Sunday 5 August 2007

Business Round Up 5 Aug - It's getting hot in here

30 Degrees outside and still I am blogging, quite sad really; despite the heat in the weather though the markets are in an even odder place for this time of year. Most of the City is on holiday and a full-blown crisis is brewing.

Markets in crisis - This is the Guardian's view and here is the Independent view.

City going strong - despite the wobble the Guardian has a nice puff piece here for the city.

Chinese poison our children - with dodgy toys, who would have guessed low prices meant low safety?

Health clubs not so healthy
- Over-competition in the market and a tightening of consumer spending will be make Esporta the first of many to have problems.

BA execs still in the line of fire
- Perhaps the witch hunt will start now. America as ever gets very protectionist when the companies involved are not American.

Hegde fund power
- Old news, but a worthy reminded of who holds the power in the new world financial order.

Royal Mail fiasco - A good piece on the crazy goings on at the Royal Mail. Have you even noticed the recent strikes?

Inflation, UK interest rates to rise - No great surprise here, floods and oil price will push inflation up and interest rates will have to go to 6%, at least.

Sugar out - Reaction to the news of Amstrad being bought by Sky.

Sainsbury's sell-out - The store look sot get more money from the Qatari's.


Anonymous said...

I have some sun burn - will you oil me?

Anonymous said...

A load there to ponder, and most I agree with, especially, surprise surprise, the reference to US protectionism, and the UK throwing one of our companies to them as meat.

Sugar I just cannot stand, and never have been able to. My little IT company I started in 1987 while still serving in the forces, and it is still going but I take a backseat, and I met Sugar a couple of times between 1989 and 1991, and he is an obnoxious tosser and is more lucky than talented. I've always preferred, from army experience, to ask employees to do something and know it will be done, rather than tell people to do something and hope it is done and have to check; Sugar has always been the latter type because he is a tosser. He was lucky with Amstrad initially, and was on his arse when he sold it at around £1.33 a share to some dot com/IT mugs, then bought it back at 27p...he was near bankrupt before that and all this talk about him is just so much tosh.

Him and Branson are similiar; shit on anyone over anything and completely dishonest.

CityUnslicker said...

Mutley - too tired, sorry.

CityUnslicker said...

Shot - Nice story, I tend to agree with you that he is a tosser. I can't stand watching him on the TV and try not too.

I have always hated bosses who just shout and bully. He is a classic case of this, rule by fear. You are correct about his business dealings too, he has been very lucky; although having the courage and drive to make your own way in the world is an achievement in its own right.

Beardy si to me a different class, he has started several businesses from nothing and made them billion pound plus businesses. yes there is chicanery and many failures; but this is an outstanding achievement.

James Higham said...

...Health clubs not so healthy...

This was the one closest to me. Many are in a similar position here. Summer is a killer time for clubs.

CityUnslicker said...

Health clubs have been in ill health for some time. It was a bit of a fad. I always wondered why they were so popular in a country with such an obesity problem....

Anonymous said...

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