Monday 10 September 2007

back to the 70's, p2

A little while ago I wrote about how Union agitation was on the increase. Well today the most glorious leader Gordon Brown when on to home turf at the TUC and brought forth his speech to soothe all merry Engerlund.

A truly shocking performance too, I thought as I listened to ti on the radio. Worse for a typically BBC bit of spin polishing afterwards (look in the mirror one day John Piennaar).

Here are his two main points:

"We need full employment"
This is very back to the 70's, sadly there are 7 million economically inactive people in our economy. Luckily for us Brown says he wants to match 500,000 jobs on offer with 500,000 plucky winners at the job centre. Even better he says a partnership with supermarkets (please help in the comments with a suitable supermarket synonym for McJob) will help produce even more tractors, I mean jobs.

No mention of perhaps cutting taxes, not penalising small businesses, not signing up to further EU red-tape that reduces risk taking and new start-ups. No, we don't need that, we just need our army of civil servants to help match single parent Mandy in Hoxton a job at Morrisons in Yeovil.

Huff & Gruff - there are so many problems at some many levels with this speech. perhaps this is why the TUC clapped so hard. They love hearing economic nonsense and hate hearing reality.

"There will be no public sector wage rises, because I want to keep the economy stable and create more jobs"

Yep, this one was a real belter. You see now, after 5 years of taps on public spending splurge, which has led to public sector wage inflation of over 5% per annum, Brown says he wants stability. Never mind that many of the people are paid so little they are on one or another form of benefits anyway. We need that we can have more public sector workers of course. On small, non-increasing wages too. Brilliant, millions more Labour voters guaranteed, stuck forever on the state teet.

This is his vision of Britain, hard work for meaningless jobs, often to give administering benefits and support for other public sector workers. In fact a balletic merry-go-round of do nothing activity. Brasil was supposed to be a joke, yet art becomes reality as so often in life.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Totally agreed, there's not much to add to that.

The interesting thing about "Brazil" (the film) is that it goes from reality to waht is clearly the hero's complete delusions at the end. Where is the break?

I reckon it's when he's in the lift and Jeremiah is there dressed as Santa Clause, from there on, nothing really makes sense.

Old BE said...

Brazil is wonderful, everyone should see it. I only saw it for the first time recently and felt like I was watching the news.

I think it's incredible that in 2007 after ten years in government Brown still refuses to admit economic reality.

Anonymous said...

Well ed, I have a feeling that reality is about to catch up with him! How long do you give it before Brown, the BBC, the Guardian will be presented with the results of NuLabour's economic buffoonery?

CityUnslicker said...

We'll lets see on the economy front. At the moment things could amazingly be set fair for a while yet....until the credit bubble finally bursts.

Brazil is a great movie, I am with you MW on not really knowing when it gets to be pure fantasy, but the whole bureacracy thing does strike a rather raw note these days...

Also Brown's thing on Britsh Jobs sounds truly bizarre, this from the man who helped encourage the largest migration since the Angles & Saxons. Surely some Human Rights group can take him to task for incitement for using such racist language though....

Nick Drew said...

On the subject of the 1970's, here's an interesting quote from today's Grauniad

. . . democracy [was] once imperilled by the union barons . . .

And the author ? none other than Polly Toynbee. So she does realise, after all.

then again, as Mr Mania has remarked before, she's actually quite solid monied-middle-class when the chips are down.

Anonymous said...

Full employment eh?

Hmmm, just what growth, business development and the economy needs.

Brown really is a moron.

Anonymous said...

Nick - but was La Toynbee saying that losing democracy would be a bad thing? This is the woman that once said in the Independent that women shouldn't be allowed to vote as they had a tendency to vote Tory, and therefore their ability to make policital decisions was suspect. (She didn't work for the Indy much longer after that...)

Anonymous said...

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