Monday 23 July 2007

7 reasons to make the most of 2007

2007 is set to be a good year in economic terms, so make the most of it:

1 - UK growth is currently ticking along at a nicely overclocked 3%. As with all over-clocked goods, this means it will burn out faster and in all likelihood in a more catastrophic manner!

2 - The crap weather has really affected a lot of of our retail companies. Homebase had a 10% sale this weekend past and there will be more to come. Make the most of being able to do cheap DIY whilst the weather is bad. Statistically, the weather is very unlikely to be so bad next summer.

3 - Chances are there will be no election this year. This is a good thing as (for me!) the opposition are in disarray. Sadly, next year if the disarray continues then next year there will be an election and the Government will win by a country mile! This year I can at least travel in hope.

4 - The Stock market and investments are up hugely. Over 20% so far, if you have invested in these at all you will be well ahead of where you were (Up 50% if you have investor in Chinese or South American markets). Next year, is not promising to be such a good year, with the global economy overheating and higher interest rates slowing it down.

5 - Our generous Government has left you more money to spend. In 2008, with Government debt at high levels, taxes are almost certain to go up. At the very least a higher Oil price will mean more tax paid through petrol duty. A raid on our small pleasures such as drinking is on the cards too. More probably, there will be big extra taxes 'to save' the environment (and Government finances...)

6 - Next year the England football team, even if they qualify for Euro 2008, will be again boring the pants off half the population and making the other half scream and shout in frustration. Worse, Germany are resurgent as a national team and will probably win the tournament!

7 - Finally, from our more certain brethren, the world may well end next year, so time to make the most if it now


Nick Drew said...

I think I can guess what advice the Hitch will give . . .

Guns ! Gold ! Gurrls ! Feck !

(have I got that right ?)

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Point 6.

England have to beat Israel first.

Ruthie said...

What if you live in the U.S.?

Dang it.

Newmania said...

I despair of English football , we don`t even have english players in the youth teams any more. Ecclestone may own Arsenal by next year, its all going to hell.

I will be teaching N junior rugby, at which I was once brilliant ..( noone remembers ...good ) yes absolutely brilliant

Old BE said...

English football is just like the rest of the country - a place where elite foreigners come to make lots of money while the locals sit on the side line and watch.

Is 2007 "Britain's best year ever" in the words of Nanny Hewitt?

CityUnslicker said...

JJ - Surely a home win this time!

Ruthie - Economic woe there will be in the US too.

N - Rugby is very rough. to excel in a sport it is best to have little competition. how about fencing or eton fives?

Ed - But at least we seem to make money out of it, as the rold's billionaires buy out our second hand car salesman owners.


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