Sunday 15 July 2007

Sunday Business Round Up - 15 July

Ten of the business stories in the UK Sunday papers that caught my eye:

Brown looking to Insurance - For another tax raid, destroying the pensions industry has not sated his appetite.

Aldermaston US sale- my hunch is that this, our only producer of nuclear weapons, will get sold to Carlyle.

Barlcays all clear to buy ABN
- RBS seems to be holed beneath the water after the anti-competitive Dutch behaviour.

Network Rail Criticised
- All that taxpayer money and still no efficiency...

Record Oil Prices - This will hit inflation, rates will still have to hit 6%, despite the obvious slowdown in the real world.

The Wall of Money - How our economy will be affected by a wall of money coming from abroad.

New tax for housebuilders - Broon returns to form, higher taxes are not going to encourage supply.

Postal Strikes
- The Royal mail, staff and management, continues to dig its own grave.

Lots of Profit Warnings
- But according to official stats we are growing at 3%p.a. and everything is set fair in the UK garden of happiness. Someone is wrong here, but who?

Branson to compete with Second Life- of interest too all Blogpowerers' I am sure.


James Higham said...

The last one - yes but my favourite today is:

Network Rail Criticised

Old BE said...

Britian's householders face the prospect of a roof tax on every home they build. The money raised will go toward paying for infrastructure such as roads, schools and medical centres.

AARRRRGHHH! More tax? What about stamp duty, council tax and planning gain? Don't tell me though: council houses won't have to pay any extra.

CityUnslicker said...

Thi is just an extension of section 106; legalised bribery on behalf of her majesty

Nick Drew said...

As to item 5 (oil & inflation), forecasting commodity prices is a mug's game, but no-one should be surprised if oil blips above $100 / barrel, it's got Big Spike written all over it.

And Big Spike is an unpleasant fellow

Old BE said...

The oil price surely can only go up over the medium-long term as emerging economies soar and the supply starts to dwindle. Nuclear time.

Wolfie said...

"Lots of Profit Warnings"

Growth figures are so easily distorted by inflation/currency fluctuation/[wealthy] immigration.

Profit warnings always signal the start of the downward cycle, as does the sudden closure of shops and restaurants near my home and special offers in my in-box from the most popular restaurant in my area.

Anonymous said...

Lots more doom and gloom, though your news review cleverly ends up with an option for us all to escape into a virtual world of our own choosing.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff here I have read them all with growing incomprehension.. until the Branson one... !!

CityUnslicker said...

Wolfie - You are quite correct. i don't meet anyone who does not thing we will get a recession next year.

CityUnslicker said...

Ellee - i never made second life, so not sure I can manage this too....

CityUnslicker said...

Mutley - yup, even the business pages have their comedy moments.

Anonymous said...

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