thatcher policies, and that makes them and their supporters beyond contempt.

How else do we explain that a prior to 1997, a business that made £500 million profit annually, now makes a £500 million loss a year and has also shed 50,000 jobs and up to 7500 of their premises? Car tax discs and pensions being available online and directly doesn't account for all that does it? Then there's the fact that we are down to one delivery a day etc. etc. etc.

It can only have been deliberate.

This Government also took all the profit from 1997 on, for the first time in history, of the PO and put it directly into Treasury coffers without making arrangements for investment.

Deliberate and a disgrace that it isn't widely known or reported; once again as we've said many time, the media have a lot to answer for. This may yet come back to bite Brown.

CityUnslicker said...

The Hitch - I will buy you a drink if you like. What is your tipple?

Shot - errr. thanks. Must learnt o count better!

As for the Post Office. I quite agree that the governement has a plan to dithc it. Ruining its finances and its financial base as a dsitributor of government funds was the first step. Now they have a crazy management to further the work.

Soon no doubt it will be turned into some kind of PFI Quango. Looks like we will all have to rely on email even more!

James Higham said...

Most under-rated indeed.

Anonymous said...

Don't Thorntons make choccies and toffees and stuff? this is sure to end badly....

Steven_L said...

'it would be a non-story without the ridiculousness of the once ' ethical' foreign policy' (CU)

Surely the logical conclusion of an 'ethical' foriegn policy would be regime change in the KSA and a few other gulf states?

CityUnslicker said...

Mutley - a firm of chocolate teapots

CityUnslicker said...

Steven - Depends on ones' ethics that?

how about supporting Mugabe and opposing Elle Johnson-Sirleaf...

Steven_L said...

Exactly, 'ethical' foreign policy is a joke. Lesser of two evils fair enough.

Anonymous said...

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