Wednesday 11 July 2007

Constitutional Brown.

Our new capable leader, Mr Brown has been very active in the meedia to make it clear he will be a different kind of guy from Mr Blair; The differences between Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde are of a similar nature I believe.

Housing, his topic for today I will deal with later. His other big idea though is constitutional reform. A government with non-Labour ministers, a bigger role for Parliament, a smaller role for the Monarchy.

All well and good but what of the big issues:

- A huge chunk of our laws come from the EU, where the MEP's are mainly UKIP and Conservative.
- Northern Ireland is ruled by a DUP/Sein Feinn coalition
- Scotland has a minority nationalist government
- Wales has a Labour government, reliant on Welsh nationalists
- England has a Labour government, but more Tory MP's and many more Tory votes at the last election.

So really, all goes well except what is the point of his Labour Government. Not in a majority anywhere, except a House of Lords filled with 'dodgy' peers of ex-Labour donors and MP's.

Brown says nothing about this. The elephants in the room are ignored. instead rumours abound of a move to an Alternative Vote system that could keep Labour in power.

The spin never stops; but if this is 'grand strategy' the British people will see through it in short order.

There certainly does need to be a Constitutional Settlement; but the Labour tribe are not the party to offer it to us.


Crushed said...

A federal solution seems the only viable option.
But a federation of who?
Scotland wants to leave, and Wales will follow soon I suspect.

A UK of England and Northern Ireland?

A bit like the Serbia-Montenegro version of 'The Former Yugoslavia.'

Old BE said...

Surely an independent England with the Queen also as head of state of NI? Would only be a technical solution, but where would Unionism be left if there was no Union left?

Are you sure that Labour don't have a majority in England? The Tories won more votes but I think there are still more Labour seats - you have read my post on this I think...!

Newmania said...

Labour have mnore English seats , the Tories would need 165 for a majoruity inEngland . They did get about 50,000 more votes however att he last election and ED has been showing how boundaries are favouring the Labour Party.

In fact CU if the Conservatuves do get an Englsih majority it will provoke a crisis and that is whne you will se the AV / Lib Pact come into the open.

BRown will bring the coutry to its knees before he allows labour to be kicked out of England

Guthrum said...

Today the unelected regional assemblies are being scrapped, to be replaced with unelected Regional Ministers. In Cromwell's day it was called the rule of the Major-Generals. Brown is moving at a pace to bring in constitutional Reform, note the Queens speech has disappeared- He knows that the English are largely supine and if he can bring in stealth taxes over a ten year period and destroy peoples pensions, this is an absolute doddle.

Anonymous said...

On one of the Labour blogs I have read, Gordon Brown is compared to Oliver Cromwell while Blair is Charles 1. We've already seen that with his second thoughts on casinos, regardless of whether you agree with them or not.

James Higham said...

...the AV / Lib Pact come into the open...

This is what I'm waiting for.

CityUnslicker said...

Crushed- I think we are stuck with that option unless we unwind all the damage Labour has done.

CityUnslicker said...

Ed / N - yes you are right, but morally hte country is ours!

I think the way we are headed the union will be gone much sooner than we all think.

being selfish, as a london taxpayer this is financially to my benefit!

CityUnslicker said...

Guthrum - that is a nice way of putting it. Labour does not want any democracy it just wants power and will fix things to get its way.

CityUnslicker said...

Brown is no cromwell; perhaps George III?

CityUnslicker said...

lord Straf- i hope it never comes to that. I'll be headed to your parts for a decent life...

Anonymous said...

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