Saturday 14 July 2007

Gentle post for a Saturday; TM Lewin.

I went shopping today at lunchtime yesterday, something I rarely do. Equipped with a suitable discount voucher I bought a couple of shirts at TM Lewin;Cheaper and better quality than M&S.

Amazingly, these were on sale and I still got a discount. Apparently I have bought £65 shirts for only £22.50, quite some deal.

But Lewin's is one of those stores where there is always a sale. In fact my challenge is to find a sinlge person who has ever paid full price for a shirt there. Truly this retailer deserves to be in with Allied Carpets in the premier world of having permanent discount sales strategy.

I wonder how TM Lewin manages this within the confines of the trading standards act. Perhaps they have a small outpost in a regional airport or farming village where they neve have a sale?


Steven_L said...

There is no such thing as the 'Trading Standards Act' CU.

Part 3 of the Consumer Protection Act 1987 controls misleading pricing, however this will be repealed next year when fair trading law is harmonised throughout the EU by the implementation of the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive.

There is still widespread abuse of the CPA87, so if you're so concerned why not report them to your local authority?

Old BE said...

To declare a "sale" doesn't the item have to have been on sale at the pre-sale price for 28 days or something?

In which case all they have to do is rotate the stock so some things are at full price and others are on sale.

I have the luxury of a friend in Bangkok who sends me shirts made to my measurements every so often :-)

CityUnslicker said...

Steven-L - Ouch. Your knowledge in this area is clealry far greater than mine!

I am not complaining, I just find it odd they have a sale every single day

CityUnslicker said...

Bangkok shirts sounds like a better idea to me.

Sadly I have no associates over there.

Maybe you are right that they do it through stock rotations.

I still don;t think anyone has ever paid full prie for goods at TM Lewin!

Anonymous said...

I buy all my clothes at Aldi!! Boxers for £1.99for three. Can't be beat...

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Aldi. Not as good as Netto!

Old BE said...

1.99 for three, that's even cheaper than Primark!

Steven_L said...

In his latest bit of constitutional vandalism, Brown is about to introduce new laws so that your trading standards authority cannot prosecute a national company without the say so of the trading standards authority where their head office is, or the new 'Local Better Regulation Office' he's setting up with the power to 'receive gifts'.

CityUnslicker said...

Aldi don't make qaulity shirts though. I can't go to work in my boxers.

Steven_l - Is this that not a good idea though...stops people making silly claims and instead puts the onus on the TSA to have a decent case?

Anonymous said...

They have to have a decent case to get it through court anyway. It's been like that for years. This will mean that even if you do have a strong case, the person who sits drinking coffee with the trading standards contact of the company concerned can arbitarily veto action by any local authority. Is this British Justice?

You might think the eroding of local democracy, that more centralisation, bureaucracy and quangos is a good thing, I do not. Especially when the Quango concerned will be made up of NuLab cronies.

This all came about from one report by Philip Hampton of Sainsbury's, who he he? Did we ever vote for him? How come he get's to write our laws all of a sudden?

This bill (The Regulatory Reform and Sanctions Bill) is also a trojan horse. They want to give powers to quangos such as the Equal Opportunities Commission to hand you on the spot fines of up the the same amount as the maximum fine in the magistrates court for the offence they are accusing you of.

It's just yet more crap legislation and constitutional vandalism.

The Hitch said...

Has anybody ever paid full price at DFS?
If they have a pound to a penny it was Gordon brown or some other retarded govt functionary.
M&S shirts are either really good or really crap , I insist on swiss finished cotton , otherwise you end up looking like boris Johnson

Anonymous said...

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